Monday, October 22, 2018

How was your weekend?  I did very little this weekend!  It was cold and we didn’t have much we had to do so we took advantage of it.  So, it was nice to relax, but I would have liked to meet up with friends.  Hopefully we will be able to make that happen in the next couple of weekends.  

Friday after school was busy with grocery pick up and haircuts for the boys but I managed to squeeze in some crisp patio time before making dinner.  

I finished Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg and I recommend it.  This was the book club pick by this month’s hostess. 

If you are local and in need of a boat or boating accessories, go see my husband’s brother in law at Marine Sales and Service.  These little plastic cups are great for outside!

Saturday morning was lazy and included french toast for my boys.  I have perfected it.  You buy the brioche bread from Trader Joe’s and it turns out great!

I used a very old nail polish and it really is past its prime.  Wicked by Essie is the color and I like it so much I may buy a new bottle.  

After a very lazy Saturday morning, I made a Costco run.  I had been out of my all time favorite coffee and it was good to get it again.  

Saturday I also had some patio time but needed a blanket!  

I also finished this and I recommend it, too.  I had to take a break from it to finish my book club book in time for Thursday night.  I will do a post on starting a book club if you all would be interested.  I have started two.  This one has been going for almost a year.  My other one went for 4-5 years before it faded out.  

I did a special “Soup Sunday” post yesterday.  Check it out here to see the recipe for this chicken tortilla soup below.  

We have lived in our home for 18.5 years.  It is a 60s ranch and I love it, but it needed some work and still needs some work.  We have replaced doors, windows, built a free standing carriage house garage with patio off to the side, refinished the basement complete with drywalling over the paneling, added a basement bathroom, built a fence, redone the roof.  Whew!  But, our big goal has always been to build an addition on the back.  This will involve a master bedroom with bigger closets, master bath, new hall bath, mudroom, and new kitchen.  I’m really scared because I don’t like disarray and I’m worried about how long it will take and I am also conservative about the expenses.  We got started with having our back concrete steps removed and our old septic tank that is no longer used dug out.  My sweet dog missed his back porch so he had to lay next to where it was.  I thought it was funny and sent it to my hub with a caption from our dog saying, “Where’s my back porch, daddy?”

My husband built us temporary back steps in just a few hours each weekend day.  I was without back steps for only five days but I learned how much I needed them! Look at that deceiving blue sky.  It was 50 degrees!

Even though I clicklisted Friday, I had to make a run for a few items on Sunday.  I had to get a PSL!

My boys wanted to go to the bookstore and I can’t say no to a bookstore or to buying them books!  

I treated myself to two fall magazines.  

After hub finished the stairs, we went to a movie.  This time it was his pick because I picked a Simple Favor and A Star is Born the last two times we saw movies.  He really liked both of those, too.  So, Bad Times at the El Royale…he really liked this one, but I have three words for you:  slow, long, and disturbing.  It felt like a Quentin Tarantino film maybe?  Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I love comedies and rom coms the most.  My favorite movies are Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, Bridesmaids, Stepbrothers, and the like.  So… there you go!


Are we ready for another week?  I have a five day week with a field trip in the middle.  I’m taking 70 kids on two buses to a performance and to lunch.  I have 7 chaperones, 3 of which are dads which I thought was pretty cool.  

I have some posts planned:  What to wear for Halloween events, What to wear for Thanksgiving, How to start a book club, Fall Bucket List Check in and November goals, What to make for Fall Parties/Thanksgiving.  Hope that sounds good and leave me suggestions in the comments if you have other ideas.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your Monday!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I can’t wait to read about staring a book club because that is exactly what I am planning to do! I am going to message a few of my sorority sisters who live in the area to see if they are interested in getting together to either discuss a book or just get together!
    Your home reno sounds so exciting! Yes, it will take awhile and it will be messy but it will be so worth it – kind a like childbirth in my opinion. It’s a pain but in the end it’s worth it!


  2. I would love to start a book club! I get my coffee from Costco too. I love that you picked up a Starbucks to go along. This is so funny, and my husband makes so much fun of me for this, but I love the smell of Barnes and Nobels….Hahaha! It just smells SOOO good with all the new books. I could seriously spend my entire day in that place and never get bored. I hope you have a great week. What a fun weekend you had!


  3. I would love to read Magnolia and Southern Living! I can’t relate to a lot of British magazines. I DO relate to what you say about not liking the disarray of a big home project – our decorator has just been in and there was paint in the carpet, on the tiles…. Plus when you have to move everything everywhere and move pets and can’t use certain rooms – I totally know what you mean. I was quite fancying trying an Essie – sorry if I asked you before but does it last more than a day without chipping?


    1. I can’t get any polish to last longer than a day! Too many dishes I guess! Essie has a tiny brush and it’s maybe a bit more manable. Can you get ahold of those magazines in your neck of the woods?


  4. love my book club! Although its kinda turned into a wine, cooking club!:)) I love the bookstore and library as well!! I could stay in there all day, so calming!! I’m the say way with disarray, but it will be beautiful and worth it once its over. Great post, and looking forward to your fun posts to come!


    1. I know, right? We end up talking about other things more than the book sometimes but it still serves the purpose of a nice outlet for me. I’m so nervous about the renovation but it will be worth it like you say. Hope you will keep reading! Great to hear from you!


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