Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I’m starting to think I should only do Old Navy online!  When I go in the store, I’m a bit overwhelmed and I never think the prices are that great.  But, when I go online, they are practically giving their stuff away!  Do you agree?  

Old Navy may seem too young for us gals of a certain age, but I think you can find great pieces that are on trend.  Yes, you may only get one or two seasons out of them, but when you are only paying $12, maybe that’s o.k. I think their quality has improved in the last couple of years, too.  

Wait until you see my recent order.  I got four pieces for $47 and free shipping.  I was prepared to take some or all back to the store in person, but I think I might be keeping all four.  

Item number one:  a burgundy vest to add to my collection!  My school colors include wine/burgundy and this is also one of my signature fall and winter colors.  This was $20.99 and the most expensive item.  I wear a vest most days in the winter with a blanket scarf.  Vests are great for teachers, I think.  You have pockets if needed and I always get hot teaching and like to layer.  

Item number two:  I fell in love with this print athletic short about a month ago when I went in the store.  They were pretty pricey when I saw them in the store.  My patience paid off because I got these for $8.50!  It’s camo, but a cool camo design!  I love these!  

Item number three:  I love mustard!  Not only is it one of my signature fall colors, but it is very on trend for the fall.  I could see this being a great Thanksgiving shirt.  I have two Thanksgiving feasts with each side of the family on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday (Black Friday) and like to have two cute outfits.  This was $7.20, guys!  You can’t buy lunch for $7.20 anymore!  

Item number four:  I think velour is still in and this is another mustard shade top.  I thought it would look good with a long necklace, but maybe not this one, and it’s another possible Thanksgiving shirt.  This was $12. 

What do you think about my order?  What is your favorite?  

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Old Navy Order

  1. You got some great deals! I think the vest will look great with both of your mustard tops. Old Navy is really becoming one of my favorites and I agree, online is better. I did go in a few weeks ago though and I scored some floral pixie pants for under $10 on clearance. I love their denim and most of my clothes last at least a few seasons so they’re well worth it. Actually I’ve paid more for clothing at other places and they haven’t lasted any longer!


    1. I think you were my inspiration for an online order after your last one? I love mustard and wine together! Will try it. Yes, I have gotten lucky in store from time to time. Have a great day!


  2. After a few hit or miss experiences, my rule is that I only buy shorts, leggings, dresses, and workout gear at Old Navy. Shirts generally just lose their shape after one wash (and hanging to dry). I’ve never had luck with Old Navy pants/jeans.
    And I only shop online. They always have a great selection of clearance.
    I love the camo shorts. And I like that their shorts generally run big and have stayed true to their own sizing over the last several years. It takes out the guesswork.


  3. I agree, online is the way to go! They always have a great sale going on! Quality wise, I’ve been very happy. Their jeans are great too! love your finds!!


  4. The velour is my favorite and I think velour is always good from now all the way through the holidays. I think just a t-shirt or tunic is stepped up a notch in velour! I love the mustard color too.


    1. Thank you! I really was comfortable in it yesterday at school yesterday! It is a serious contender for Thanksgiving because I always get hot!


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