Friday, September 21, 2018

It’s Friday!  I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. today for Friday Favorites.  It’s been a good week, but man, September is hectic.  I always forget!  

1. This was a good call!  I ordered 4 of these – some for gifts.  I can’t wait to burn it but I will try to wait until October.  I don’t have long to wait.  It’s not sold in stores – only on the website.  

2.  Kroger has these seasonal scents now for 79 cents!  I thought this would go well with the candle gifts so I bought 4.  My hub wants non-smelling kitchen hand soap but why when you can have fun scents?  

3.  I have found my signature fall polish in Essie’s “For the Twill of It”.  I can’t remember the blogger who recommended it.  This photo doesn’t do it justice.  It is lavender, beige, green, grey.  Check it out.  It’s a cool color!  

4.  I didn’t know A Simple Favor was a book!  I wonder if I should read first?  I really want to see it soon, though!  

5.  I also thought this book looked good!  

6.  I thought this Target t-shirt was so cute!  img_3786.jpg

7.  We got our Costco rewards check so we will go to Costco this weekend.  

8.  I only discovered this a few week’s ago because my friend ordered it.  I’m not a big fan of Domino’s Pizza, but their thin crust is amazing.  The crust tastes kind of like a cracker.  If you like thin crust, too, you might want to give it a try.  I prefer pizza cut in squares, too.  Yes, I’m weird!  I ordered it for myself this past Friday night.  


9.  Finally, I tried a new pulled pork recipe from Tractors and Glam blog.  OMG – I think it’s the best I’ve ever made or maybe even eaten.  I used a pork picnic roast – I think you can use any cut of pork.  The recipe calls for one cup of orange juice and the juice of one lime.  It said to cook on high for 10 hours but I cooked on high for 2 hours and then low for 3 maybe and it was done. Shred and put a little sauce on because you can always add more.  I was a little scared because the lime and orange sounded weird, but it worked!  It was magic!  I used the leftovers for pulled pork nachos just last night.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  If you are new here or missed some posts this week…

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh goodness where do I start?! I want to try out those candles. I’m always looking for new gift ideas. What a deal on the hand soaps and you’re right, why not try out a new scent! Hooray for the Costco check! I’m waiting for mine so I can turn right around and spend it! I really love that Essie color. I need a fall color and love different shades of pinks and purples!


  2. I LOVE when we get the Costco check. Hahaha! Thank you so much for the review! I also love love love the nail color. I wish we had a Kroeger, those hand soaps sound amazing…and I’m with you, who wants non-smelling handsoap! Hahaha! Have a great weekend!


  3. It’s great that you read so much! I (somehow) need to find the time for that. Hey when do you start preparing for Thanksgiving? You don’t give gifts do you, but do a big turkey dinner? Are you doing anything in your house for Hallow’een, or are the boys too big now? The pulled pork recipe does sound very good!! J x


    1. Thank you! 40 books in 2018!
      We don’t do much for Halloween these days and it falls on a school night.
      We don’t do much prep for Thanksgiving as it’s all about the food!
      Will talk about these holidays soon on blog.
      This recipe is beef.
      I did talk about pulled pork a couple of weeks ago.
      Have a great weekend!


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