Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Here are my teacher outfits from last week.  It was 90 degrees for these first two outfits! 

Lularoe Cassie pencil skirt (I have 5), Target top, consignment sweater, and fake Jack Rogers that were $13 and broke the first time I wore them.  I’m trying to take them back this week.

Here is another LulaRoe Cassie, my only Anthropologie shirt, a consignment cardigan, and my clunky Danskos.  I was trying to wear fall colors while still staying appropriate for the heat.  

This is my more casual Friday outfit.  School colors include burgundy so this tunic I found last year is great, TJ Maxx vest, grey Hue jeggings, grey consignment Tieks.  A big thank you to my next door teacher E for taking all of my photos last week!

Here is my rainy music festival outfit from Saturday and my post here about my experience.  

Here is my rainy Monday outfit.  This is my Old Navy swing dress from a couple of months ago that I hadn’t worn yet (nice thick fallish material), an old knit cardigan, new Costco Kenzie brand booties. They passed the all day teacher test but I need socks or tights because the zipper rubbed on my bare ankles.

My final outfit is my consignment Matilda Jane pants, Chico’s cross top, Axxiom shoes, and my camo ADVdesigns earrings.

Above are some of my favorite plaid items. I love plaid! The first two items are Amazon finds from last winter. The third is a flannel from Old Navy several years ago with one of my trusty vests. I have a hard time with button downs because I am top heavy. I would like to add a black and white plaid button down and a plaid shirt with no buttons. Maybe I will get a plaid vest for the holidays. Also, I have a few plaid blanket scarves.

Which is your favorite outfit?

How do you feel about plaid?

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Plaid and Flannel Shirts

  1. I love the ON Swing Dress. I have a striped one I got last fall and it was PERFECT maternity wear for work.
    I adore all things plaid. Like, everything. I even had a plaid phone case a few years ago. My favorite jacket is from 2011 and it’s plaid and I still wear it.


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