Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This is a hard time of year to dress.  It’s still 80-90 degrees and I’m tired of my summer school clothes but I can’t quite dress for fall yet.  I don’t want to shave my legs so it’s hard to wear skirts unless they are maxi! Ha!  And, I’ve gotten lazy with my self – tanning regimen so the legs are also pasty white!  What problems, right?  My sentiments are reflected in my outfits.  I forgot to take pictures a couple of days and I debated showing some of these true “misses” of outfits.  Oh well!  

In addition, I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for their theme of “fall kimonos”.  I love my kimonos, as you may know!

Meh – I don’t like this outfit.  

Double meh – This is the same as the long floral dress I wore on the first day of school, which I’m sure you don’t remember.  This is a size smaller and I need the next size up or else I need the camouflage of the flowers.  

Weekend brunch outfit, but I also wear this to school.

This is my favorite outfit and the most me.  I wish I had this shirt in multiple colors. 

These are the shoes I’m wearing in the above photo.  I bought black and tan at Shoe Carnival this past weekend.  I have been unhappy with this year’s footwear and these are the brand Axxiom which is the brand of a consignment shoe I found.  

The metallic in the top of photo are the consignment find from a couple of months ago. The new black and tan were on sale for $20 bucks each.  They passed the teacher comfort test.  They are slightly lower wedges than the metallic so they are more wearable for all day.  img_3779.jpg

They were 30% off – original price was $45.  

I don’t like this outfit in the photo or else it’s my pose.  I was in a hurry to get to my class so maybe that’s why I look weird.  I’m also starting to wonder if I’m annoying my two teacher photographers!  Ha!  It’s not comfortable to take pictures of yourself!  

I love this TJ Maxx kimono.  I think it really looks like fall.  

You can’t go wrong with black and tan. 

This is my on sale velvet kimono from last year.  

I love to wear my kimonos with knit swing dresses or skinny pants and a top.  I think it’s important to do a fitted bottom because the top is voluminous.  I always try to size down in kimonos because they run big from my experience.  

For the weekends, I think they look great with skinny jeans and a graphic tee or just a plain knit shirt.  I really think they make a great third piece.  I love to follow the rule of three in dressing.  Pants, top, vest is an example.  Another example is swing dress, kimono, long necklace.  

I have had a hard time finding kimonos in the stores lately.  What about you?  Versona has some great fall ones – I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago.  Other than that, where have you seen kimonos?  

Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday and Fall Kimonos

  1. I really love the wedges.
    I would do the self-tanner in the spring and then naturally tan from being outside over the summer so I could lay off of it in the fall. What kind do you use?


    1. Thank you! My new favorite is banana boat for 6.99. I can take a photo later if needed. I think it says dark on the bottle. It smells great and dries fast and looks natural. They have really improved!


    1. I am 5’4. Yes, you can! Some are shorter than others and I have even seen some that are jacket length. Let me know if you find one. Not all kimonos are created equally.
      Check out the blog
      This Blondes Shopping Bag and her kimono post from yesterday. Hope that helps!


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