Raise your hand if you love a blanket scarf!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been reported missing inside a blanket scarf!

Me! Me!

As much as I love them, they are a bit much.

The one above was only $4 at the Target dollar spot. You can find them anywhere, though. They are everywhere already this season.

I followed Sheaffer of Sheaffer Told Me To’s advice and I cut all of mine in half. Guess who benefitted? My sister! She got my other halves.

First, take your scarf and fold it like a triangle. See below. Then, cut. That’s it. It doesn’t even matter what scissors you use. I used a kitchen pair. It really won’t show if you wear it the way I do.

My favorite way to wear it is to put the point of my triangle facing down toward my chest and putting the straight side by my neck. Then you simply put the ends around your neck and let them dangle.

Here is an example of an older one. I haven’t cut the new Target one yet.

Here are the four patterns I own. I love to wear them with one of my Old Navy vests.

I also love a normal scarf. My two favorites are leopard and camo with purple trim.

Let’s not forget the earring situation. When you wear a scarf you can’t really handle a large dangling earring. In my opinion, you need a stud. Here are some of my studs below.

Here is my scarf and stud combo for the movies Sunday. It was a cold and rainy day.

Don’t overlook the warmth that a scarf can provide.

What do you think about scarves?

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Blanket Scarves

    1. Amazon has some for great prices! I would be sad if I didn’t live near a Target, though. Have you looked at Target.com?


  1. I love blanket scarves and I’ll have to check the dollar spot next time I’m at Target. Thanks for the hint about cutting them in half! Good call on wearing stud earrings. That’s a disaster waiting to happen!!


    1. Thank you! Yes I love them! They are so cozy. I need one with yellows, oranges, and browns now! It’s been awhile since I got it at Target, but good luck. Amazon is a good source, too.


  2. I love blanket scarves. I struggle so much tying them correctly without them looking like they swallow my face and neck. I love your studs, that was great advice!


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