Hello Monday – Weekend without WIFI

Monday, November 16, 2020

I am actually happy for Monday to be here because I have a second modem on the way from a different internet provider! I am linking up with Heather and Tanya at http://www.my glittery heart.com.

Friday I worked at school and was just beat when I got home. I read and rested and then picked up bbq. Tom had a late meeting and I was happy that not go out. The modem had arrived and I tried to hook it up myself with no luck. Tom tried, too, spent an hour on the phone with ATT, and finally they said they would send a technician Saturday morning. We sat down to eat at 8 and watched Queen’s Gambit.

Saturday morning came and I got an ATT text saying they would be here Tuesday morning. We both lost it! Tom called and they were not accommodating so we fired them, called Spectrum for internet, went to Verizon to change plans, and got YouTube tv. We had had ATT for internet, Uverse tv, and 3 phones. Spectrum is sending us a modem today – we hope!

Saturday I was switching between my old phone and my new phone – my old phone was not compatible with Verizon so I took Tom’s old work phone that he bought from the company after he got an upgrade. It is very hard to transfer without WIFI. I currently don’t have any of my photos. I hope to get them back.

Saturday night we went to our friends’ new house for pizza on their porch with their heater. It was nice!

I am reading this book – cheesy but I’m ok with it. I spent some time on the patio.

Sunday morning-Trader Joe’s – lots of Christmas stuff out but I resisted. I tried to get things for lunches and dinners this week.

I tested out the peppermint marshmallows with a mocha coffee-yum!
The highlight of Sunday and the whole weekend –

We got to have lunch with our Jack! Then we did some shopping with him – he found two jackets.

And, we got Blizzards and watched some Mandalorian on our sad set up. We have to use our phones for now. We got 6 months free of Disney + from Verizon.

And, I am typing on my phone! How was your weekend?


Friday Favorites

Friday, November 13, 2020

It is a Friday the 13th! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

How was your week? My week was a bit crazy!

Sometime in the late night Tuesday our modem stopped working. Our modem controls our internet, our t.v. service, our thermostat, and maybe my mood cycles. I spent an hour on the phone with the nicest AT&T guy Wednesday morning. He told me to be careful when I went downstairs to check the colors of the flashing lights on the modem. I really do not think he wanted to get off the phone with me. I was pretty pleasant will say. He also told me to put him on speaker and it would be awhile so I could do something else. I told him I had already unloaded the dishwasher and he commended me. Anyway, he promised to send a new modem and gave me hope that it could be there the same day. Well, it has now been over 30 hours and it is not expected until tonight now. Maybe that is why he was so nice?

So, Wednesday I worked using my phone and luckily we did not have live classes. I just had meetings and planning to do.

Yesterday I went to school at 7:30! It was so weird. I packed three bags which was really funny. I was kind of happy to be back in my classroom.

On top of this, we had workers all day Wednesday and yesterday. So, maybe it was good that it forced me to go to school. The Master bath is moving. Never fear – it will stagnate again soon I know.

Here are a few random favorites from the week…. I know one of them will be getting my new modem!

I just cannot resist the call of the Target or drugstore beauty aisles. I had been doing really well and only purchased my new Maskcara brand palette over the last several months (By the way the company Maskcara re-branded to the name Seint in case you are interested.)

Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon in Make it Happen. I really like this. It does not dry you out but this color is really bold. I would like to try a lighter color.

I still have some of my Glossier Boy Brow but I added this. I do this first and I really like it. Maybelline Brow Extensions is the name of the product and I got medium brown. It is like a thicker pencil/crayon. I follow it with Boy Brow and I think it looks pretty good for this eyebrow newbie.

I do not think I can recommend Maybelline Color Strike. It is an eyeshadow and it has nothing on my Charlotte Tillbury Eyes to Mesmerize. I have been using it as an overlay on my tightlined eyeliner, though, for some sparkle. It feels like not enough product comes out for you to the do the whole lid. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

I read that this kills the Coronavirus. My source was a blog and it said that the dentist had patients swish this before getting worked on. Maybe I used too much but I could not get the taste out of my mouth. Just putting this out there to help you, but beware. I am not sure what I will do in the future. Maybe I will try using less and rinsing with water immediately. Anyone else heard this?

I got my first Walmart delivery Tuesday while I was working! Walmart has some products that Kroger does not carry so I thought I would try it. The person left the groceries on the porch and I came to find out it was through Door Dash and not Walmart in my area.

I really wanted to try these and Kroger did not have them.

After school one day I enjoyed another Truly Lemonade and finished Troubles in Paradise. It wrapped up the trilogy really well and I was said to say good-bye to the characters.

Winter in Paradise is the first one and I think it would be nice to read right now!

Look at all the leaves Ernie and I had to walk through this week! Wow!

One morning was mild enough for me to do my coffee outside in shorts. I am still loving my Woodwick candles.

Here is what my white tree in the bedroom looks like lit up in the dark.

I have been wanting a pair of New Balance and I had a DSW coupon – I checked Amazon, too. I got a similar pair to these for only $29 shipped because I had a $30 off coupon, plus a $5 birthday reward to add on.

The most fun of my week was meeting my teacher friend at a patio for Taco Tuesday. Our table naturally socially distanced us – we were so far away! They had specials all day long. It was so nice to visit.

I started this and it seems really cute so far.

I apologize for my late blog post one day and for being slow to respond to comments. Blame it on my WIFI issues!

What were your favorites this week?

I would love to hear in the comments!


Soup Sunday

Thursday, November 12, 2020

I took this idea from Carolina Charm blog; She is the cutest and has really good ideas and really good recipes, by the way. I used to not really be a soup person but now I am. I thought I could make soup for Sunday dinner and then eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week this fall and winter.

Now, some weeks I have made it on Saturday or Monday so I am not doing this perfectly, but I still like the idea!

My first Soup Sunday was spicy vegetable soup with turkey sausage. I used spicy V8 as the base and then added canned diced tomatoes, canned carrots and green beans, frozen corn, sauteed zucchini just because I had it, fresh spinach, diced potatoes, and turkey sausage. It was delicious!

My second attempt was lentil bacon soup. It had broth, bacon, lentils, carrots, onions, and it needed tomatoes so I added them. Warning and TMI: My body was not used to the amount of fiber that lentils apparently contain. This was my least favorite soup taste wise and I really do not know if I will make this again.

The next week was Halloween so you have to make chili, right? My chili is really good in my opinion. I used lean ground beef and make sure it is in really small chunks after cooking. I start with a can of Red Gold tomato juice, add a packet of chili seasoning mix, cans of diced tomatoes, cans of beans, and add a bit of cinnamon and sugar. Trust me! Then, I do cooked macaroni noodles on the side for people to add and serve it with shredded cheese and Fritos, too.

Then, this past weekend I made Carolina Charm lasagna soup.

This was really good and got rave reviews from Tom. You top it with a ricotta and parmesan mixture and can stir it in if desired. I will let you get it directly from the source here.

Next up for this weekend, is white chicken chili! I am excited. I may add corn because Tom really likes corn. Or, I may not. And, I am going to serve them with my new cornbread muffins in a tube, you all! I will tell you about those tomorrow!

What soup should I make next? Are you a soup person? No soup for you!


What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I continue to struggle with taking photos and knowing what time of day is best! Ha! I am linking up today with the ladies of The Style Six here.

Our weather turned warm and it is a challenge to find fall colored things in summer fabrics! I do have a few, though. I took the photo below to show my sister who gave me this necklace. This is a mustard colored sleeveless tank from Old Navy – very old and it works quite well with it. I had a cream sweater over it.

This is what I wore to go to dinner Friday night. It was very warm out but it did get colder as the sun went down.

One day to teach I wore this leopard kimono. They can only see a bit of my outfit from my computer screen.

I showed you my new long sleeve white tee and this is one reason I needed it. I bought this blush poncho at the end of the season last year. And, there is my necklace from my sister again!

Just trying something out below. Why do people on Pinterest look cute and I look like a ranch hand? Not that there is anything wrong with ranch hands. I like them!

And another teaching outfit. Business on the top, party on the bottom. I do have on shorts.

Ha! Pretty crazy around here. You can tell I keep re-wearing my favorites and I am super happy with my lightweight fall kimonos. I hope they are still in style? Speaking of in style, are blanket scarves still in style? I hope so! I have so many! Remember my hack – cut them in half so that they do not takeover your life. Simply fold in a triangle and cut.

What have you been wearing lately?


The Thanksgiving Dilemma

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

We are going to get a bit serious here on ye ol’ blog. Thanksgiving is almost here and I have heard lots of people talking about their plans or lack thereof. I think all of us are in the same boat (Mayflower reference?); all of our states’ numbers seem to be getting worse. What is the cause of this? In my area, everyone – and I mean everyone is wearing masks. Some even wear them outside to walk. I do see some wearing them not quite correctly, but the effort is really good around here. Now, I really do not go many places but the effort is commendable on the part of the citizens and the businesses.

I am calling this a dilemma because in my case we cannot carry on business as usual. I am not here to judge anyone else because only you know your circle of people and maybe your whole extended family has been your quaranteam. Or, maybe you are all isolating to the same degree.

Some say the numbers are up but the deaths are down. Still, I do not want anyone sick or compromised and any death is too many, you know? Some say it is due to colleges being in session, some k-12 schools being in session (in my city only the private schools are in session and most are only going a couple of days a week), some sports being allowed to be played, backyard parties, eating in restaurants, you name it. I really do not know. I would say it could be a combo of any and all.

I know some states – California is one I think – are trying to regulate Thanksgiving festivities. Kentucky might try, as well. For California, I heard something about outdoors only, no more than three households, music can be played but only by one of the three households (not a fourth), and only woodwind instruments. Guys, I cannot make that up even if I tried. Darn it – I really wanted to hear a flute this year! Sorry -just trying to bring a bit of levity to a hard situation.

A Thanksgiving plate from days of yesteryear

I think we need to use common sense. My family has not made set plans yet, by the way. We have started talking but no definite plans are on the table. Our tradition has been Thursday at my sister-in-lawś house with Tomś side of the family and Friday in Indiana with my side of the family. That way we get to see everyone!

Here are some ideas:

If it is going to be too hard or uncomfortable, involves too much travel or compromising positions, then it is ok to have Thanksgiving with just immediate family this year or just make up your own tradition for 2020!

The immunocompromised/elderly folks in the family should be asked their comfort level.

A meal could be delivered to the folks that live in town but choose not to participate if they are comfortable with that. Many restaurants are doing single serve or small serving carryout meals, too.

They are saying that smaller groups and shorter time frames are helpful. Pick your favorite family members and make it an eat and run. Just kidding! I was just making sure you were still reading.

Effort can be made to eat outside. You can open a garage door. You can be more casual this year and use camp chairs to spread out. You can use paper plates. The kids might think this is really fun. Some of these changes might stick.

This is a temporary (we hope) problem. It is o.k. to break tradition this year for safety. I have heard many people say that this has forced creativity and that has been a blessing.

Have only one family unit serve themselves at a time and then take plates outside.

Wear masks while inside making plates. Only take mask off when outside and distanced.

Have one person wearing a mask prepare plates and one person deliver them outside.

Use crockpots and put them on a table in open garage for better ventilation.

Make a bonfire and maybe start a new tradition. Toast marshmallows to top the pumpkin pie, anyone? Roast your own sweet potato casserole with toasted marshmallows? Turkey dogs over the fire?

What other ideas do you have for safety? What have you and your family decided to do?

On my side of the family we have different schools of thought within our four households. We have two that think it is no big deal to get together. We have two with kids going to in person school. We have one that is extremely worried. And, then we have me who is kind of in between. I think it can be done safely but I plan to take precautions.

Here are my biggest takeaways:

Do not judge/criticize/make fun of someone in the family who is being cautious. ¨Ha ha – you are wearing a mask!”, for example, would be really inappropriate.

Do not get angry with someone who chooses not to partake.

If people feel safer wearing a mask, that is fine.

Talk to family now to find out comfort levels and discuss expectations.

Make every effort to social distance and be outside or in a well ventilated area.

Do I think you should get tested? The only way this works is if you get tested and then go nowhere or do anything until the day of your family get together. So, I do not know. That could leave to a false sense of security.

As with everything in life, try to focus on what you can do and not what you cannot.

I cannot wait to discuss this in the comments!


Hello Monday!

Monday, November 9, 2020

How was your weekend? I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, etc. right here. Our weather has been in the mid-70s for the last several days and that is a rare treat here in Louisville, KY!

You will not believe this…I did not use my car last Wednesday or Thursday! I taught all day, took my 11 a.m. walk with my boy Ernie, and then at the end of the day I went out to the patio to enjoy our gorgeous weather and read or if we are totally honest, mess around on my phone a bit, too! I got up to go make empty nester dinners for two around 5 both days. Wednesday we had breakfast for dinner and Thursday we had burrito bowls. Boom! I guess I do not need to go out every single day. I am growing, you all!

I will say that the early dark does affect me, too, and maybe I felt it more important to get some sunshine than to run around. I need to go back outside after dinner while it is still mild and turn on my twinkle lights. That is a goal for next week! The shortest day of the year is December 20 and after that each day will get longer. This is what I am telling myself to stay positive.

Exciting blog news… your girl Amy paid $25 to have a search box at the bottom of this little amateur blog. Will you try it out and let me know if it works and what you think? Type in a key word of something I have talked about in the past like “apple cider sangria”. Sorry it took so long. If I had known it was only $25 I would have done it sooner. I.am.slow.sometimes.

So, that was a lot of words before we even got to the weekend.

Friday I worked and my hub was off – he has vacation days to burn or he will lose them because of 2020 and not doing much, plus he felt like it was wrong to take off when he was needed and when things were so new and scary in March-May. He still got up at 4:30 to go to the gym which woke me up. I have a hard time going back to sleep once I am awake and the old bladder wakes me up, too. Oh well.

I talked Tom into a patio lunch really close by because I only had a bit over an hour.

We had really good salads with balsamic.

And, I had a half of a veggie sandwich with homemade chips.

After I finished teaching for the day I had a Kroger pick up. I am really liking ordering a pick up for Thursday or Friday and then not worrying about groceries on the weekend. I hope I can keep this up because it is working really well.

Friday night it was finally my turn for birthday dinner! We went to dinner in September for one friend and in October for the other and November was my pick. We tried a new to us Italian restaurant with a massive patio.

The night was perfect. I had a sangria.

We had focacia, a really good orange bibb lettuce salad and I ordered eggplant parmiagana.

It was really nice!

My one friend gave me this snakeskin clutch/cross body and this bracelet. Love!

And, my other friend gave me this clutch and these leather earrings! Love them! They both know what I like!

And, what a good idea. My friend made this card for me from our photo at the last dinner. I guess she just got one card made and I honestly did not know you could do that.

I forgot to tell you that the electrician finished on Thursday so now we have Master bath lights.

I did some reading on Saturday. Everyone needs to read this book. I am reading it even though mine have started college. We are using many of these ideas/philosophies. Read this even if your kids are young. It will change your life. It is just like when people told me I could not take my kids to Disney for less than $5000. That is a lie. We did five days at Disney for $1400. No one missed out on a thing and we had an awesome trip.

Saturday afternoon just Tom and I got out on the river. We brought snacks/sandwiches and just tooled around and then floated. We have never been able to keep the boat going past October. This will be our last weekend and then we will have to winterize it and say good-bye to boating season 2020. It has been a great year for boating.

So many boats were out. This is another little restaurant where boats can park.

We bought this used boat 6 years ago and have really made the most of it I think. It has brought us a lot of joy.

We got home around 5:00 and I started Carolina Charm blog lasagna soup. She said this is now her preferred way to enjoy lasagna!

It is so good! Tom really liked it. It involves broth, beef or sausage (I used sausage), fire roasted tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, garlic, spices, and then you top with a ricotta and parmesan mixture. I mixed mine in to the soup.

Sunday morning I had my coffee and just a bit left of this book. I gave up. It is really annoying. I liked it for awhile but with twenty pages left and more games being played and misunderstandings I just said no more. Did anyone else read it?

Next up is this! I am sad to end the trilogy but I am excited to see how it wraps up.

Sunday morning I did my Thanksgiving decor and Tom and I cleaned more thoroughly than we had in a while.

Then, it was time for maybe our last boating outing of 2020. 2020 has been rough but the weather and the river have been really good to us. My sis told me about these Truly black cans that are all lemon flavored. Original lemon, strawberry lemon, mango lemon, and black cherry. These have more flavor than the white can Truly and they are my new favorite!

The fall colors against the river are really pretty. I have said before that I kinda like fall boating more than summer?

We parked at Captainś Quarters. We split a seafood platter because this will probably be the last time we will go here this year.

And, we ended our day watching the sun go down.

It was a good one. We have one more weekend before our boys move back in!

What was the highlight of your weekend? I would love to hear it in the comments!


Friday Favorites

Friday, November 6, 2020

It is Friday! What a week! After Halloween and Election Day I think we all need a nap this weekend, no? I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

Last Saturday for Halloween I did this fun purple color. I got tired of it and changed it by Monday but it was fun for Halloween.

I used my camo strap on this brown purse last weekend, too. I thought it looked good with cognac, too.

I wrote actual letters to two former students at college and to my aunts and uncles in Michigan and Ohio. I wish I did this more because it is nice to get old fashioned mail. My aunts had sent me birthday cards and they do not do Facebook so I thought I should respond. My college girls’ moms gave me their addresses when they first left in August and I am ashamed how long it took me.

Remember my Goodfellow pullover? I washed it with my year old burgundy Aerie leggings and the trim turned out pink. I am very mad at myself because I normally wash on cold plus I have washed the leggings at least 30 times. Someone in the household (Tom or Ernie) must have changed it to warm. But, I think I like this pink trim! Ha!

And, every fall and winter I seem to need shirts to go under ponchos and vests. I found this Target A New Day that I think will be good to have. It used to be that they have stacks and stacks of different colors. Why is this not a thing anymore? Anyone have recs for more solid color long sleeve tees? It seems like these staples only last a season or two for me.

And, I saw this on Facebook:

Pretty crazy, right?

Next week I will be talking about Thanksgiving and all of the challenges it will present this year.

What were your favorites this week? I would be remiss if I did not count your comments and sweet birthday wishes as my favorites, as well. Thank you for adding to my life in such a positive way. You are my lifeline during these dark times.

Hope to see you back here on Monday! Let me know what made you smile this week!



Thursday, November 5, 2020

On Monday I turned 49! Wow – that sure happened quickly. And, I feel like I have had so many changes lately that have added to my perspective on my age.

Last August I started mourning the end of an era. My twin boys had been at my high school and I loved it. They never abused that and it was just a lovely time of knowing who they spent their days with and sometimes catching a glimpse of them in the halls. It was the last of everything – last time they rode to school with me, last time they had a school play, quick recall match, school event to attend.

Then, we all know what happened in March and it cut short our experiences even more. I had to learn how to do my job in a total different way in March and then again in August I had to learn even more how to do my job virtually and with so many technological features that had been unknown to me. Then, I became an empty nester. Tom and I had to learn a new normal. I feel really young to be an empty nester. I am glad I have my job and my hobbies. I am glad that I have this blog and you all to read it – ha! I am thankful and grateful that I kept up with friendships even in seasons of life when we rarely had time to see each other.

On Sunday, I had requested that the boys carve out some time to do the art museum which had an Andy Warhol exhibit ending soon. Growing up we did so much as a family and took them to museums, on educational trips, did activities around town, went hiking and camping, and so much more. I feel like these things brought out/bring out our best as a family of four. I love that Mason is lost in conversation with Jack as the three went up the stairs in the museum. After the museum, we went to a fun area of town and ate Nashville style hot chicken at a place called Royals. The boys both love it and it made me happy. Then, we went in a funky boutique next door called Revelry.

On Monday, it was so nice to wake up leisurely and not be in a hurry to log on. I had saved a gift from my sister Molly to open and it was this Universal Thread Target necklace. She knows I love that brand.

I did my nails while listening to a podcast.

I treated myself to a Starbucks which really has become a treat since March. I think I have only gotten 4 since then? I used to get one weekly!

One of my sweet friends dropped off this candle from World Market. It smells divine – is exactly my scent profile and I love the color and look of the candle, too.

O.k. – I debated posting this because I know I will receive judgment from my mom and maybe from others, too. I had mentioned that I wanted a flask the last time I was around my sister in law. Look at my beautiful rose gold flask! I thought this would be nice to take on the boat or to liven up certain events. Also, there is a restaurant I like that lets you BYOB because they do not have a liquor license.

After Starbucks I went to Target and wandered a bit. It has always been my happy place!

Then, I went to my favorite mall and wandered a bit but stopped into Kendra Scott to pick up my new half price necklace.

Tom got me the Target Stars Above robe.

I was lazy and read or watched t.v. after lunch and then for dinner Tom took me out and I had shrimp and grits that were just meh. I ordered a cool sounding cocktail but sadly, it never came. The waiter forgot. Oh well. I got a Heath blizzard on the way home instead.

My mom and my inlaws sent me money and I did it – I ordered the green pre-lit pencil tree for the family room and …

the white one for my bedroom.

I have been wanting a pre-lit tree for years and I always wanted one in my bedroom when I had the space. These are on their way to me! I am so happy!

I received so many sweet texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls and definitely felt very blessed.

Do you have any birthday traditions? It is odd to celebrate in a pandemic I will say. But, I think we need to celebrate in any way we can right now.

Thanks for reading,


What I Wore Wednesday and Fall Shoes

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I am linking up today with the ladies at The Style Six here.

Hello everyone! I am still having trouble uploading some photos as I was on Monday. I am trying to do the iphone update to see if that helps. I load all of my photos through my WordPress app (WordPress is my blog publishing site). Anyway, we will try to make do! I also have not been taking photos like I should!

I have been wanting to wear my white Madewell sneakers all the time lately. I bought them last February and really only wore them a couple of times before the world shut down and shoes were no longer required. With them, I wore black leggings, black top, off white vest and my new camo purse strap. This outfit was all based on the sneaks and the purse strap – you got me. And, my eyes are closed.

Going back to last Wednesday for my French restaurant patio lunch – I had wanted to test run a skirt and booties outfit. New Umgee kimono from Amazon, old black top, old LulaRoe skirt.

I did my The Butter self tanning lotion a few days before in preparation.

On my birthday Monday I did my nails this blue denim color. I had a few goofs.

My sister sent me this Universal Thread Target necklace and I had already decided to wear the burgundy leggings and taupe poncho. These booties are old and not that comfy. I want to replace them with taupe Lucky Baley booties like my black ones. I used to always buy things in multiple colors and then I stopped. Now that I know myself better I am a fan of this practice again. If you know something works for your lifestyle and is comfy – and you will get wear out of it – it makes sense. Target A New Day poncho – case in point – I now have it in black, burgundy and taupe and have already worn all three colors. By the way, on my birthday I got a Starbuck’s and the barista at the drive through told me I looked aesthetically pleasing. She went on and on and was so sweet.

Meet my Kendra Scott half price birthday piece! I splurged this year. It was originally $128. It can make three separate strands, two strands, or all three, the pendant comes off. It is a really unique and versatile piece and I am not sure you can tell, but it is a more antique looking dark gold which is a trend. I think we will continue to see more of this gold shade. This is not a great photo so I will be sure to show you with an outfit soon. And, do not sleep on (as my students would say) this deal. KS is so generous.

I finally moved my fall and winter shoes to the easier to access side of my closet. I have so many more summer shoes than fall and winter. Not pictured are the Lucky Baley booties in black. They were in my car to do a quick change from my tennies after the museum.

Top Row: old black pumps, black suede poiny toe booties for dress up (the toes are getting worn as happens with pointy toes), rust Target mules from last season (I wore out the black version), black Costco booties with zipper that are just meh

Second Row: Jack Rogers booties, taupe booties, last season clog booties

Third Row: black clogs, black Mary Jane MIA clogs, tan MIA Sofia clogs, yellow suede BOC clogs from this year(copied off my sister)

Flats Row:

jelly flats, taupe Rothy’s (washed and they are not as comfortable because they shrank a bit in the toe area), black Tory Burch, tan Tory Burch, grey snakeskin Tieks, black, Tieks, gold Tieks. The three pairs of Tieks are my best consignment find of my life. They were brand new and priced at $30 a pair. These retail for $200 and are one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Of all of the flats, they are my favorites. I think the Rothys were in number one until I washed them. If you are a flats person (which I was when I went to work in a building) I very much think one pair of Rothy’s or one pair of Tieks is worth the money.

Last Row:

Madewell white sneakers. I cannot recommend these enough. I love them so much. I wear the little no show socks with them.

I am not showing my tall boots right now but the fact is that I have not been reaching for them much in the last few years. To me, the bootie is so much user friendly.

I feel that there are major holes in my fall/winter shoe wardrobe but I am up for the challenge of shopping! I will also tell you that I do not care for many of the current shoe/bootie trends out for fall/winter 2020. I would love to hear your recommendations, though!

What have you been wearing lately? What shoes are you reaching for?


Prime Purchases

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It is Election Day and it is also time to link up with Tanya right here! I am off again today because by state law we have to be out; many of our schools are used as polling places. I guess that does not apply to my district this year because we are virtual, but I will take it. Thank you for my birthday wishes yesterday!

Here is what I ordered recently. This is apropos as I just turned another year older. Where does all the facial hair come from? These Tinkle (hehe) facial shaving razors for women are really good. Word on the street is that it helps your face creams sink in better and it is kind of like dermaplaning?

I love my new ranger hat here!

I found these on Amazon and I like having so many replacements at the ready. Adulting, amiright?

You have heard that I love my new Maskcara makeup? I heard from a Maskcara artist on Instagram that this primer works well. I like it!

And, my favorite is this new purse strap! I put it on a different purse this weekend and I will show you tomorrow. Now I really like the metallic with the camo!

I have 10 things sitting in my Amazon cart right now and a bit of birthday money to spend. I am also anxious to see what you all purchased recently. I need to start my Christmas shopping too!