Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Monday to all!  O.k., we find ourselves in the middle of October.  Have you done your fall bucket list items?  I have savored some apple recipes and a couple of pumpkin recipes.  I have bought my fall signature scent for myself – my L perfume.  I have enjoyed my pumpkin bourbon candles.  As for the rest of my list, I need to get on it!

So, I think I have found my fall clog!  I ordered the Mia Sofia clog off of Amazon and it is the perfect heel height, the perfect color, and pretty comfortable.  I have not done the 7 hour on my feet teacher test, but I will report back.  I put them on immediately when they arrived.  img_4105-e1539528219694.jpg

I also had some time this weekend to make my apple sangria the way I prefer.  I top it with this apple ICE sparkling drink.  I like all of my cocktails to have a fizzy note. Here is my apple cider sangria recipe:  cut up apple chunks if you want and place in bottom of glass.  Pour in one shot Fireball, one shot bourbon, about a 1/2 cup of cider and give it a good stir or shake.  Pour into a glass of ice and top with sparkling apple or gingerale.  This is an individual serving.  I make a huge batch for Thanksgiving but I just dump and don’t have an exact recipe.  

We had a crisp fall day Friday so after school I enjoyed one of my favorite fall pastimes.  Reading a good book on my patio.  I recommend this book, guys!  It’s chick lit, but well written and I’m drawn into the story of childhood friends who open a restaurant after suffering losses.  Bonus, if you are a foodie, you will enjoy the food descriptions.  

After the patio time, my husband brought home Chick Fil A for dinner which we hadn’t had in a long time so we enjoyed family time and I went to bed per usual – 9:00 p.m. I am going to bed at 9 and waking between 5-6 all seven days a week in this season of life, people. It’s sad, but true.  

Saturday morning my son had to leave the house at 7 to be at his debate tournament.  I hung out with him for a bit and then I was off the hook because I wasn’t a judge.  I did my grocery shopping, a Target run, and met my parents who were in town.  

I’m posting these pictures for laughs.  I had it in my head that I wanted a fall felt hat.  Target was a fail and I look like a park ranger.  Enjoy!  

Hello, folks. Welcome to the park. Enjoy your visit!
Nope! Not the look I’m going for, plus it’s crooked.

I took my Dad to buy running shoes while my mom went to an event.  Then the non- debate son and my husband and my mom and dad and I ate lunch at McAllister’s.  Iced tea is a rare treat for me.  

My parents left us to go to a couple of stores before heading home and I talked my husband into going to the polo match (last of the season) after we visited our son at his debate tourney.  We had some tailgate charcuterie and I brought my apple sangria.  

It was so interesting to attend my first polo match.  I had asked four couple friends to join us but everyone had obligations.  I’m hoping to get some people together next season.  I wore my very old Target sweater cape thing and my only Nickel and 
Suede earrings and old booties because I thought it could be muddy.  

After the match, we picked up debate son and I made a dinner of Hawaiian ham and swiss sliders, leftovers and apple slices and carrots.  We were all tired.  My husband and I watched a really weird and disturbing movie called Suburbicon on Netflix with Matt Damon.  Has anyone seen it?  Wondering what others thought?

Sunday was cold and rainy and I did some reading, laundry, sheet changing, blogging, school work and just some tidying of the casa.

Boys had tons of homework to do so hub and I took in the movie Night School. It was cute and made me laugh several times.

I read on the patio again while it was lightly raining – my favorite. I had a hot chocolate. I made dinner, we ate, and watched some Telly.

Hope you have a great week!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I made your apple sangria several times this weekend – it is so good!!! What is up with the hats at Target? Crazy! Those are just not made well.
    A polo match – how cool! I have never been. I’ve wanted to see Night School – the previews looked good.
    Have a great week – I hope your new clogs are comfy!


    1. I’m so glad you like it! The Target hats were just bad! The polo match was cool! Night School was silly humor but it had a message, too, and as an educator you will appreciate some aspects! I think the clogs are going to be good!


  2. I love that you go to the movies while your kids do their homework 🙂 Not because you don’t want to be with them, but because you know they can/will and expect them to do it on their own. I got really tired of parents saying “our homework” in these last few years. No. It’s the kid’s homework.


    1. Ooh yes! I didn’t even think of that! They haven’t needed our help in years. I do tell them I expect homework before games and that I want it done by a certain time bc I have procrastinators. We got home from movies and one son was jamming to Paul Simon record, yes record, while doing his work at the desk! Haha!


    1. I haven’t worn all day yet, but I think they will! I love them! I had been trying to get them and they were out of stock, but then I checked and they were back!
      Night School has some relatable teacher humor! Hope you see it soon!


  3. I love those clogs and I cannot wait to hear your review of them. I want to see Night School so bad. I love Kevin Hart.


  4. Found you via Kellyann’s link to your sangria recipe. Oh, my gravy. Super excited to mix up some of the apple cider tonight! Want to build a fire in the fire pit, turn on the hot tub and hope to kindle things with my Prince Charming.

    I happen to like the hat, BTW. Maybe a teensy bit park ranger but you obviously wear hats well because I didn’t get that vibe at all til I read your impressions. Hope you find the perfect one!


    1. I hope you enjoy it! That picture you painted involving a hot tub and a fire pit sounds amazing and now I’m jealous! Lol! Thank you in regards to the hat. I went with a black floppy hat that I found on a second trip to Target. Now the question is where will I wear it! Hope you come back to my blog again!


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