Thursday, September 27, 2018

How busy are you?  How often do you tell people how busy you are?  Do you thrive off of being busy?  I don’t like to be too busy. I like to leave room in my schedule for spontaneity.

I am a big believer in having downtime for both me and my kids.  I was really excited to get them started in every activity under the sun when they became old enough.  I quickly learned that I had to pace myself and create a comfortable schedule that would work for my family.  I also realized that we didn’t have to join everything.  We could dabble in things with a one day workshop.  We could go to open gym at the gymnastics place and just try it out.  This is better for your kids and your budget sometimes.  Many families have a one activity per kid per season rule.

My twin boys have done soccer, archery, kindermusic, church choir, piano lessons, the viola with the elementary orchestra, t-ball, coach pitch baseball, swim lessons, quick recall academic team, debate, theater, computer classes, just to name a few.  

When my boys were 8, we joined a baseball team that ran from February to July.  The coach wanted two extra practices in addition to the two weekly prescribed by the league.  He asked for extra money for the field rental and told us these would be on Friday night and Sunday night.  So, I was at baseball for 8 year olds 5 nights a week at dinner time.  I still don’t know why I didn’t stand up for what was best for my kids and the other kids.  Guess what?  That was the last time my boys played baseball because they were burnt out.  

I have friends that are so busy that we can’t even talk on the phone.  They have their kids in so many activities that I honestly don’t know how they can manage the schedule.  

What are your thoughts?  I know it’s hard to say “no” but it’s so important to prioritize.  I’m worried about kids today that are over scheduled. Heck, I’m worried about adults that are over scheduled!

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8 thoughts on “Why are we so “busy”?

  1. Amy, so much truth is in this post. I see first hand burnt out students and the affects during the day. I also experienced it as a parent. I was so eager to sign my daughter up for dance, gymnastics, and soccer. Even though she told me she didn’t like dance or gymnastics. I still shake my head. But, I can relate to this post. I do not relish in busy. I do not like to be busy. I feel like we are in a sweet spot, Guy plays a fall and a spring sport and Maddi plays a winter sport. We have games or tournaments and practices, but we are able to go and enjoy it. I also shook that feeling of guilt about not having my kids in everything…why pay $75 a month for dance when my daughter would fight me each week? Hahaha! No thanks! I can think of something better to spend my time and money doing!


    1. Sounds like you have found a good balance. This isn’t a normal post for me so I was a bit unsure, but this topic has been on my mind lately. Thank you for the positive feedback!

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  2. It’s sad to me when we’re so busy we lose touch with friends but it happens all the time. We didn’t let our kids do too many activities at a time when they were younger. Mostly scouts and a sport for each one was all we could handle because I insisted we eat dinner together every night. Once they hit high school it was so much better because most of their activities were at school and practice was right after school. It worked well for us. I just need a lot fo downtime myself and I’m not that mom that can be on the road all night after working all day but that was just me! I admire the moms who do it all and do it with such grace!


    1. My thoughts exactly! We have dinner together 6 nights a week usually. One son has theater this year and we don’t get home til 6:30 two nights a week but we are making it work.


  3. Kids activities are like signing your life away! That’s what it felt like when I was in high school and was involved in multiple activities. My parents made sure we had times together as a family- Sundays were our day to do church and lunch together. If we didn’t like something, my parents happily let us quit due to money!


  4. I have no idea what this will look like for us someday. My brothers and I did every activity at least once and just stuck with the ones we liked, but I never remember being given a limit of what we could/couldn’t do. More like I had to fight to quit what I didn’t like.
    Seeing teacher friends with young kids try to juggle their own profession with their kids’ activities is daunting.


    1. Yes! I believe in making your kids finish what they start and teaching them to persevere. My parents didn’t limit my activities either but I remember being exhausted by my schedule at times. I have worked hard to make sure my kids had plenty of time to just be kids. I hope they think they had a great childhood. I can’t believe the smoke you are dealing with. I hope you get to move to a nice location.


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