Monday, May 7, 2018

I’m linking up with The Blended Blog to answer these questions just for fun!  I’m also linking up with Hello Monday with My Glittery Heart and The Sirois Family!


1. Comedy! I love to laugh!

2. Fiction – I do like historical fiction but reading is my escape.

3. Both! I love going to the theater but home is easier.

4. Play. Breaking into song is just cheesy most of the time.

5. Dinner!

6. I don’t think I can pick a favorite book.

7. I would love a game night. It’s hard right now because our friends are still running kids around most nights but maybe in a couple of years.

8. Two truths and a lie around a campfire. Say three things about yourself and one is a lie. People have to decide which is the lie.

9. The Office, Seinfeld, Friends

10. Sitcoms today

11. Both equal

12. Twizzlers!

13. With butter

14. 3D movies make me feel a bit dizzy. I can do them but it’s not my favorite.

15. I think I like British chick lit with some history thrown in!

Weekend Recap

I had a 3 day weekend!  Friday morning I sipped my coffee and read your blogs after reading my daily Everyday Holy by Melanie Shankle, of course.  I then went to the bank, the DMV, the grocery, did a return at Loft, took boys for a haircut, and I think that’s all.  Shew!  I’m tired.  I guess work would’ve been more relaxing!  Just kidding! After lunch, I did my consignment stores without bringing anything home.  I’m getting better!  Around 3 my hub called and said he was taking off early and wanted to take the boys to Avengers Infinity War.  I opted out and instead read on the patio and prepared a light dinner of nachos and chili lime corn.  I usually do go to the movies my boys like. I have been pleasantly surprised by many like Ready Player One and Isle of Dog.  As a boy mom, I think you adapt.  I grew up in a house of all girls and wasn’t versed in anything “boy”!

Nachos just out of the oven before adding the beans, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. Yum!
Saturday morning reading on the patio with a candle. It was lightly raining.

I woke up Saturday morning to light rain.  I love rain when I can stay home. I took my book outside with my coffee and lit a candle because it was still a little bit dark.

I spend a lot of time out here.  I like to be outside as much as I can and this is my green view this time of year.  

After relaxing a bit, I started making preparations for a Derby party we were going to.  They provided a full bar and you could bring a dish to the communal table but most also have their own spread on a table.  I made Benedictine sandwiches (a cream cheese with cucumber and onion and a tiny drop of green food color) and Lindsay’s recipe from Bourbon Lipstick and Stilletos blog for Bourbon Brownies with Bourbon frosting.  Both turned out great! 

Bourbon brownie and our table
My Cinco de Mayo fascinator. I asked my friends if I looked crazy or whimsical and because they are my friends they said whimsical.
The giant tent
The bar suggested a Georgia peach with peach schapps, orange juice, vodka, and cranberry juice. It was good.
One of my bffs

The party was a lot of fun but no one expected the weather that we got.  It literally rained all day long.  I was so happy that I wore my tall black rain boots.  There were women in white jeans and wedges.  I was dry and comfortable.  They had big screen tvs in several places and you could place bets in a betting window that was really a horse stall in the barn on the property!  I won $10 on one of the races.  We stayed at the party from about 1 until 7.  I was exhausted and ready to see my boys when we got home.  We picked up some fried chicken, potato wedges, and green beans for them.  Hub found a movie “The Shallows” and it sucked me in.  

The mud!

Sunday I cleaned up the house, did laundry, and did Costco run.  It was beautiful out so I wanted to get outside.  I took Ernie to the river to swim and to greet his Daddy when he finished paddleboarding.

My boy loves the water!
See that little head in the water trying to catch up with Daddy?

Meal Plan for this week:

I’m going to wing it!  Kids, this is the result of having too much fun over the weekend.  I’m sure I have enough stuff to throw together for dinner each night – I just didn’t plan it out and write it down this week.

This is going to be a busy five day week.  I’m excited to get it started and over because I’m stressed about a big event Tuesday.  

Hope your week is great!


5 thoughts on “TBB Asks along with Weekend Recap

  1. Right with you on the musicals – I get squirmy and embarrassed when they start singing! So nice to see you have a dog – he looks awesome, and Ernie is a great name! That party looks awesome too! Looks like you had a fab week-end! I’d like to know more about the Everyday Holy book, a lot of people are mentioning it! J x


    1. I did enjoy The Greatest Showman! Have you seen it? Everyone was talking about it and it was just a feel good movie. The Everyday Holy is something you read an entry out of each day with a Bible verse. Melanie has a great style of writing and you feel like you’re talking to a friend.
      What is your dog’s name? We love chocolate Labradors and our first boy was named Archie.
      Hope you had a great day!


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