Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today I’d like to show you recent outfits and two recent purchases that I’m thrilled with. 

I’m also going to link up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday – Meal Plan edition.  I will put their links in at the bottom of the post.  

This was last Wednesday at school.  Sorry if you are tired of this shirt and these pants!  


This was Thursday with my new consignment LOGO brand shirt.  I don’t like the shoes with this and feel like they cut off my legs.  Maybe I shouldn’t wear a shoe with a strap?  They aren’t as comfortable as I thought they’d be.  Boo!img_3952

Now I know you are tired of this outfit.  It was really hot and this is what I wore for my patio brunch on Friday when I was out of school.  img_3972

This is what I wore on Sunday for A Star is Born.  My shirt is from Old Navy and says “Fiesta like there’s no tomorrow”.  I talked about wearing graphic tees with kimonos a long time ago here.  img_4017

Monday was a teacher work day and I wore my perfect camo tee, but I don’t like the pants I put with it.  I need a different silhouette.  So, you get to see the top only!  img_4024.jpg

This is out of order, but it’s what I wore to the Saturday night cocktail party and I wore this to Parent Teacher Conferences yesterday, too, but with a black pencil skirt.  I love this top, but could’ve gone one size smaller I think.  img_4001

This is my new with tags consignment LuLaRoe kimono from my shopping trip Saturday.  It was $13 and I love the non wrinkle material and the fall colors.  img_4032

I found the perfect subdued camo shirt with cute details at Versona!  It was more than I normally spend – $29!  Gasp!  I don’t know if it’s flattering, but I am going to wear this all fall.  I just want to warn you to get ready to see all of these things on repeat.  img_4033

This fall I have tried to follow this meal schedule:  

Sunday – sandwiches or something in crockpot

Monday – pasta

Tuesday – Mexican food

Wednesday – chicken

Thursday – fish

This has helped a little bit but I haven’t been too strict about it.  

I really love meal planning on Thursday night or Friday morning and picking up groceries on Friday afternoon.  That has worked well.  

Here is a simple meal I made recently:  brats, little potatoes, pretzel roll, onions, green beansimg_3931

It’s soup and chili time!  Well, almost – it’s still 90 degrees here so I have not craved these things yet.  But, soon, I will add this to my rotation.  Maybe Sundays would be good for this.  img_3710

I need ideas!  I can’t wait to read the others from the How We Wednesdays link up with Shay and Erika.  

Leave me a meal idea or a thought on my outfits or new items!

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday, Recent Finds, and How we Wednesday – Meal Planning

  1. It’s fun to see your daily outfits! You scored a great deal on that kimono. Gosh I really need to hit up some consignment shops. I think spending a little more on the camo shirt that you love is money well spent – you’ll wear it a ton so your cost per wear will be pennies!


    1. Thank you! Yes, excited to wear the kimono today! Yes, check out your store and don’t get discouraged. I leave without anything as much as I leave with a good find. That’s what I thought about the camo shirt. Do you have a Versona?


  2. I love your Lula Roe kimono!! The way you meal plan is so practical but since I use Walmart pick up now, maybe this will help me think of meals to make versus randomly buying items if that makes sense. I try to make it too complicated for us! I am the worst meal planner which is why I didn’t link up today LOL


    1. Thank you! Love the cool no wrinkle material!
      It’s harder to meal plan than people think! My meals are uninspired lately. I really need some new ones that are quick! Fall is so busy! What about cooking on Sunday for the whole week? I’ve given that a thought!


  3. I love all of your outfits. I love the kimono. That Old Navy tee is perfect for you! I also like that you try to stick to that meal planning outline.


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