Tuesday, November 27, 2018

O.k., I’m tired now of all the browns, cognacs, mustards and “fall” colors that I’ve been wearing.  I don’t have a capsule wardrobe per se, but I do like to rotate groups of clothing so I don’t get tired of them. 

Now, I will be wearing more black, grey, red, plaid, and I will continue wearing wine/burgundy because I am not tired of it and I think it is beautiful in the winter.  My sister and I were discussing what a great neutral grey is.  It looks good with black, wine, plaid, and many other colors.  I wore my grey jeans to the hospital and we started talking about it.  Do you own a lot of grey?  I have charcoal grey pants and grey jeans.  I have maybe one or two grey tops and a grey swing dress. 

I love all plaid and buffalo is one of them.  Guess where I got this kimono?  The hospital gift store for $26.  My mom convinced me to get it.  It is flannel and I’ve worn it twice.  

This Old Navy plaid is super soft and I think it’s a keeper!

Here is my swing dress with my half of a blanket scarf – I cut them all in half!  See here!

I also like to change up my polish.  These are three old OPI faves.  From left to right:  The Spy who loved me, Lucerne that look awesome, Comet Closer.  

Do you change your color palette?  What are your favorite colors to wear now?  


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Change Your Color Palette

  1. I’ve been in love with red shades lately. Odd for me as I’m usually a blue and gray person.
    Your posts are inspiring me to get some new clothes! I usually wear the same few t shirts and jeans 🙂


  2. I used to call on hospital gift shops and hotel gift shops and would find neat tops, scarves and jewelry, who knew?
    The day after Thanksgiving I bring out the red, it makes me feel festive!


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