Friday, September 7, 2018

Short weeks usually drag for me, but this one flew by!  I think it was because I was so busy after school each day.  My son started his Tuesday/Thursday theater class and that has had me running until dinner time. It was a good week, but I’m ready for the weekend. Today I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites.

1) We got this incredible gas station by our house recently.   Trust me, I have never been excited by a gas station before.  This is a Shell Select and they have gourmet food, local products, and Ale8 Slushie machine (made in KY – similar to ginger ale), fancy donuts, these fancy bagels!, and some nice seating areas. I bought donuts and bagels for my boys’ birthday at this gas station.  Sorry for the bad lighting – it was 6:00 a.m.


2)  Do you follow any celebrities on Instagram?  I really enjoy Cameran from Southern Charm.  This made me laugh this week and no, I have not let myself have a pumpkin spice yet!


3)  I wore these for the first time this week and really liked them.  No, I do not usually put my feet up! 

4)  Look at this cute 3rd grader who is also my niece who shares my middle name!


5)  I am almost finished with this and I do recommend it. 

6)  Here is next on my list – I can’t wait to read it! 

7)  I was doing some fall inspiration searching and this is one way I plan to transition my kimonos for fall. I think the key is to look for fall colors in your kimonos.  


8)  I have quite a nice collection of blanket scarves and I love them. But, they were eating me alive, so I cut them in half (cut into two triangles) and gave the other half to my sister and I’m so much happier. I will show you what I mean in a post to come!


9)  These are Target DV.  Aren’t they cute?  I will have to check these out in the store.  


10)  I currently am without perfume.  Isn’t that sad?  I want to show you my fall favorite that I discovered last year.  It has tobacco flower among other things.  I can’t wear anything too sweet or floral because I will get a headache.  I love this “L” perfume from Soft Surroundings. (Pioneer Woman loves this store.)  I bought a small $20 one a few times last year.  I didn’t pay $75.  If you like subtle, spicy, but not cloying scents, check this one out.  


Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back here on Monday!  


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. We have so many gas stations that really appear more to be restaurants with gas pumps out front, ha! Your niece is adorable!
    I cut my blanket scarf in half too because holy cow it was so big. I honestly have so many scarves and every time I wear them I feel like I have a life vest on, I’m thinking I need to get rid of some.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. That looks like a yummy bagel for sure! I can not wait for the weather to cool off just enough to begin wearing a few scarves again.


  3. That bagel looks so good. I love the kimonos and yes to buying them with fall colors. I agree so much. Those leopard shoes are so adorable!


  4. I need to know where the slushie machine is! We stopped in Versailles on the way to tailgate last week … and my girl was bummed that Doughdaddy’s didn’t have them! Insult to injury, the fountain cherry Ale-8 was out of order! Nothing a maple bacon glazed doughnut couldn’t fix. Ha!


  5. The blanket scarf in tartan is lovely! I have a few tartan scarves and a massive pashmina – I love the fact you can wrap them and wrap them, and isn’t it nice to wear as a kind of shawl? Love the packaging of that perfume – so pretty. I think its a great idea not to jump into a new scent – and there are only so many you can try at a time, your nose stops working after trying a few! Joanne x


    1. Love blanket scarves! Look for a post coming soon – I cut mine in half! I agree on the perfume. Everyone’s body chem is different, too!


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