Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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I truly enjoy shopping for gifts. I love wrapping them, too! But, my favorite is watching people open my gifts. I can hardly wait and always want people to open mine first! I love Christmas, but I realize that it can be too much. My husband and I made the decision to give our kids something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. We give them more than 4 gifts, but we use that as a guideline. My husband and I like to give each other gifts and some years I will say we need to do a joint gift to each other or I will say let’s only spend x on each other. My husband usually can’t stick to it. He is a great gift giver and manages to surprise me most years.

As for extended family, we buy for the four grandparents but no other adults. I have 6 adults we could buy for, but we decided several years ago that it was for the kids and we draw names on my side because there are 9 kids. On hub’s side we only have 4 kids so we do gifts for my two nieces.

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My favorite gifts that I have received:

Keurig coffeemaker, breadmaker, Kindle, Ugg slippers, Sam Eddleman riding boots, Clarisonic, Apple Watch

My favorite gifts I have given:

Simple human trashcan, pajamas, slippers, Amazon firestick, breadmaker, canvas family photos, iPad, blankets

Many years I like to follow a theme:

Cozy blankets


Makeup cases




I will tend to do the same things for the grandmothers or grandfathers some years.

I don’t really get too stressed about shopping and get it all done between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like it to feel like Christmas when I’m shopping and if I finish too early I tend to go buy more stuff that I don’t need.

Fortunately we don’t have to mail anything. Some years we do one side of the family after Christmas.

My Favorite Places to Shop:  


Amazon, Target.com, Nordstrom.com

In Person:  

Costco, Trader Joe’s (check out their personal hygiene products and seasonal products), Target, Kohl’s (usually just for my boys’ pajamas, socks, underwear), Macy’s, Barnes and Noble

What is your shopping style? What are your favorite gifts to give and to receive? What are your favorite online and in person retailers?  


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Gift Ideas

  1. We don’t do gifts for adults either just the kids. Seemed like all we were doing was exchanging gift cards! I have to wrap, wrap, wrap this week. I’m with you, I buy gifts during this time of year because I enjoy it and if I buy too early something better always seems to come up and I wished I had waited.
    Have a great day!


    1. That was us exactly! And none of us really needs anything, you know? I have literally nothing yet to wrap! I plan to get started soon! I guess I’ve had a good excuse this year. I could really wait until December 21 when we get out and be fine since I live in a big city! Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  2. Amazon and Costco usually get all of my Christmas money. My husband is a great gift giver too. I love wrapping too. You have some great ideas!


  3. I’m pretty much done with all of our shopping, first time I’ve ever shopped like this, but my fear is that, like you mentioned, buy stuff we don’t need. EEK! Wish me luck with that… I love this list of gifts given AND received – great ideas!


  4. I love your gift guideline! We also buy for the kids only with our extended family. I usually go the book route with all the kids and will often start searching for great books at thrift stores throughout the year.


    1. Thank you! I love giving books! That is a theme, too! You could include bookmarks or reading lights. My twins used to go to bed with camping headlamps on to read and we would go in and turn them off when they were asleep. Lol!


  5. We have started doing a gift card exchange with extended family members and give little treat bags to the littles of the family. I like the idea of themes- would make shopping a lot easier on me. You and I have a lot of the same favorite stores!


    1. That’s a great idea! I love a gift card. Themes really help me! Just got the Trader Joe’s flyer and they have even more gift choices than I thought!


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