Wednesday, November 28, 2018

You saw this outfit yesterday, but this is what I wore Monday.  Hospital gift store kimono, black pants, black top, Kendra Scott half price birthday necklace, and black booties.  One of my lovely readers, Nancy, commented on how good hotel and  hospital gifts shops can be – also museum gift stores have really unique things.  Maybe an idea for Christmas gifts if you happen by one of these.  

Tuesday’s outfit was my new Old Navy flannel, long black Walmart cardigan, black leggings, very old Target Frye knock off boots, and faux pearls that were half off last year at a boutique.  My hub and I went to a Great Gatsby themed wedding and I wore these with a black dress that looked a little flapper-esque that I’ve had for years.  

I managed to do one coat of this Monday night.  

I just love my library.  These are all recent recommendations from other bloggers.  

An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer

Girls’ Night Out by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

I will let you know what I think.  I have to start on Winter in Paradise because it’s a 7 day only book.

Remember how I have dark green Matilda Jane consignment pants that were $29 and I just found brown and grey ones for $17 at the same consignment store?  Well, I have a confession.  I ordered black and black velvet pants brand new.  They are $58 dollars each which is more than I typically spend.  But, I have been struggling with pants options and feel like all I have is leggings and jeans for winter.  My next door neighbor teacher is a man and he keeps telling me his 5 and 7 year old daughters have the same pants!  So, yes, maybe I look like a little girl.  I just think they are so unique and they are very good quality.  

When you have teen boys in the house, it’s very hard to have letter boards or anything spelled out.  I have these “BELIEVE” blocks as part of my Christmas decor and it has been changed twice.  Right now it is “bile eve” and yesterday it was something about an eel.  They think they are so clever!


Hope you have a very happy Wednesday and as always, thanks for reading and sticking with me!  Your comments make my day and I’ve really appreciated all of your kind words!


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday, Books, and Stuff

  1. I love those boots! The toe on them makes them so fierce.
    We have 7 day only books at our library too. I try not to get them because the fines are SO high and I just cant be trusted to get them back in time, ha ha. BUT I also like the motivation/excuse to just sit and read so I don’t get a fine 🙂


  2. oh yes, boy moms unite!!!! I think you’ll get lots of wear from your new MJ pants and you deserve them, you’ve gotten such great deals on the others so I say job well done! I love the Old Navy flannel and the color of your nails! So pretty!


    1. My boys have made me laugh more than I thought possible! That was my same thought process about the pants!
      The flannel is so soft! Thank you!


  3. Oh my goodness, that is so funny about the blocks and your boys. Also, I love all of your outfits. Are the MJ pants comfy? They always look so comfy, and like you said, something different. I have had my eyes on them for a little while.


    1. Lol! Thank you! Yes, they are super comfortable. They wash well and are high quality in my opinion. Also, I ordered them on Saturday and they came on Tuesday!


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