Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday Thoughts – Being Content with your Current Closet


Today I’m going to talk about contentment in the area of clothing, shoes, and  accessories in your closet.  I don’t know that there has ever been a time in history like today where we are so aware of what everyone else has and wears. We see people on tv, in magazines, and on social media.   Comparison is the thief of joy or something like that?  

You know when I feel like my closet ISN’T enough?  It’s when I spend too much time reading fashion magazines or looking at fashion bloggers online.  

You know when I do feel like my closet IS enough?  It’s when I have reorganized it and realized how much I have.  Sometimes this just takes 5-10 minutes when I’m putting away clean clothes.  

I actually feel like I have more when I downsize and purge items that no longer fit me or my style.  It’s crazy, but it’s so true.  Less is more.  If you read about capsule wardrobes online, enthusiasts all seem to share this sentiment.  You know when you go on vacation and getting dressed is so easy because you have so few choices?  We really shouldn’t keep anything that doesn’t make us feel wonderful.  


Switching over to the non-slip black velvet hangers helped me, too.  If you don’t already have these, they are so worth it!  I also have uniform clear plastic and metal pants and skirt hangers and I never take the cheap hangers from a store.  Having room to look through the hangers and not have too much crammed in there is a great feeling.  I bought some at Costco many years ago and got rid of my mismatched hodge podge of plastic, wooden, and dry cleaner wire hangers.  I don’t waste a black velvet hanger on something I don’t love anymore!  

Figure out a new way to organize – by color or type of clothing or by use of clothing.  Maybe you could have a work section and a weekend section.  On Sundays, I try to group potential outfits together for the work week.  This makes the mornings easier.  

Think how much of your time contentment can free up, too.  I used to spend hours on an endless cycle of buy, return, buy something else, return, repeat.  Have any of you been on that merry-go-round?  

This may seem counterintuitive, but I think Pinterest has helped me find contentment in my current wardrobe.  I will look at pictures of outfits and see what I can find in my closet to come close to that color combination or style of outfit.  This was the original premise behind Sheaffer Told Me To’s blog.  Instead of making me feel like I need to go buy more, Pinterest has helped me work with what I already have.

Another fun way to feel like you have more is to try different color combinations.  I’m the daughter and sister of art teachers and I love color.  Take one piece of clothing in your closet and hold it up against other items and see how they look together.  Also, you can find color combination inspiration in artwork or home decor on Pinterest.  

Another thing you can do is to challenge yourself to wear every item for a given season in your closet before you repeat something.  

Now, I must admit, I wrote this as much for me as for you.  I’m going to work on contentment through the rest of the summer and into the fall.  It will be hard if I see a great bargain, and I might see a trend I have to try.  It really doesn’t take much time to shop online and the feeling of something arriving on your porch – Is there anything better after a long day of work?  We live in a treat yourself society and it feels like we deserve it.  But, isn’t it an even better feeling to be content and grateful with what we already have?

Let’s work on this together!  Gotta go – just got another inbox sale message that I have to check out!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts on Contentment

  1. So good Amy! I bought my black velvet hangers from Costco too a few years ago. I bought two boxes and refuse to buy more. This keeps my closet from getting too full; if I buy something new I have to get rid of something so I can hang the new piece! It works well for me. Yes, envy is the thief of joy, I remind myself of that often!


    1. Thank you! The hangers have made such a difference. I tell everyone to get them! Do you keep a donate bag in your closet? I do this is in mine and the boys’ closets. Have a great day, Kellyann!


  2. I love this post Amy. I use Pintrest a lot for outfit ideas. I find that I wear more of my closet by using it. I want to make the switch to those hangers. I have even seen them at Costco! Ha! I love the idea of the donate bag too.


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