Thursday, June 7, 2018

Do you buy Father’s Day gifts?  If so, it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas because it will be here Sunday, June 17!  I buy for my hub, my dad, and my FIL. 

I love to shop for gifts and it gives me great pleasure to pick things out for people.  I love to give other people suggestions, too.  

I try to include my boys with ideas for their Dad and we like to do a couple little funny gifts for him in addition to some things I know he wants.  My hub loves clothes and he likes expensive outdoor brands from locally owned shops in town or big box department stores.  I know that if I pick the wrong color or size he will have fun doing an exchange so I don’t over think it.  I have also done experiences – before he owned his own paddle board, I found a Groupon for a one hour paddle board experience and he really liked it!  We will usually do a special meal of his favorites, too.  Maybe this year I will do a scavenger hunt to find the gifts – maybe my teens will write the clues.  

My Dad is super easy to buy for.  He loves everything I get or at least he fakes it well!  No, really, he will tell me how much he uses or likes something a year later.  He loves to get running clothes (he still runs daily), shoes, a button down shirt or polo (In his 70’s he has started wearing Under Armour highlighter color polo shirts – what’s up with that, Dad?), cologne, an Amazon gift card to buy books for his Kindle, cooking or baking supplies, technology items, and the list goes on.  

My husband usually does the gift for his Pop, but I help or give suggestions.  He is pretty easy to buy for, too.  He likes clothes, socks, and fishing equipment the most.  Because my husband and his sister call their Dad “Pop”, one year we did a funny basket of foods that all had the word “pop” in it.  We had popcorn, Corn pops, pop tarts – I couldn’t believe how many things in the grocery had that word in the name.  I will tell you it wasn’t a very health conscious basket!

Here are some ideas for you:

-If they have a hobby, get them something that works for that (Golf – a new pair of gloves, etc.)

-Check Groupon for an experience – we have done a bourbon tasting, but you could do a beer tasting, a museum, a city scavenger hunt, an Escape room – this could be really fun if you include siblings and grandchildren, too.

-A shirt

-A pair of shoes


-New shaving bag

-Grilling tools

-A cooking gadget (an as seen on tv item – some are really good!)

-Photo gifts – a mousepad, a coffee mug, a t-shirt with grandkids picture 

-A Tervis tumbler or a Yeti cup (I love mine so much!) They also make a short and squatty Yeti coffee cup that keeps my coffee hot for 3 hours or more!

-A variety of K cups if they have a Keurig

-A beer sampler – get several 6 packs of beer that you think they would like to try

-A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas!  Leave me your best idea in the comments!  Oh, by the way – our budget is usually $25-50 per person.  Gift giving can really add up.  This is not a great deal of money to work with so I think the thought behind it and the message that you include is the most important.  

You can find a lot of great things at TJ Maxx, Costco, Target, and Amazon if you are on a budget.  And, please DO NOT pay more than $1 for your greeting card.  Go to your dollar store where they are 2 for $1 and really cute or Trader Joe’s has super cute cards for $1.  I recently discovered this myself.  

I don’t want to forget those for whom this is a hard day:

If you are missing someone in your life, it might be nice to do a tribute to them by cooking or eating a favorite food of theirs, taking flowers or that favorite food or item to the cemetary (Think Day of the Dead in the Hispanic tradition), watching an old video of them, or sitting around and telling stories about that person.  This can be a really hard day for some.  I try to text my friends (I’m not always good about this) that are missing their Dads just to say I’m thinking about them.  I always hope it doesn’t make them sadder, but I’ve decided ultimately that it is a nice gesture.  I’m going to go put this on my calendar now so I don’t forget.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. So funny Amy, I was just thinking yesterday about Father’s Day gifts and how I need to start planning. The men in your life sound so easy to shop for I am jealous! The men I buy for are a little trickier – especially keeping a budget in mind. Your suggestions are awesome – and I always head to the Dollar Store for my cards. The last time I picked up a greeting card at Target it was $4.99! That is CRAZY!!!!
    How awesome that your dad still runs!


    1. Yes I am lucky! I love The Dollar Tree! I know – the Target cards are cute but it hurts to pay that much! I was shocked and touched that one of my sons was online ordering something for his Dad on his own! My Dad just had a pacemaker put in this March and was back to running a month later. I wish I had his discipline.
      Now I have to heed my own advice and get shopping. Hope you have a great day!


  2. I love all of these ideas! You’re quite the gift giver! I’ll have to remember these ideas for Christmas too. My dad and grandpa always get k-cups as they enjoy trying new flavors. I like the groupon idea- I often forget about buying gifts through them. My mom did purchase an escape room activity for our family and it was pretty fun!

    And I do shop the Dollar Store for my cards!!!! Great money saver 🙂


    1. Escape room would be fun! Great idea! I really love giving gifts and wish I had an unlimited budget!
      Are you off for the summer? Hope so!


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