Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today is my husband’s birthday!  He opted for dinner at home rather than at a restaurant, so I will be busy today making his favorite foods and wrapping up some gifts for him.  My boys will be helping, too!  

Here are some things I have my eye on:  

From Old Navy:

This dress

I can’t get enough of jungle/tropical floral prints.  I think this swing or shift style dress is really flattering.  You could wear this to a cookout, to a restaurant, or to church.

this graphic tee

You know I love my collection of graphic tees.  This would look cute under a kimono.  

Here are some things I’ve purchased:

From Amazon:

this maxi dress

Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson have been talking about the Verdusa caftan but I thought I needed a little more structure so I took a chance on this – in the dark grey color. I think I like it.  I haven’t put it with my correct undergarments and accessories yet, so I’m not positive.  I love Patricia from Southern Charm and her caftan collection.  I’m not sure I life a caftan-worthy lifestyle!  

From American Eagle and local boutique:

The day after my husband’s birthday is my 17 year old niece’s birthday!  I hope I did well for her.  I went in American Eagle and found this mauve/burgundy peplum tank and this tie-dye tank.  Both were 60% off!  I then went to a cute local boutique and found this white bandeau and little earrings.  

O.k., I will admit, while in American Eagle I found these slides for 40% off, making them only $11 dollars!  My size was not available, but they are on order for me.  


Also, the ones below would be so cute for 4th of July.  They are a true red even though the photo doesn’t look like it and they are the same price.  I left these in the store, because I do have some self control!img_2525.jpg

While in a local boutique, I tried these Corkys Boutique wedges but they only had my size in camo.  The camo is super cute, but I knew the pewter was what I would wear more.  I have been searching for a wedge like this that didn’t break the bank.  These were $49 and so comfortable.  I did have to order from Amazon because the boutique was out of this color.  I did try to shop locally!


From Etsy:

I love these leather earrings and have used this Etsy shop twice.  Their prices are fair, the shipping is quick, and they come packaged in such a cute way!  I added a cork and a camo pair to my collection.  I’m so excited and seriously wear this type of earring almost everyday!  img_2530


What I’ve Worn Recently: 

This is one of my garage sale bracelets from Saturday. 


This is what I wore to brunch with my niece last week. 

This is what I wore to run errands one day.  I think that is sunscreen on my mirror – keeping it real.  I will go clean it now!  img_2444-e1528845905494.jpg

This is another errand running outfit.  img_2453.jpg

And, finally this is a picture my sister sent me to illustrate why we don’t like the high waist trend.  Why did we think this looked good?  I’m on the left and my sister is on the right.  She was voted best dressed in high school!  

I really hadn’t shopped in several weeks until this week.  It was nice to have the time to wander in a few stores.  How often do you shop?  I go in spurts.  I would say I average once a week if you are talking about going in a clothing store – including my consignment stores.  I don’t always buy something, though.  I don’t buy a lot of stuff online usually.  I really still like to see and touch items before I buy them. I make exceptions for Loft, Old Navy, and because I know I can easily return the items.  

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!




6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List, Shopping List and What I Wore

  1. So much goodness here Amy! Those slides are so cute and what a deal!!! I love pom poms! I bet your niece will love what you got her, girls are fun to shop for. And happy birthday to your husband! I hope he has a wonderful day and it sounds like you and the boys are making the day special for him, soooo nice!
    Your corky’s remind me of the OTBP wedges I got from Nordstrom. I am wondering if they are as comfortable, I’ll have to take a look, it’s nice to have more affordable options. Shopping when you have time is so nice, right? Sometimes I just enjoy wandering through the stores!
    Have a great day!


    1. Good morning, Kellyann! This post was momentous because I taught myself to insert a link. Lol! I really wasn’t planning to shop for myself yesterday but you know how that goes! I love the look of your wedges and had tried on that grand before and they rubbed my ankles. I’m hoping these are a good dupe!
      I love shopping for girls!
      Have a great day!


  2. Happy birthday to Amy’s man!! I hope you both had a lovely day! I have to ask – who are Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson? I love getting to know more about what’s going on stateside! Love the way you do your hair – are you doing next Thurs’ link up? J x


    1. Melanie has Big Mama blog and is a writer. Sophie has Boo Mama blog and is a writer. They also have a podcast. I should’ve said that on my blog! Sorry! The Big Mama blog Fashion Friday is good!
      What is next Thursday link up? How do you find out in advance about them?
      Thank you! I should probably say husband’s name on blog but keeping some anonymity for my 3 boys.
      Thank you for comment on my hair. I’m feeling like it is too long and it’s in a ponytail most days this summer!
      Sitting in orthodontist office! Hope you had a good day!
      Oh, finished Poldark season 3 – why did she mess with Hugh? Now I’m in love with Ross, Hugh, and Drake! I can watch season 4 on Sunday night! Yay! I think I missed the first one but hoping they re run it before new one on tv.


  3. She is NUTTER messing around with Hugh – I think because she feels only partly loved by Ross and at the time felt his heart was partly with Elizabeth. PLUS I think she thinks she is always competing with one of his causes or fleating passions – what do you think? Hugh was a soppy romantic. Maybe Ross should cook her dinner more, ha! You MUST let me know what you think about Poldark S4 – I will be super excited for it on Sunday. I seriously want to PUNCH, or push over (not sure which one would be more satisfying) that BEASTLY Osborne.

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