Monday, May 21, 2018

Hello to you, too!  I’m linking up with My Glittery Heart, Lindsay’s Sweet World, and The Sirois Family for Hello Monday!  I’m also linking up with The Blended Blog to talk about long weekend plans.  This is an interesting Monday for me because we don’t have school tomorrow due to primary election day.  Then, we will continue our week at school Wednesday-Friday.  It will be a little weird.  

This weekend I said yes to last minute plans again!  These ladies with me below are college friends and we all live in the same city now.  We had dinner at a restaurant on the river that also has music.  I stayed out until 10 p.m. if you can believe that.


I ordered a chile mandarin mule and it was spicy.  It had ginger beer, mandarin vodka, and jalapeño juice and seeds.  It was intense!

I was still able to get up at 5 a.m. for The Royal Wedding!  It was beautiful and I watched while drinking coffeee, tea, eating breakfast, and folding clothes until about 8:30.img_2169.jpg

At 9 a.m., I went to the nautical yard sale I talked about on Friday.  They had this cute boutique in an RV that sold swimsuits, coverups, sunglasses, etc.  I didn’t buy anything but I had a nice time.  I did drink a mimosa, too.img_2175.jpg

This is a view of where the sale was held.  I love seeing all the boats.

I came home, did a few more chores, visited with hub and boys and then took 3 bags of stuff to Clothes Mentor.  If you don’t have a Clothes Mentor where you live, it is a consignment store chain where they pay you cash or store credit on the spot.  I did another clean out and decided I would rather have a small summer closet of things I love than a bigger closet with just so-so items.  I got $35 for the clothes I sold and came home with a Lucky brand navy tee with cute details and buttons ($12), a JCPenney brand bright coral blouse ($8) and silver flip flops ($8).  A navy shirt had been on my list and I thought I would get good use out of the other two items.  They do give you 7 days to return items which I think is pretty rare at consignment stores.  I may return the shoes if I decide I won’t wear them enough to justify keeping them.  


My hub put gas in the boat and did some cleaning and I met him where we keep our boat.  The weather was looking iffy and it had rained off and on.  My teen boys had friends coming over for another video project so we had to be home by 5, but I talked hub into a drink with a view.  

I did get to read a bit and then I made dinner for the boys.  

I snuck this picture out my kitchen window because it looked like they were having fun while dining alfresco.  I love for them to have friends over and I love to cook for them.  They spent 2 hours outside filming before they ate!  We want to replace our patio furniture this year.  It is looking rough.

Sunday morning I drank coffee on the patio.

I meal prepped for the week and then I walked in my neighborhood.  

Then, I met my husband at the boat and we took our first little ride of 2018.  img_2188.jpg

After the boat ride, we went to see Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party.  It was cute but I wouldn’t say it was one of her best.  


Our teens had lots of homework and projects because it’s that time of year with only one more week of school before final exams.  We ended the weekend eating dinner together as a family and watching a show.  I loved spending so much time by the river this weekend.  I love to be near water.  The ocean would be better, but hey, I will take what I can get.  

I did make 3 of JoJo’s recipes from The Magnolia Table cookbook.  I made her seasoned saltine crackers, her queso, and her bowtie pasta with sundried tomatoes and artichokes.  All 3 were winners!  

Long Weekend Plans:  We hope the weather cooperates so we can spend one full day of boating on the river.  This will probably be Sunday and we might do Monday, too.  We usually invite another family and take food and tool around and then choose a spot to anchor and eat.  

There is also a free concert at a beautiful outdoor amphitheater with food trucks.  We try to go to as many of these as possible in the summer.

I would like to take the boys to a military cemetary to pay our respects.  And, as the week progresses, I will see what else is happening around our town.  I’m sure we will probably grill out at some point, too.  Have you tried any of my favorite McCormick’s marinades yet? They are in the aisle with the chili mix and I love the mojito lime flavor but there is also a bourbon and brown sugar flavor.  You mix with evoo, vinegar, and water.  My sister told me about them.  

It’s hard to believe that the unofficial start of summer is finally here.  I haven’t decided if we will join the pool this year.  We didn’t join it last year because we weren’t using it enough, but it still makes me sad to not be a member.  I have such good memories of taking my boys there several days a week until they were 12.  

What are your plans for the 3 day weekend?  

See you back here tomorrow when I will talk about grocery pick up!


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. Hi, Amy! First time visitor. That little “boatique” looks amazing! I love little novelty style ideas such as that one. Way to go on your consignment finds. All we have as far as chain consignment go is Uptown Cheapskate which is geared towards teens and Once Upon A Child which is strictly baby to teen. Is that your yacht in the photo you posted having a bevvy? We toy with the idea of a boat every year but every year we end up saying, nahhhh we’re good. LOL One day! I’m glad you had a great weekend and I wish you an amazing week too!


    1. Thanks for visiting me! Sorry you don’t have a better consignment option. Have you tried thredup online? I couldn’t buy anything from the boatique – too expensive! No, that wasn’t my boat. My boat is much, much smaller. A boat is definitely a luxury. We had wanted one for 15 years when we finally found a good used option and went for it. It has given us lots of fun for 4 years! You have a great week, too! I will check out your blog!


  2. We went to see Life of the Party as well and I agree with you. The mojito lime marinade was amazing – grilled a steak after marinading it overnight and it was delicious. Have a great week!


    1. Hi Pamela! I actually fell asleep a couple of times – oops! I will have to try steak – didn’t even think of that! I am the best at grilling chicken and really need to work on my steak skills. Pioneer woman uses lemon pepper salt and butter on beef tenderloin and I have yet to try that.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Gosh that was quite a week-end! The river backdrop to your friends photo looks really beautiful – what a location for drinks. You certainly kicked off the night with some spice! You are very lucky having a boat – we just hire here and loved going out on Coniston water – I can see how addictive that lifestyle could be. Joanne x


  4. Wasn’t it sweet watching the Royal Wedding?? Megan was gorgeous! Ohhh… I am bummed to hear Life of the Party was just okay. I have had high hopes for it.


    1. The wedding was so good! I couldn’t believe how “normal” and American the service was. I don’t want to discourage you from seeing the movie because there were funny parts but some fell flat.
      Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. I love that book The Weekenders! She is such a wonderful author. We plan to work on the yard this long weekend. We had a tough winter and between the cold, the deer, and the awful caterpillars we had infesting our trees last year we have many bushes and plants that are just not growing back at all and need replacing. I don’t actually enjoy gardening but it must be done and the long weekend ensures I’ll have my hubby’s help.


    1. I wish I enjoyed gardening! I love the look of plants and I am taking more risks with buying and keeping houseplants alive inside the house. I may read High Tide Club next but let me know if you have any recs!
      Thanks for reading my blog!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I did not watch the Royal Wedding! I was too busy prepping for a graduation party at our house. We bought a fishing boat in December and have been enjoying going for rides on the river and the ICWW. Thanks for linking up at the Blended Blog!


    1. Hi Sheila! What you did is way more important! Congratulations on your graduate! It sounds like you are enjoying your new boat!
      Happy Monday!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Amy,I think we are soul sisters! Reading this made me wish I was there because I would have enjoyed every second of it! You live my kinda life my friend. We have Style Encore here which seems like the same concept. I am always bringing bags of stuff to them, it’s such a nice way to get rid of clothes and make a little cash! After reading this I feel like I need to buy that cookbook of Joanna Gaines, seriously is there anything that woman can’t do? She’s amazing!


    1. Haha! Yes! I see my closet as I see myself – constantly evolving!
      It’s a really good cookbook if you aren’t afraid of butter and real ingredients. It’s similar to Pioneer Woman. She does have lots of vegetable recipes, too. Maybe I just like the ones with butter the most? Thanks for reading! It’s so fun to get some comments!


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