Thursday, September 13, 2018

Today is my mom’s birthday! She and my dad were born with one day apart in the same year!  Happy birthday, Mom!

I like to make a bucket list for each season and sometimes for each month.  They are usually more like goals or things I want to do to enjoy the season or month to the fullest.  It’s a way of being intentional.  My lists used to involve lots of family activities but now they are mostly for me by myself, me and a friend, or my husband and I.  

-Decorate for fall.  Get mums for front porch and decorate back patio.

-Go to an apple orchard – there is one near my in-laws with apple jam and apple slushies.  (This would involve the whole family)

-Make my fall sangria (It involves Fireball Whiskey!!)
Enjoy said sangria in my yard or on the boat. 

-Have a bonfire in my backyard – maybe for my birthday with people over

-Have people over for chili maybe before walking to my high school’s football game

Go to at least one out of the four high school football games.  Try to invite some teachers.  

-Do a boat ride where we marvel at the fall colors of the trees (We keep the boat out until end of October/early November before winterizing it.)

-Create a fall capsule wardrobe 

-Go to my city’s flea market, food truck event on a Saturday or Sunday

-Go to a fall festival

-Make Apple and pumpkin recipes

-Take a Christmas card worthy family photo – excited because both boys’ braces off!

-Buy fall candles and soaps at Bath and Body

-decorate for Halloween when appropriate – right now have generic fall decor

-Go to restaurant on the river with a fire pit

-Take my dog to a dog friendly patio at a brewery – We have lots of these

-Buy and wear an apron for cooking – I think I will go to World Market to look.

Have I forgotten anything?  What’s on your list?  


9 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List

  1. I love your list. I would love your sangria recipe! Also, I love the idea of chili before a football game, and a restaurant on the water with a fire pit…how fun is your list?!?


  2. I love the apron one!!! If you want to get an apron that is generic and will last you a lifetime, Williams-Sonoma has some good ones! Great list.


  3. Love your list- I really want to do a chili night with friends as well! The fall wardrobe is a great idea too!! Happy birthday to your mom!


  4. I think this is my favourite fall bucket list so far! My husband keeps getting confused btw when I mention a bucket list btw – he thinks I am talking about things we need to do before we die and when I say things like ‘go for a pub lunch’ he gets worried I am becoming super boring. Your list contains all the things I love to do at this time of year – we have turkey chili at our family’s bonfire on Guy Fawkes, and I love a good bonfire! The dog plus brewery option has to be my favourite though!! Your weather must be good to do a ‘patio’! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your boating photos of the changing foliage AND – I wish I was drinking that sangria! Love the whiskey variant on the trad brandy! Jxx


    1. Haha! The bucket list thing made me laugh! I guess that’s not a great term for it! I hope I can really do all of these things. I love a bonfire! I will share the sangria recipe as soon as I get the ingredients. I make it through Thanksgiving and we enjoy it on Thanksgiving Day.


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