What to Buy for your Mother’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cards from The Dollar Tree – where else?

I hope I’m not too late to help a girl out with Mother, Grandmother, or Mother-in-Law gifts for the big day on Sunday!  If you will see this person in the flesh, I think you’re good.  If you must send it, we may be on shaky ground, unless you go the card and gift card route.

First of all, let me talk about my love for The Dollar Tree.  You may have a dollar store that goes by another name but you know what I’m talking about –  the stores where everything is a dollar.  Except….the greeting cards are two for a dollar!  50 cents!  Have you SEEN the price of a card at a regular card store or grocery store these days?

I get almost all of my cards at The Dollar Tree – especially when I’m my most organized self.   I stock up on cute and funny birthday cards, get well cards, and sympathy cards.  I can’t bear to spend $4-5 on a card and I would rather put that toward the gift.  

I recently bought my Mother’s Day cards for my mom and my MIL.  I am sending gift cards this year because they both enjoy getting them.  My mom likes getting TJ Maxx gift cards because that is her favorite store.  My MIL is super easy to please and will love Amazon because she does most of her shopping online.  

Here are other ideas that might work for you:

-a plant, flats of plants, even better if it includes a “coupon” to plant said plants.

-a “coupon” for another service around the house that she can’t do well anymore.

-a massage or a pedicure.  We also have a salt cave in my city that would be interesting to experience alone or with you.

-a Groupon experience.  I love Groupon!  Check it out and see if there is something up her alley.

-brunch out in a restaurant.

-lunch out in her favorite restaurant.

-a movie date (I can see this being really fun for a grown son and mother).

-a day trip to IKEA or a museum that she might like.

-Shari’s berries or an Edible Arrangement sent to her for something different than flowers.

What are your go to Mother’s Day gift ideas?  If you’re a mom or a dog mom, what do you personally like to receive?  I like to ask for something that I won’t buy myself.  This year, I’m asking for one of the following:  The Magnolia Table cookbook by Joanna Gaines, the white Nike Apple Watch band, or black patent leather Birkenstocks.  I think my husband prefers me to be specific so I will be this year!  

Now, many years my hub and I say no gifts for Mother’s or Father’s Day, but we will buy patio furniture or a new something that we need.  Are you happy with that?  I have a hard time with that because I’m a sucker for holidays (even Hallmark ones) and love to buy gifts and make things special for my loved ones.

I also want to remember those who don’t have their mothers with them anymore.  This can be a day of sadness.  I would suggest planning something fun for your immediate family or spending time with a surrogate person in your life that means a lot to you.  Maybe if you and a friend both have lost your moms, you could plan something together?

Hope this helps!


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