Thursday, October 11, 2018

Why not build outfits around accessories? I have brown riding boots and brown cowboy boots but might upgrade mine.   I don’t have grey booties, a felt hat or brown clogs yet.

I like to do my research to see how I can wear the items I own. I’ve talked about it before but I love Pinterest for this purpose. I can usually find a way to recreate a look with things I already own.

If you are considering a purchase it’s a great way to get ideas and see if you will get your money’s worth.

Brown Riding Boots:

This is a photo from a local boutique called Tunie’s. I love the combo of orange and blue with the boots and I really think I might need the denim kimono. It’s a more comfortable way to wear a jean jacket in my opinion. Stay tuned because I may go try one on!


Other riding boot outfits that I like are below:

One photo has OTK boots but I like the brown jacket with the black monochromatic underneath.


Brown Cowboy Boots:

I have consignment boots that are a little big and a little worn. I may upgrade and have been checking out my options on Amazon.


Grey Booties:

I love the Toms booties in grey that I talked about Monday. I like the camo with grey especially.


Felt Hat:

I have looked at a couple of stores but don’t want to spend more than $20. I need to look at TJ Maxx.


Brown clogs:

I’m having trouble finding ones I like in my price range. I think they are so cool for fall.


I’m happy to have a birthday in the fall because I usually ask my husband for a fall piece to freshen up my wardrobe. I have a little wish list going on my phone and still some time to decide.  My husband likes the help and I can be sure I love my gift. We don’t go too crazy – just a pair of shoes or something like that. I usually get some money from my parents and in-laws and that is fun to use to pick something out.  

What are your thoughts on these pieces?  I’m all ears if you have any product recommendations!


4 thoughts on “Fall Outfit Planning

  1. Oooooh, a denim kimono???? Love that idea, I hope you try it on. Fall dressing is so much fun – when the weather actually cooperates. I love layers, boots, scarves, hats! I got my hat a few years ago from Target and it was inexpensive. I hate spending a lot on a trendy piece I’ll only wear a handful of times. The grey booties with the camo is my favorite too – not a combo I see often.
    I love that you are keeping a list for your birthday. My husband appreciates help like that too, makes everyone happy!


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