Friday Favorites

Friday, September 23, 2022

Oh man, what a week! See, I said it again! It’s time, though, for everyone’s favorite day of the week and favorite link up – Friday Favorites here with many other ladies.

First of all, it was great to feel much better this week, so that was a definite favorite. Did you read my Nurse Amy post? Check out the great suggestions in the comments, too. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Starbuck’s Medicine Ball tea or the copycat version at home. Read Carolina Charm’s recipe here.

Another favorite was this ice cream that I have been meaning to look for at Target and finally did on Sunday. It is good! I won’t eat anything that tastes disgusting and this did not have a weird aftertaste or an artificial vibe at all. The whole thing is 370 calories and I was able to restrain myself and eat it in two settings, so not too bad for a much needed weeknight treat.

My car read 100 degrees after school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Adiós, summer! I will miss you, but not these temps. Honestly, this summer was not that hot here. I was just thinking about this the other day.

Wednesday was Spanish Club day! It was our first meeting of the year and we had a generous food donation from a local business, Ramiro’s Cantina. I have the daughter of the owner in my class and he offered; I was shocked by just how much he brought. We had chips, queso, salsa, quesadillas, and Jarritos Mexican soft drinks.

The kids’ eyes lit up when they saw the spread. It always warms my heart to see kids that love Spanish so much that they will stay after school to talk about it some more. I even had three senior girls that get to leave school early for co-op come back just for club.

I missed getting outside due the heat this week, but one night I waited until 7:30 and read a bit of my current book…

I am sucked in! Anyone read this?

The sky was lovely, too!

This is really good and fall like. I have had it for awhile and just got it out again now that fall is here!

I made it to the gym 2 times at 5:00 a.m. and walked the track with Erica one day after school. I still haven’t been 100% after being sick, so I will take that as an improvement.

I may not post as much next week and I may take a break from outfit photos because I have a little fall break. I wore this after I posted Fashion Files…

And, I wore this. This is my new TJ Maxx find from the weekend with old J.Jill crops and my cow loafers.


I had lots of after school stuff this week that were all school related. I had no fun happy hours!

One day was a professional development, but it was a good one!

Our hall bath is coming along…

And, yesterday the weather was gorgeous! Ernie and I walked between the tennis center and my school’s baseball field…

Ernie found a baseball!

After our walk, I had my own happy hour…

I made a new drink recently. One shot bourbon, a bit of Simply Peach, a bit of Crystal Light lemonade powder, a bit of lemon juice, ice, and Diet Canada Dry. Yum!

I think it was Jennifer who talked about “redneck caviar”? Well, Tom is hooked. Take a Ritz cracker, spread pimento cheese on top, and add a bit of bacon jam.

Ernie and I read some of The Paris Apartment last night, too.

I think this week I only went to work, the gym, and Kroger! Exciting, right?

What were your favorites this week?

Happy Fall!


Fashion Files

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Happy First Day of Fall! And, the highs today are in the 70s for us after a few days of 90 degrees. You will see all the basic girls in boots with their PSLs! I try not to rush the season, but we are ready, aren’t we?

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files…

Hush Puppies update…I am going to be featuring both of my Hush Puppies in today’s post. They are good! If you have ordered some, let me know what you think. If you are interested in trying some, I do have a link if you wouldn’t mind using it…click here. I would get $20 off of a $100 purchase. I really may order another pair. If you are a teacher, they have a very generous teacher discount. They shipped quickly, they were boxed and packaged so nicely, and the quality is great. You all, I really think these may be better than Rothy’s, Tieks, Tory Burch, and other highly touted flats in terms of comfort.

First up, here is a weekend outfit. I am trying to show more weekend outfits and I am trying to style my button downs in different ways,too! Cut offs, a white tank, white button down over, and my Hush Puppies cow print driving mocs.

For school one day, I wore a basic black pencil skirt, my Target Rolling Stones t-shirt (but I really did see them in concert in 1994 so I can wear this), my white button down, and my second pair of Shu Shop sneakers, thanks for Johnna. Hi Johnna! So, I have pink stars with a glitter back that I bought this summer. I have worn them a ton. Johnna, my blog reader and friend, found this very neutral version for fall and I am in love.

I wore my high waisted jeans, Birks, new Target top, cardigan to school on Friday. Did you read my jeans post yesterday?

This week I wore my Matilda Jane pants, Anthro blouse (gift from Beth), and my bow mules that have to go. These suckers will not stay on my feet. Luckily, I brought a change of footwear.

And, I wore jeans on a Monday because it was raining. I paired them with my Loft black blouse, a magenta sweater that quickly came off, and my Hush Puppies flats. They are so stinking cute! The back rubbed a bit, but I think only because I had blisters from wearing sneakers without socks.

And, I ordered and received new Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut in petite length from Nordstrom. These jeans are good! They have the absolution technology that helps suck in your tum. I also showed these in my jeans post yesterday. I have not actually worn these out yet, but I was trying them on to see if they fit.

So, I still have not repeated a school outfit and we are now at the 6 week mark! I think that says I have plenty of clothing! I also feel pretty set for fall. What about you? Do you have holes in your closet? I do like to buy a few things at the beginning of each season and then wait a bit and see what I feel that I am missing as that season moves on and the prices of the clothing drop. I am definitely a better shopper than I have been in the past. I am more thoughtful about what I need and I take my time.

My least favorite outfit is the jeans with Birks outfit. My favorite outfit is the first one – the weekend outfit. I love shorts with long sleeves! I always have loved that combo.

Thanks for reading,


What are we gonna do about jeans?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I know that many people on a healthy journey say looking good in a swimsuit is a huge motivator, but is there any better feeling than a pair of jeans that fit just right and give you confidence?

I have been a bit worried about jeans. First of all, I keep hearing that skinny jeans are out. Wide legs are in, mom jeans are in, high waisted are in, straight legs are in, and on and on. Um, yeah, none of that is going to work best for my body type.

I felt much better when I received my issue of Real Simple

and I read the article “Can I Still Wear my Skinnies?”…

Basically, they are saying to still wear what you love and what works for you. The fashion industry wants us to shop each and every season so they have to come up with new trends and send us the message that the old is no longer good enough.

Also, how are you gonna tuck your jeans into your boots if you don’t have a skinny pair?

One thing I have done to make my jeans from last season feel more on trend or more modern is to cut and fray the bottom hem. I have one pair of medium blue, one pair of darker blue that look dressier and that I didn’t cut, one light pair, and one slightly high waisted pair.

I did make a new purchase this season, influence by Sheaffer. I bought the Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Boot Cut jeans from Nordstrom in the petite length. I am 5’4 so this was a great option for me. Also, I would call this a slight flare, rather than a bootcut. This shape can be flattering on my body type because the jeans fit close the leg and then flare out, rather than just being a wide leg.

On my bod:

I am not sure if I would be comfortable tucking in, but they give you legs for dayz.

My medium wash denim with cut and frayed hems:

My light wash, also with cut and frayed hems:

My slightly high waisted jeans:

Looking at these now, I think they might be too long, but it could just be the Birkenstocks.

My darker denim that I didn’t cut:

All of the jeans you see above are Target Universal Thread. I prefer the mid-rise, but I did go up a size to try the high waisted ones last season (beware that you may have to do that if you have a tummy like moi) and I surprised myself by actually really liking them. I highly recommend you order online and get a couple different sizes of several styles. It took me awhile to figure out what I needed.

Now, my jeans are all a bit snug, so I am using this as my motivation to get back to where I was. I let myself have a bit too much freedom this summer.

And, footwear makes a huge difference. Sneakers and Birks do nothing for elongating the leg. A bit of a heeled bootie or a heeled clog are so much more flattering.

Have I made you feel any better about your skinny jeans?

If you are going to other cuts, that is fine, too! You do you! But, there are many of us that don’t feel like the 2022 jean trends are going to work for us.

So, sound off in the comments! Favorite brand? Favorite cut? Are you trying any new trends this season?


Nurse Amy

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

No, I am not really a nurse, but after being under the weather last week, I felt it might be good to share some thoughts. I started with the tiniest touch of a sore throat that never amounted to anything, that led to sinus headache and congestion, and a tiny bit of a cough. I think it was all due to the ragweed pollen that was very high last week. I get sick every year mid-September! I try to prevent this by showering and washing my hair after being outside. You don’t want to sleep with pollen in your hair and you breathing it in all night long. Well, it usually catches up with me at some point.

I am a big fan of homeopathic remedies. I even avoid taking over the counter stuff unless I really need it. When I take ibuprofen, I take just one.

At the start of a sore throat, I put about a teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water and gargle. This has helped in the past to clear it up and stave off a full blown sore throat for me.

Tom and I are obsessed – and I don’t use that word lightly – with the neti pot. We have been using it for probably 15 years. We each have our own and we run it through the dishwasher to sanitize it well. We only use distilled water in ours because we don’t want to catch a brain amoeba. I’ve heard those are bad. Our kids can be talked into doing it sometimes when they are congested, but they think we are over the top about the neti.

I swear that I think this little contraption cuts my congestion in half. If I would have been congested for 4 days, I am only congested for 2 days. We do it in the shower because it is less messy that way. You put a saline packet in the pot and then pour in warmed up distilled water. You pour the teapot into one nostril and then the other back and forth until your pot is empty. Sorry I said “we” so much. We definitely do not neti together; this is a solitary endeavor when one of us is sick.

I also like to drink tea when I am sick.

This soup makes me feel better. We used to call this Clifford the Big Red Dog soup when our kids were little because the box had his picture on it. They loved it.

I tried Lindsay’s Hot Toddy and I will do that again! It soothed my throat, chest, and helped me sleep like a drunk baby.

I am low key obsessed with Vick’s Vapo Rub. I put a dab under each nostril during the day and when I go to bed. I sometimes use it when I’m not sick. I also did this while wearing a mask to help me breathe. Don’t judge!

If I have a sinus headache, I put ice packs on my cheeks or forehead. I also have a little lavender pillow that you put in the microwave and I can put that on my head.

I am so thankful that I only felt poorly for 5 days or so!

What about you? What are your go-tos when you are sick?


Hello Monday

Monday, September 19, 2022

Today’s Hello Monday is going to be mostly pics and not many words because I did a bit too much activity this weekend and am writing this right before bedtime!

Friday after school I had Erica and Elizabeth over for happy hour on my patio and did a bit of tidying Thursday night…

I made Crescent roll wrapped brie with my raspberry jam on top of the brie. It turned out great!

Friday night I took Jack to dinner and it was really nice! He has a Saturday morning class so he pretty much has to stay there on Friday night, but I could tell he was missing his mom. We went to Carali’s which is a Peruvian chicken place…

I got a bowl…

We shared yucca fries…

Jack got a wrap with plantains…

I took a bath and read when I got home Friday night and was in bed by 9:00. I was still feeling a bit under the weather.

But, before I went to bed, I tried Lindsay’s hot toddy – wow! It really helped, I think!

Saturday we celebrated my mom’s birthday! My sister and my mom came to town and we did some shopping and eating.

This is a non-alcoholic drink – a frozen mint pomegranate lemonade…

My sister declared it the best drink she has ever had!

hummus and a few other mediterranean snacks…

Kate found the fanny pack of her dreams!

And, for dinner we ate at an Italian restaurant that has amazing ambiance…

My finds of the day were these to go coffee cups…

some more skinny syrup…

and this denim popover…

I finished this book and it was really good and with more depth than expected!

Trying to get back into this, but the mom is just so horrible and I don’t know if I can handle the writing style…

I did a little meal prep – I had the small low carb tortillas so I made breakfast tacos and two breakfast burritos…

My breakfast was a farmer’s market skillet I guess you could say…

Then, Tom, Ernie, and I went boating for our Sunday Funday…

And, I needed one more weekend day! Isn’t that always the case?

This is my last 5 day week for awhile! The week after this we have a fall break and have Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday off. It seems super early, but we did start school on August 10th this year.

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! We had high 80 temps and will get to the 90s a couple of days this week before we have highs in the 70s! You know you’re old when you talk about the temperature all the time, right?


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 16, 2022

What a week! Are you tired of me saying “What a week”? I probably will be saying this until May.

It’s time to link up with the ladies for Friday Favorites here.

Here are a few faves from my camera roll…

Monday was our first “mask optional” day! Two other teachers and I compared our matching maskne (mask acne) from the weeks of wearing the mask. It was so nice to have a naked face.

I saw so many smiles in the hallways and in my classes. Awwww!

I found a new fave/second fave Glade plug in. I also love Cashmere Woods.

I am still using and loving this. I bought mine at Costco.

I ran out of instant cold brew coffee so I have been pouring my cold coffee dredges with skinny pumpkin latte creamer into a cup to make my cold brew protein to take to school. It becomes a pumpkin-ish (not too strong) caramel flavor and it’s good. I hated to waste this little bit of coffee, so this new plan is making me happy.

These two teas are really nice. I want to drink more tea. I had a hot cinnamon sunset Tuesday during my planning period at the end of the day.

I talk about Kroger all of the time around here. I thought I would show this bag they gave me with all of the related stores – I think?

Maybe that means they have similar deal or products if you don’t have a Kroger but have one of these near you?

The weather has had a touch of fall and it has been divine!

Look at that sky!

I am still getting outside in the afternoons before I cook dinner and/or after dinner to read and it’s still really helping my mental health. I think the hardest part of back to school is being trapped inside a building all day. I am almost finished with this and it has been a joy. I have really enjoyed it!

Kroger has been giving me a bag of free samples lately! I do my pick up and I get home and am suprised to see a resuable Kroger bag with maybe 8 different product samples. These are 100 calories and really good! I wouldn’t have tried them if I hadn’t gotten a sample!

The drive to the gym is spooky. No one is out!

I cannot say enough about how I think these have helped me!

It looks like Ernie was helping me clean my closet, but he thinks when I go in my closet that I am putting my shoes on to walk him. I did it!

I bought a new OPI in a light grey and already messed it up a bit.

My niece turned 23 and we went to a new charcuterie place one day after school.

I love to support local businesses, but this was $23 and did not include crackers.

My drink was pretty looking, but just tasted ok. It reminded me of an Instagram filter.

Morgan got a frozen drink and said it was good.

I made Tom and I breakfast for dinner one night!

I made burrito bowls one night!

This is what my breakfast looked like this week…

And that’s about it for the week! What were your faves?

Happy Friday!


Fashion Files

Thursday, September 15, 2022

It is Thursday and time to link up with Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

Let’s see what we’ve been wearing…Saturday we had 80 degree temps, and then from Sunday on it has felt like there is a touch of fall in the air. It has been perfect at around 70 degrees. But, the ragweed pollen is high. Ask me how I know!

I am really bad about taking weekend outfit photos, but I will try to work on that. If I go somewhere during the day on the weekend, chances are that I am in cut offs.

I wore gold Birks, cut offs, and a relatively new boutique blouse that I snagged on sale for $10 this summer to go to the flea market. I think this blouse is the perfect early fall transitional piece.

Saturday for dinner I wore a Target impulse buy blouse, light jeans, and clog sandals. My photographer didn’t do a great job capturing the entire outfit – ahem. I was in Target getting a few things and I wanted a transitional blouse to wear out that night and I picked this up. It is a little bit shorter than what I am used to, but I think and hope it worked out for me. No stomach was showing. Have you noticed how all the shirts are shorter for the high waisted jeans?

Another Target recent purchase, but it wasn’t impulsive. I gasped when I saw this style and print online. It comes in another colorway, too. I started the day with a cardigan over it. This is my type of dress and it is the Knox Rose brand, which I like sometimes. It has pockets!

This is my outfit when I don’t know what to wear. Everyone needs one of those. I didn’t feel great (ragweed) so it was perfect. These are my trusty Chico’s pants (bought for $10 at a consignment shop), a sleeveless Loft blouse that is really old, and a kimono from TJ Maxx that is really old. My clogs make me feel a bit like a garden gnome, in a good way. Several students told me I looked good? So, there was basically no effort in this outfit.

What have you been wearing lately?


Early Fall Bucket List

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Come on, you all! Let’s make a bucket list for each season. It has really helped me to be more intentional. You will notice that it doesn’t have to be big stuff at all. And, now that I am an empty nester, it’s all about ME – lol!

-rent scooters to ride with Erica and Elizabeth (this is a carry over from summer)

-decorate for fall – mainly the living room and the patio. I love having a seasonal patio.

-go to a professional men’s soccer game with Tom and friends

-sit outside for Hawaiian pizza and live music at a place we didn’t get to go to this summer

-go to the last Paristown Flea Market

-make and eat all things apple

-make and eat all things pumpkin

-use Solo Stove – I also want the cute little tabletop Solo Stove and might ask Tom for that for my birthday.

-make Fireball apple sangria – OMG! I will post recipe again soon.

-go hiking with Tom and Ernie

-walk to eat at a restaurant with Tom – we have lots of places within walking distance and we just don’t ever do this.

-do fall boating/leaf peeping on the boat maybe with the apple sangria?

-boat excursion with Beth and Bob to look for the homestead of a local author on the banks of the Ohio Riber

-boat to my hometown for art festival – weather dependent

-go to football homecoming game at my school

-go to an Oktoberfest

Tom is very excited for another Oktoberfest!

-make chili

-have people over for a German meal or chili – Our fave German restaurant closed! I had the idea to try to cook Tom’s dish he always ordered.

What is on your early fall bucket list?


Teacher Tuesday

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Happy birthday to my mom, who is also a retired teacher! She taught Art, English, Creative Writing, and did yearbook for many years.

Me in my classroom at the start of this year…

This was a requested topic, but it may be really boring for some! No offense if you want to click away!

I think it started in 3rd grade for me, but it could have been earlier. I came home and taught my dolls and stuffed animals everything I learned in school each day. We had a playroom with a giant chalkboard, too. I probably also taught my two younger sisters when they weren’t annoying me. I played piano teacher, too. My friends and I played school. I am still mad that my neighbor Susan who was one year older always had to be the teacher when she and I played school at her house. Susan was good to me, though. She gave me rides in high school before I could drive and I loved her car and wanted to be like her. She had a Nissan Pulsar. I forgive you, Susan.

For many years I abandoned the idea of being a teacher because I wanted to be a newspaper reporter and was big on the newspaper staff from 7th-12th grade. I even won an internship at the big city newspaper for a week one summer. When I started college, I wrote for the college newspaper and took photos and got paid! But, I had decided that my love for Spanish ran too deep and I was a Spanish major, Political Science minor and planned to go to law school. I am not sure where this came from. I probably thought it sounded good and I planned to use my Spanish.

I was really hung up on the lack of respect for teachers and the low pay and that is why I looked at other careers. Not much has changed, right?

Sophomore year of college came and I decided I should just try an education class while I was there and had the time. We had to spend a certain number of hours observing in a high school classroom each semester that we had an education class. I was hooked and decided to stop running from my first love of teaching. I do truly believe it is a calling.

My sisters are also teachers – one is an elementary teacher and has bounced back and forth from first and second grade and the other is an elementary art teacher. My cousin April is an elementary teacher. My aunt and uncle were both teachers. My sister’s husband is a middle school teacher. My cousin is a university professor at Ohio State. It runs on my mom’s side of the family!

So, I have taught at 3 different high schools in 28 years. I started at one for four years, then moved to another for two years, and now I am on year twenty-two at my current school. I qualified for retirement last October. I had to lose a few days due to maternity leave which puts me at retiring on October 1st. We have a couple of teachers in the same boat this year that are working in the office or subbing until their date comes up.

So, this is one thing on my mind. Will I know when it’s time to get out? Will they roll me out of my classroom? I want to go out on top like Michael Jordan. I don’t know anything about sports. Did he go out on top?

Some of the following are subject specific things. I have only ever taught Spanish, but I have taught every level from Intro to Spanish (it was a thing at one school) to AP Spanish (Spanish 5). I have taught 6 period days that last all year, 7 period days that last all year, and block schedule that only lasted one semester but were 84 minute periods. I have only taught grades 9-12.

First day of mask optional yesterday!

Biggest Problems – Lack of sleep and tech addiction. I said it. Our school schedule is not really tailored to the teen. Teens need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. They are not getting this. We start at 7:40. When kids have after school activities, work, and homework, it’s just not possible to get to bed by 10. School needs to start earlier for the younger learner and later for the older learner. What are you working for? Your job is student and your scholarship money will pay off way more than your $12 an hour before taxes. I don’t think teens need all the things they think they need. Parents think that holding a job is a good experience for their kids and it is, but should be very limited during the school year. We also have a mental health crisis. And the phone also can keep kids from getting the sleep they need. Wait as long as you can to get your kids a smart phone and then it is not theirs – it is yours as the parent that you are letting them use. It should be charged outside the bedroom at night. Use an old fashioned alarm clock to wake them up. Social media is not good and should come with parameters.

Sweet kids…

Teaching Philosophy – Learning should be fun. Spanish is fun! How cool is it that we can learn another language. Language is best learned in community. I try to have fun with it while also having a rigorous course with high expectations.

Rules – Basically I just ask that they don’t act like a jerk. Be respectful when someone is talking or presenting, clean up after yourself, respect the classroom property, etc. I let them go to the bathroom one at a time if I’m not directly teaching or if someone isn’t presenting. I don’t want them to ask me – just grab the big yellow hall pass and do it.

Routines – We do certain things on certain days and I have gotten good feedback on this. I think kids like knowing what to expect. They have certain days they look forward to. Every Monday we get new vocabulary and every Friday we have a quick quiz. Every Thursday we play a game for the last 10 minutes to help with the quiz. Every Friday we learn a cultural note from a Spanish speaking country – example, there is a whistling language on one island in the Canary Islands. Every Wednesday we do music. I do about 4-5 activities each class period. I have honed these routines over time. It didn’t happen overnight. I firmly believe that teaching is an art form; you have to find your style and be your authentic self.

Classroom Culture – I like to think we form a weird kind of family by the end of the year. You really get to know each other in a language class by nature of all that we are able to say and share in the target language. We have topics like family, friends, career goals that we talk about. It’s really cool. I also try to create an environment of feeling like it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you are trying. If you play it safe and keep using easy expressions, you won’t improve.

Cellphones – This is a tough one. My policy is that cellphones (and Air Pods) are not to be seen nor heard, unless I invite you to get them out for an activity. I expect them to be put away in a backpack (allowed in the classroom and very few use lockers anymore), in a purse, or in a pocket. I have to repeat this at the beginning of each class. Each teacher has a different policy, so I think that makes it kind of hard. I don’t want to take their phones and put them in a shoe holder. I just don’t want that responsibility. Our administration lets each teacher decide. Some teachers use phones for QR codes, Kahoot games, Google Classroom. Each kid also has a laptop. I very rarely have them take them out. I just don’t think it’s effective. I am old school. Especially after the pandemic, I have gone back to the tried and true paper and pencil for so many things. They spend hours on computers and devices after school; they only get ME and their classmates for 50 minutes. We had rampant cheating while we were virtual. Of course I use technology in my classroom, but I am the one controlling it/showing it to the class.

Other thoughts:

As I mentioned, I am a firm believer that we all have to find our teaching style and what works for us. My way is not necessarily better, but this is what works for me. I am goofy and don’t take myself too seriously.

I use jingles and songs and dances to teach things. I use silly hints and sayings to help them remember. I engage and interact with my classes from bell to bell for the most part. There is some independent time, but not much. We do pairs and small groups for certain things, but I am still directing and circulating. They need me. If learning a language by yourself worked, we would all be fluent, right?

If you have a differing opinion, that’s ok. I will listen and think about your point of view.

Teaching is a lot like parenting. You laugh, you cry, you are bone tired, and it’s the hardest darned thing you have ever done, but it’s also very rewarding.


Hello Monday

Monday, September 12, 2022

Well, it’s Monday again, I guess. Linking up today with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday…

I will truly never understand why short weeks feel longer! So, we had Tuesday through Friday, but we also had Open House Tuesday and I think that just kicked our tails for the whole week. I do have news for you all, though…it was announced Thursday afternoon that we could take off masks/go mask optional today. We had achieved “yellow” status instead of “being in the red”. Why not Friday instead of Monday? That is just how dumb this is, mkay? As an act of low key rebellion, I wore a yellow mask. That’s how I am.

So, Friday after school called for one of these…

and some of this heavenly nectar of the gods known as queso…

That evening, I finally stayed home on a Friday. Tom had a frozen pizza and some leftovers and I had some scrambled egg whites and a few other leftover odds and ends. I don’t know how to shop for two people after this summer and we found ourselves with lots of leftovers.

Saturday morning I met my friend Beth at the Paristown Flea market. We had some Paristown Punch.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

I went home and had lunch and then had to make a trip to my library. I love how they do the seasonal color displays…

Then, I had my first Target trip in a long time. This was one where I had a few things I needed, but I wandered aimlessly and it was divine.

Target is now sellling the cutest plants near the entrance. These would make a great hostess gift, no?

I was looking for this, recommended by Big Mama blog. If you have thought about buying Le Labo santal, this is a good dupe. Look at Walmart getting bougie selling the real deal? Yeah, no thanks on that price. This is located in the men’s shower gel section at Target. Love it already!

I read a bit and watched a bit of tv and basically avoided the house cleaning I needed to do. That evening we met our friends for a birthday dinner at Harry’s and watched the first half of the UK game there.

I had a very strong Old Fashioned…

The bread, the butter, the giant knife!

Their salad for the table is really good…

I split the Thai salmon with my friend…

And, the birthday boy chose the amazing chocolate cake…

It was a fun night and we were home by 8:30. I was wiped out after not sleeping great Friday night.

Sunday morning I got outside after sleeping in a bit and lit a fall candle and read…

Oh my…I could not put it down and finished it in two days. I think this is my favorite of hers.

I did my egg casserole and Amylu chicken sausages for my breakfasts this week…

It is just 6 eggs, a can of green chiles and a 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese baked at 350 for 40 minutes.

Love the sight of this…

I made our dinner for Monday night and what will also be a lunch for Erica and I…

I did the back of the Kroger cheese package but did whole wheat penne left a few things out… so I guess not really the back of the package!

Sunday afternoon was football on the patio. When you don’t have a patio flat screen yet, you bring the bedroom tv outside…

Ernie looks so awkward…

Me and my chair…

And, then it rained…

We stayed under the covered patio and it was so nice and relaxing!

So, I am not sure I can do a 5 day week, but here we go!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!