Friday, October 12, 2018

Yay!  At 2:20 today I will be free!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites.

I bought my L perfume from Soft Surroundings last weekend.  I love this scent and discovered it last year. I only bought the $18 tiny roll on but it has made me quite happy. 

Here is the description from Soft Surroundings:  “Warm and sensual, earthy tobacco leaf and sweet black honey, smoky notes of exotic guaiac wood and a zesting of citrus.  It embodies feelings of romance and nostalgia.  It triggers movies in the mind – glamorous, sexy, mysterious movies”. 

I don’t know about all that!  If you don’t have a store locally, you can order it online with free shipping.  This is Pioneer Woman’s favorite store.  I wonder if she wears L perfume? 

I’m really going to try to embrace and enjoy the rest of October.  I blinked and we are halfway through the month.  I need to check my fall bucket list.


This weekend I need to buy some more bourbon and do apple sangria or just the wonderful Four Roses bourbon and gingerale that I had last weekend. 

I’m hoping to have some soup simmering away in my crockpot on Saturday or Sunday.  Here is a new recipe for taco soup that uses enchilada sauce.  They only ingredient missing is the cooked chicken. 

Speaking of October swiftly going by, tonight is our last home football game.  If you are looking for a fun thing to do that doesn’t cost a lot, take your kids to a local high school game.  They will love the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the concession stand, and maybe some of the game – lol!  They usually start at 7 so you might make it through half of the game. I have been to two of our four home games so I’m not sure about tonight.  I might need to be around adults or alone with a Hallmark movie after this week!

My weekend plans are up in the air right now. What are you up to?

Happy weekend!


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I think 24 hours? The problem might be apples getting soggy.
      Cut up apples and mix with one shot bourbon, one shot fireball, and top with a fizzy drink like ginger ale or I like apple ICe low cal sparkling drink that I get at Kroger. Let me know if you try it!


  1. I am so glad you shared the apple sangria recipe – does it use apple cider too? I am hoping so because I have a half gallon of it and need to use it in something! Have a great weekend, that perfume sounds terrific! We don’t have a soft surrounding store here, boo!


  2. That soup looks so good and easy and I like the new flavors. I would love that sangria. I need to pick up some cider. It is always the best fresh squeezed. Hallmark movies sound sooooo good right about now! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Maybe it’s just one of her favorites but that’s where she gets a lot of her tops she wears on her show. I think I’m making that soup tomorrow! Happy Friday!


  3. Spiked cider, good soup, football, and Hallmark? Is this the entry post to fall heaven?!?! I love it all. I hope your weekend is great!


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