Friday, August 23, 2018

Happy Friday!  Are you planning to do something tonight even if you are exhausted?  Check out my post here for some inspiration – I hope! I talked about why you should go out on a Friday and what it can do for your weekend.  Will I take my own advice?  You’ll find out on Monday!  

I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites today. 

Number One:  It happens every year, but as soon as school starts, I get in the mood for fall.  I’m excited to fill my house with Bath and Body fall scents.  I am going to try to have my coupons with me when I go in a few weeks. Did you get the recent mailer they sent out?

Number Two:  I don’t usually buy things at the beginning of the season – I wait for sales, but I was excited to look at fall clothes in some catalogs I got this week.  Love the outfit below.  I’m planning some fall fashion posts coming up soon.  I’m ready to see my old friends – my fall clothing!

Number Three:  Having a meal plan and following it to the letter until Thursday night this week was wonderful.  It really saved me this week.  I had all of the ingredients and at 5:30, I just followed the plan.  Thursday night I did hot subs again with loaded baked potatoes.  I click listed in the morning and picked up a small load of groceries after school at 3:00.  You guys, if this is a busy season of life for you, too, please meal plan and do grocery pick up.  It is so absolutely wonderful!

Number Four:  We had some spectacular weather this week so I made time to sit outside for a bit after school. 

Number Five:  I was excited to get library notification that this book is in for me.  My library is closed on Fridays so I will put library on my list for Saturday.   Just a note about reading.  I make time for reading during the school year.  I’m almost to the point where I’m more organized and using time more efficiently at school, so I will be working less at home on school stuff.  I can’t be a good teacher if I don’t do things for myself after school and on weekends. 


Number Six:  Yes, I’m confusing.  I was just talking about fall clothing, but look at this top below.  I was looking for something with cacti all summer long and I was searching fall fashion on Amazon and this came up.  It must be a sign.  I placed an order and want to wear it to an outdoor concert Saturday night.  I figured I could get a few wears in this year.  I’m hoping I chose the size correctly after reading reviews.  I plan to wear it on my shoulders and saw a picture of it worn that way, too.  I will be sure to report back.  It was $17.  


Number Seven:  Back to fall, I love this type of top.  I have one that is a cocoa color from last year.  I wore it a ton! I am not buying fall clothing yet.  I plan to inventory what I have and make a wish list and maybe do a capsule wardrobe for fall.  


Number EIght:  Speaking of wish lists, I would love to pull off a hat like this in the fall.  Where will I wear it?  Frolicking through a pumpkin patch, wine tasting, at a polo match like on Southern Charm?  Does my real life allow for a hat like this?  One can dream!

See my Pinterest inspiration below?


This is probably what I would end up looking like!  Haha!  No offense meant toward Red Hat Society ladies! 


Lastly:  I’m ready to bring out the fall foods!  This is a great little cookbook that I got at a garage sale.  I’m bummed that I missed a big used book sale last weekend!  I still love cookbooks.  In September I like to break out the apple recipes, including my apple sangria.  In October I like to break out the pumpkin recipes.  And, in December I do a lot of chocolate peppermint coffee drinks.  It’s so fun to change with the seasons, in my opinion. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?  As I mentioned, I’m hoping to do an outdoor concert Saturday night and then some shopping Saturday day or maybe Friday for my Friday activity, and a boat ride on Sunday maybe?  I still need to do that boat brunch with mimosas!  Leave me a comment!  I love reading what you have to say!  


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Ooh I’ve seen that book around the internet a bit lately, and it looks like a good one! Will have to add it to my list. And I feel you on the meal planning – time to get back into the groove with that when preschool starts in a couple of weeks, and I know I will be a happier momma with no day-of decisions to make about cooking 🙂

    Stopping by from the Blended Blog Friday Loves…


  2. I love heading to Bath and Body and getting all my favorite candles – I love Leaves! It’s my very favorite in fall and I also love a candle from Walmart – Pumpkin and Waffles – it’s only $5 and so good! I think you should get the hat, I have one and even though I only get to wear it every now and then it is fun! Mine is from Target so it wasn’t too $$$ and if was cooler here I’d wear it more. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I do meal plan; we don’t always serve what I planned on the exact night I planned it but at least I know I have 7 days worth of meals that way… however we do not have grocery pick up or delivery anywhere around us so I must take that time to drive (30 minutes each way!) to the store. Luckily I am an early riser and our store opens at 7 so I go nice and early in the morning while the store is empty and I can just zip in and out.


    1. Oh yes! I would go in the early am too! I sometimes switch days, too. It still works! I have realized my meals don’t have to be so involved!


  4. I am all about meal planning as well. And I know exactly what you mean about being so organized during the school year. I feel like the month of August is kind of a free for all around here. Ha! But I am already getting ready for next week. We start school on Tuesday. I hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Give me all the fall things! 😉 I am trying to hold off on picking up the decor and such, but I have already started shopping for fall clothes! And I have that exact cacti top and I love it!!!! Have fun at the concert!


    1. So glad to get a cacti top endorsement! I know about the fall stuff – I can’t help myself and pumpkin spice latte comes back in 4 days!!!!


  6. I’m so ready for Fall. It definitely felt like Fall this morning when we woke up. It was so cold outside. And some of our neighbor’s trees have already started to change colors and drop leaves.

    I’ve been getting better at taking time to read. It’s the little things that help keep us sane.


    1. Yes, it is the little things in life! I love a cool, crisp morning and the leaves turning are so beautiful! I try to find something that I love about each season and I love living where I get to enjoy 4 distinct ones! Thanks for commenting and stopping by! Hope you will return!
      Cheers! Amy


  7. Oh wow lots of favorites for me! I’ve already started using fall scents in my house! Can’t wait to add to my collection!! I really love that lacy top! So affordable and I love how many colors it comes in! I laughed out loud with the hat! I feel I would look that too!! Adding your novel to my list! I love carving out reading time after school!


    1. Ok so I’m not alone if I start fall scents? Have you tried Amazon for clothes yet? I’m pretty happy with the few things I’ve gotten. I get all of my book recs from blogs! Happy weekend!


  8. I am glad that I got to see your cacti too in person. It is really cute! Also, we have always meal planned at our house and it has saved us money and time. Just for fun, though, over the summer we broke from our plan and went to the grocery everyday to pick up something that we felt like making. It was fun, but we had the time to do it. Meal planning is best for the busy seasons in our lives.


  9. I’m so excited for fall clothes. I haven’t bought clothes in so long…I don’t even know where to start! I love the outfit of the model with the hat.


  10. I WISH more of our shops had autumn related clothes, home stuffs etc – Autumn is actually starting here and there is still summer clothes, BBQs and no new seasonal décor! You Americans are just way more organised and into seasonal stuff – which is why I should live over there and not here haha! I have scoured the shops for weeks and hardly found anything. Love your wrap top, and I bet those BABW leaves scents smell gorgeous!


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