Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Friday!  Linking up with Momfessionals, Mix and Match Mama, and

The Slaughters today.

Favorite #1)  Monday night’s work event for my husband!

This is what I wore.  I love these Loft pants and I paired this consignment blouse with it for the first time.  In the past I’ve only worn black with the pants.  I love these comfy sandals and of course, I have my tassel jewelry.  I forgot to take a mirror selfie and I didn’t take any pictures at the event.  I was comfortable and felt like I dress appropriately for the wine bar. 


Favorite #2)  This new to me lotion from Bath and Body Works!

This was my Bath and Body freebie with my coupon that I used a couple of weeks ago.  I put this on in the car for the first time and I was transported back to Spain!  Do certain smells do that to you?  I lived in Valencia, Spain for a semester in college and maybe it was the oranges we ate there, but this scent takes me back!  And, it’s called Happiness.  This is part of B and B’s aromatherapy line which includes:  Sleep (lavendar), Comfort (Patchouli and vanilla – I’m not a big fan of patchouli alone, but this works), Happiness (bergamot and mandarin) and I believe the last one is my Stress relief with ecalyptus.  I really love these scents and I’m thinking about having one of each in my classroom.  The students would love having this available to use as they enter or leave the room.  Wait, I can’t offer a lotion called “Sleep” – oops!  

Favorite #3)  This boy!

Look at this face!  He is such a good dog and a constant companion.  What would we do without dogs?  Ernie turned 5 in January and is already getting a little grey!  No!  

Favorite #4)  This boy!

He has started letting me take more pictures again.  He got the news from the orthodontist that he only has to wear his retainer at night, so that was exciting!  He had some book store gift cards to spend and I took him there and then we grabbed Five Guys for a very rare treat.  I eat probably less than 5 hamburgers a year.  If you are going to eat one, this is the place to go in my opinion.  I didn’t buy any books for myself because I’m still on a $0 book budget for 2018.  I did open up my library app and request the first and second Poldark books while I wait for season 4 to become available to me.  This guy has finished his summer reading but wanted to read some books for pleasure and to talk about with his English teacher.  How sweet!  I think he is ready to have a great, but challenging junior year with 4 AP courses.  

Favorite #5)  Watch What Crappens Podcast!

I’m a big fan of most of the Bravo shows.  I love Below Deck, Southern Charm Charleston and Savannah, Real Housewives of NYC and the OC, and Summer House.  I have all of these set to record and then I watch when I have free time.  I heard about this podcast and it’s pretty funny.  They recap the shows and comment or make jokes about what happens.  


Favorite #6)  New Work Computer!  

I got to pick up my new laptop for school this week.  I’m thinking about buying a nice laptop bag or at least a sleeve to use to put it in my school tote.  Any suggestions on a bag are welcomed!  It’s a really light HP.  

Favorite #7)  My other son’s acting camp!

He is finishing his two week camp today and he has absolutely loved it.  It makes my mama heart happy.  He wants to continue at this theater during the school year but we will have to see if we have time in addition to his courseload and his activities.  He has not finished his summer reading and will need to get on that next week but I think he is also ready to have a great junior year with 3 AP courses.  

Favorite #8)  Book Club Thursday night!

We had to cancel in June so I was excited to see everyone for the first time since May.  We read The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty which I read maybe 4 years ago.  I should have re-read it, but I don’t like to re-read books.  It seems like we can never have everyone make it but the food and conversation is always great.

What are you up to this weekend?  

My plans are not set yet, but I must have some summer fun!  

You will find out about it on Monday, I guess.  Did I or did I not have fun?  I hope you can stand it!  Thanks for reading!  


P.S. – You may have noticed I didn’t buy anything this week – except groceries.  I talked about contentment yesterday here if you missed it and on Wednesday I did give a recap of my last week’s consignment haul here.  On Tuesday I talked about Costco tips – so if you are a member of considering joining, check it out here!  

P.S.S. – I did decide to try ThredUp’s Goody Box (a box of 10 second hand items for you to either keep or send back – no pressure.)  If you go to Modern Mrs. Darcy blog here, you will get a great review of this service and a discount so it will only cost you $10 which you can use toward one of the items.  I will review mine next week!  

12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have never heard of that Thred Up Goody Box – very interesting! I agree Five Guys has great burgers and I love the fries too! I read The Husband’s Secret too but can hardly remember the story, lol! That outfit you wore to the wine bar is PERFECT – the colors are so fun!
    Have a great weekend friend!


    1. I hadn’t heard of it either! I thought I wouldn’t have much to lose – only $10 if I don’t keep any of the 10 pieces. And, I thought it would be good to review on the blog. I can’t remember the book either! I read it 4 years ago and the discussion last night didn’t jog my memory that well – how embarrassing! No one seemed to love it!
      Thank you in regards to the outfit. I love the pattern on the pants so much!
      Happy Friday chica!


  2. I haven’t seen that Bath and Body Works lotion before! I love finding new scents! I love your date night outfit!!! Happy Friday!!!


  3. Great work date night outfit – those colours and prints work really well! I love aromatherapy oils too – Patchouli and Geranium are quite a nice uplifting balance, but Lavender is always my favourite – it smells so fresh and clean! Have a great weekend – J xx


    1. Thank you! I think I like these lotions because they smell natural and use essential oils. I don’t like fake scents!
      Thank you – the colors are fun. I wear a lot of bright colors.
      Have a great last weekend of vacation Joanne!


  4. Thank you for letting us know about the Bravo Podcast!! I am a Bravo junkie for sure. I will have to look for that scent next time I go to BBW (which should be soon since my daughter’s birthday is coming up.) That ThreadUp box sounds totally interesting I think I shall go check it out! xo!


    1. You’re welcome! I looked like a crazy person laughing my head off while listening to it in the car this morning! Hope you like it and the lotion! Try the goody box but go to that blog for her link!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That hand lotion has quickly become my favorite. I love the Happiness smell. I am stocking up for stocking stuffers, my desk at school, my purse, my car…Hahahaha! I love them!


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