Monday, September 24, 2018

Hey everyone!  Happy last week of September!  I’m linking up with My Glittery Heart, Lindsay’s Sweet World, and The Sirois Family for Hello Monday!

Once again, I didn’t go out on a Friday like I suggested in this post.  We had a nice quiet evening at home where I made frozen pizzas and a couple of other things.  If the weather had cooperated I was going to drag someone to a free polo match.  But, it rained and that was out of the question.  Anyway, I needed to rest up because my husband scored free tickets to Bourbon and Beyond – a music and bourbon festival – that was set for Saturday and Sunday.  He scored tickets for us and some of our friends, so I was excited.  

Friday afternoon I had Clicklisted my groceries so I didn’t have to rush out Saturday early morning.  But, around 11 after I took a leisurely bike ride in the neighborhood, I set off for rainy music festival supplies – a t-shirt and a poncho.  I pulled up next to my hub on his road bike on my way just by coincidence and snapped this picture at a red light.  He had taken one son to work on a video project early that morning and wanted to do some biking.  


I made food for my boys, polished my nails, did laundry all in preparation for being gone the rest of the day.  This is what I decided to wear.  I should’ve saved my time – we arrived at 3 and it didn’t stop raining for even one second.  My polish even started coming off from being in the rain for so long!  We lasted until about 8 pm. I did get to hear Sheryl Crow who was my favorite of the day.  I wanted to last for Lenny Kravitz and John Mayer, but it just wasn’t happening.  They ended up having to cancel the entire Sunday portion of the festival, too.  So sad.  

My husband at one point during the festival.  

Me questioning my life choices. 

Sheryl told the crowd she is 56!  

These two finally arrived after I’d been there for 4 hours.  They look fresh as daisies.  Look at the mud underneath us.  

My son has to bring Greek food to school so we started beef gyro meat in the crockpot Sunday morning.  

Here is what the finished product is supposed to look like.  img_3840-1

Then, my husband and I went to Costco together.  I bought these Kenzie boots for $24.  Hurry if you want some.  They will go quickly.  

I don’t know if I’ve ever shown you my favorite purse.  I like tote style bags and this is by Fossil.  It’s a nice rubber material that wipes off.  I like the black and brown together. I bought it last year for about $99 on Amazon.  It was pretty steep but it’s really only one of a couple I use.  A word about my boots in the festival picture.  I bought Hunter rain boots 6 years ago.  I don’t need wide calf boots normally but I bought the wide calf Hunters at a department store because they came to a better place on my leg than the regular ones which are really quite tall for someone who is shorter with shorter legs.  They have been a great purchase.  The only body part that stayed dry were my feet.  

After Costco, we went to see this.  It was excellent.  It was not predictable in my opinion.  The clothing of the two main characters was really fun to see, too.  img_3844-1

This is out of order, but I also enjoyed some outside patio reading time with my new Bourbon Pumpkin candle.  I couldn’t hold off.  I had to smell it!  I highly recommend it.  Bath and Body website only I was told.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! 


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Your face in that one picture, “questioning your life choices” hahaha! That’s great! I can’t believe the muddy ground; you are a brave woman to stay so long. There were some great singers there though. Bummer that it had to end early due to rain. 😦


    1. I was pretty miserable. But, I wanted my husband to be the first to give up on the day. He had thought I would be the first but I wasn’t!


  2. What a bummer about the rain, but your outfit was CUTE and it looks like you made the best of it. Friday nights are always a night that I am in bed so early. Hahaha! I am wiped out come Friday and sometimes I get to nap. I think I was in bed around 8:30 last Friday. Hahaha!


  3. That festival looks like you were at Glastonbury! Love the Bourbon feature – were people plastered? I think it would be too dangerous to promote that at festivals here – it would cost the NHS a fortune haha! You really get out and live your life – I love it – you obvs live in a great area for culture. I would def have stayed for Kravtiz though – I’ve listened to him since the mid 90s – love him! J xx


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