Friday, September 14, 2018

What a week! It was a five day week after a four day week and last night was our open house where parents go to their kids’ 7 classes and hear an 8 minute spiel from each teacher. It’s a great thing we do, but it’s exhausting after teaching alll day! Lol! My husband does one of our twin boys’ schedules and I am kind of sad that I can’t do it! They have all the same classes and teachers except for one but they have them at different periods if that makes sense. So, he gets to hear from all of their teachers but one.


I just love this boy. I feel like he gets the short end of the stick at the beginning of the year. He is laying on the couch with me on Monday night in this photo. Yes, we allow dogs on all but leather furniture and he sleeps with us. We are those kind of dog people! We take him on vacation with us, too, if we can. My husband likes to say that he doesn’t want to go anywhere where his dog isn’t welcome! Ha!


On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 2 hours to kill while my son is at his community theatre class. I went to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday and this is divine! The frosting is great and the bread is moist. I’ve been taking a small piece to school.


This was an idea I got from Shannon of Slay it Again Shan -I bought these individual packets for lunches this week. I was having my avocados go bad quickly or only using half of one at a time. She suggested these for avocado toast, too!


The dress above was a $12 consignment store find on Tuesday during my 2 hour window. I think it will look good with booties but I can’t wear it yet because it’s a heavy material.


This was another great Traders find. It smells great in my opinion!


The first night of theatre I met a mom and we chatted. I came back about 30 minutes early Tuesday and invited her to walk with me until class was over. The weather was great and we chatted and got some exercise. There was no awkward silence. I’m glad I asked and glad she said yes.

I can’t believe we are halfway through September. This weekend we have a high school football game if I can drag myself for at least half, brunch at friends then farmers market with them, flea market, outdoor concert, homework, housework, grocery shopping, and laundry! The river is high from last weekend so no boating will happen. This sounds like too much, so I may choose to veg out with Hallmark fall movies instead! Oh, I also want to see A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively!

What are you up to?

Make it a great one!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Consignment finds are the best. I spent my day (off – hurricane here) sorting my winter clothes to go to the consignment shop! A Simple Favor looks great. Are the fall Hallmark movies on now? Last I watched was Labor Day so it was all summer themed! I wish you a wonderful weekend of rest and fun!


    1. I love them! Do you get same brand? Thank you! I think I scored with the dress! I hope it is flattering on! It might be a tad big but I’m hoping it’s not!


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