Monday, October 8, 2018

My weekend technically started Thursday at 2:20!  I still had kids to run around and errands to run but with the knowledge that I had Friday off I was ecstatic!  Friday was considered a flexible professional development day so I had already worked the day over the summer. There’s nothing free, you know!  So, Friday morning, I walked the dog, got a Starbuck’s, cleaned the house and patio, vacummed out my car, hit the car wash and started cooking!  I love a clean car and my car needed cleaning badly.  

Confession:  I used to be afraid to do the car wash because of all the rules about entering and stopping and pulling forward.  But, now I can do it!  Look how beautiful the colors are!

It reminds me of my fear of self tanning booths.  I have only done it once, but I didn’t understand the directions and I got the spray in my mouth.  How does this even happen?  I’m like Ross from Friends.  I need very specific directions for things like this!

I got a PSL!  It was hot, but I was off work and wanted a treat.  Oh, I had to get just a few items from Kroger, too.  

I had invited my two besties from college over for brunch and surprisingly they could both come!  Here is my set up.  One of them had her birthday last month and I still hadn’t been able to work out a time to get her my gift!  

I made brie with pumpkin butter in puff pastry, french toast, crustless quiche, fruit, and everything hash browns.  Also, we had mimosas.  I love doing this so it was fun for me.  

I called this a breakfast charcuterie platter, but it was fruit, cheese, mini store bought lemon muffins, and the TJ’s pumpkin brownies.

Deep in conversation…

After we ate, we hit up several cute little shops near my house.  If you are local, we went to Westport Village.  I didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed browsing and chatting.  

After that, my hub and I had our yearly financial review meeting – good times.  We decided to grab Thai food on the way home and hang with our boys for the evening.  

Saturday morning I did some fall shopping research.  DSW had this giant rack of  leggings, people!  These are leggings that can look like pants.  The brown cords were appealing to me.  This was strictly a research trip, though.  

Oh, the ponchos!  I love me a poncho!

I want the Burberry like plaid for the fall, I think.  I’m not sure this is the one, though.  

A couple of years ago, I had black suede shoebooties.  I had gotten them from a consignment store and I wore them several times with opaque tights and dresses or skirts.  I ruined the heels when I wore them to the cemetery at a funeral. (That sentence sounded weird.). I am thinking I need them again.

These are Tom’s grey booties.  Aren’t they gorgeous?Do I need something like this in my life?  

O.k., so I did buy one thing but it was at Versona. I think I have found the perfect fall camo shirt.  I will show you Wednesday!  I think Versona is one of my new favorite stores if I must buy new.  

I did have to return the black Amazon romper that I showed you last Wednesday, by the way.  It looked horrible on me!  

Later in the afternoon, I met my friend J at my favorite consignment shop for their 20% off storewide sale.  She had only been once and wanted me to show her the ropes.  She found an adorable wine polka dotted button down and a pair of Joe’s Jeans that are regularly over $150.  She got both items for $30.  I found a brand new LuLaRoe kimono in fall colors for $13.  I will show you on Wednesday!  

Saturday night, hub and I went to a new to us joint before a birthday party.  We shared an appetizer of tempura shrimp and I had the best tasting Four Roses bourbon and gingerale I have ever had.  The ratio was perfection.  

Our friend was celebrating a big birthday with a house cocktail party.  Why don’t people do these much anymore?  The drink spread was beer, wine, and two signature cocktails – vodka cranberry and a maple leaf cocktail with bourbon, lemon, and maple syrup.  It was like fall in a cup and I need to get the exact recipe.  

The food was catered and lovely.  img_4008.jpg

We have been friends with this couple for 20 years!  B always looks so cute!  Her style is J.Crew boho I would say.  I am wearing my Steinmart scarf top and I loved it.  It was comfortable and cool.  It was very hot this weekend.  

Sunday included more laundry, grocery shopping for the week, and A Star Is Born.

I don’t want to say much about it other than I’m glad I saw it and it was long. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were incredible.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I just love reading your weekend recaps, you always have the best ones! I would love that cocktail recipe – fall in a cup sounds delicious! Can’t wait for Wednesday to see what you got! Your friend really got some great deals at the consignment shop, love it when that happens.


    1. Thank you! I will get that recipe and I think I will share my brunch recipes, as well! Yes, she did. I was so happy for her!


  2. You always do so much in your weekends! How do you fit it all in – I tend to spend half my weekend doing the shopping and cleaning and jobs I didn’t get time to do in the week! 😦 I love doing informal lunches too – but don’t get chance to do it enough. Yours looked lovely. And the cocktails looked fab too! J xx


  3. I WISH I had the patience to consignment shop. You must have some great stores around your area, with the haul you end up with.
    And yay for a day off of school! I always spent those days grading papers anyway lol.


    1. No! I don’t grade on a day off! I’m all about mental breaks and try to not even check school email. I often fail at that! Yes, I have one great shop that is a chain. It is very well organized by size, color, and item type. It is very close so I pop in twice a month. I never had any expectations and I think the hunt is fun. Move to Louisville! You would love it here, I think!


  4. Thanks for including the cocktail party in your post. It was so much fun! You wonder why people don’t have big parties like this anymore. This was probably the biggest party I have ever planned. The planning and execution took so much time, and it was expensive to cater the food and supply all the cocktails. (By the way, don’t ever trust those online drink calculator tools – I bought WAY too much liquor. ) Anyway, time and money are in short supply for most working families with kids. That said, though, I think it is a good idea to try do it more often, but maybe think of some creative ways to make it happen more easily and with less expense. We enjoyed having so many people that are near and dear to us all together in our house. It was special.


    1. Thanks again! I know – you can only do a soirée of that magnitude once in a blue moon. Hopefully you will do a pitch in or something easier soon! You have a great entertaining house and it was fun to meet new people from your world! I know you need a long nap now!!!!


  5. I think Louisville must have more consignment stores than most places. O say Yes to the Tom’s booties and No to the black Vans- they don’t seem like your style.


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