Hello Monday

Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday, you came too quickly again. I am linking up with Heather, etc. here.

Friday after school some students and I videotaped a 7 second dance to try to be on a Spanish teacher website – lol! One sweet girl brought me a pumpkin cold brew because she leaves school early for her co–op program and came back to school. Yum!

Erica and Elizabeth came over for a drink and it started raining. We were all laughing at how pitiful Ernie looked in the rain. We were under cover on the lower patio.

I let him in; don’t worry!

Friday evening we were celebrating my other friend Heather’s birthday at Malone’s. Get ready for some food pics, ok?

I got a raspberry mule that was really good.

Their bread and butter is good!

We tried their spinach and artichoke dip with fried lasagna noodles as dippers. OMG is all I can say.

Their salad is really good, too. It is like a BLT and it is family style for the whole table.

I ordered grilled fish and a baked potato.

Their chocolate cake was quite the spectacle and it tasted amazing, too.

Saturday morning I drank my coffee on my upper patio and I have made it a Day of the Dead theme. Post coming this week.

Then, my mom, sister, and niece arrived. We were attending a miniature show with my mom because she is into miniatures and makes little scenes with them.

Um, how did this little thing get this old so quickly?

We ate lunch at The Grape Leaf which is authentic Mediterranean food. Molly and Lena got frozen mint pomegranate lemonade.

Lena loves hummus and loved theirs.

Stuffed grape leaves:

Greek salad:

Lena got saffron rice and

the rest of us all got vegetable biryani. It is kind of a stew, I think. It is really good and I can’t stop ordered it when I go there.

After lunch we sat on the patio with Tom and Jack, too. Jack and Mason had arrived home for Fall Break while we were out and then Mason had left for a friend’s house right away.

Sunday Tom and I took the boat out for about 3 hours and it was really nice. We are having very high temps for this time of year.

It was a good one and it was a full one!

Jack and Mason don’t have classes until Thursday so they will probably stay home at least one more day. We are watching Ted Lasso again with them and we are going to try to get them to watch Schmigadoon with us. Anyone watching it?

Today I have parent teacher conferences and will be switching back and forth between in person in mask conferences and video call conferences in 15 minute increments so that will be interesting. When I say “interesting” I mean chaotic.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 8, 2021

Happy Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc.

My favorites this week are a bit simple/boring? But, alas, here we go…

I was not 100% this week. Monday was the worst and I had to laugh at my little desk apothecary. Vick’s Vapo Rub under each nostril under your mask is good, y’all! I didn’t end up using everything but I had it at the ready just in case.

I felt better each day and I think it was just allergies or a little cold. I never felt bad enough to stay home. I used my Neti pot which I swear by and my congestion was really short lived.

I also wore my Dad’s Air Force ring on Monday. Whose old hands are those?

A top coat is a must. I found this Orly that is really good at TJ Maxx. Disregard the little mess ups I hadn’t fixed yet. I changed out my color one evening – it keeps me from snacking!

I did this old OPI dark brown. I think it was too old, but it was o.k.

Were you frantic about the events of Monday afternoon?

I didn’t know anything was up until after school and then I didn’t think much of it and I guess social media was back in action around dinner time.

Ernie cracked me up one evening this week. There was a cross country meet on the track behind our house (little elementary school track) and he “watched”.

The moon was really beautiful one morning but my picture of it was not.

Kroger gave me cinnamon roll Premier instead of caramel. It is pretty sweet but I liked it. Anyone tried it?

Erica made bagels out of the skinny pizza dough and made us the most delicious breakfast sandwiches one day this week.

I loved this dinner of ours this week. Tom had requested spaghetti squash and I paired it with salmon, green beans, and potatoes.

Kroger had several things out of stock when I did my pick up, so I filled in with a Target drive up. What a time to be alive! I still love going in stores but when you aren’t feeling great and you are busy, these are amazing.

My roots are getting dark and I like to use a bit of dry shampoo when this happens.

I love the smell of this and have bought it a few times. It also is good for “dirtying” up your hair to help you style freshly washed hair.

What were your favorites this week?


Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Happy Hump Day! Here’s a snapshot of what I have been donning…

Friday night Tom and I went to dinner al fresco. It was pretty warm but I wanted to break out this very lightweight fall kimono that I bought last year through an online boutique. I paired it with my light jeans and a very light black blouse. I wore my MIA clog sandals because it was so warm.

Saturday I wore my Umgee tunic with grey capri leggings from J.Jill (very old) and my old cognac Jack Rogers booties. I love the colors in this tunic! It is also such a great material!

Monday I wore my new Target Selena t-shirt with my LuLaRoe kimono and an old purple Kohl’s skirt. The booties are really old from DSW.

And, finally yesterday I wore this favorite dress to school – an easy one and done outfit.

Any favorites? My favorite is probably the first one! I would like to try the Umgee tunic as a dress but I fear it will be too short.

What have you been wearing?


P.S. – See ya back here Friday! I am taking a break tomorrow!

Amazon and Target Lately

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

I get so many good ideas from this link up! Thank you, Tanya, and I hope no one minds if I add my Target.com recent purchases. I just love it so much! Amazon, you better watch out!

Let’s start with Target…

O.k., all I want to wear right now is jeans and dresses. It feels so good to have jeans that fit and are comfortable. This time last year, my jeans size was leggings and I am glad I didn’t buy the next size up. But, I should say that everyone should buy clothes that fit and that make them feel good. I just didn’t feel good. I am not in the size I would like to be in but I know I will be here for awhile.

I feel dumb; I didn’t know these came in short! I am 5’4 on a good day and these are the perfect length. I don’t regret the regular length that I cut and frayed (actually, I think that is a way to make skinny jeans more modern looking) but it’s nice to have a non frayed option for work or other ocassions.

Here they are!

And, I wanted a lighter pair. I think darker is probably more slimming, but I like the on trend look of the lighter.

Now I have 4 pairs of jeans that combined cost under $100. I think the quality is pretty darn good, too! Let me now if you have tried these.

So, I mentioned I want to wear dresses or jeans. Well, one must wear a shirt with the jeans and I love the look of the feminine blouse contrasted with jeans. I chose to try these two and I am pretty happy. I am kind of between shirt sizes so I sized up.

This gives me Little House on the Prairie in blouse form vibes. It is pretty high-necked but I think I like it. It is a rather stiff material but I didn’t find it uncomfortable. I think it might soften up with a few washes. I will say that this blouse and another Target blouse I have seem very short, making it hard to tuck in, but not impossible.

And, this is the most wonderful material! It would be perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s a bit silky and super soft. It has a bit of a cooling feel to it for those menopausal persons out there. Or, just those who run hot like I do.

And, we love a graphic tee to wear with a jean jacket, kimono or cardigan. As a Spanish teacher, I had to get this Frida Kahlo t-shirt and this Selena t-shirt.

I wore the Selena shirt yesterday and got tons of compliments and yes, all of my students know who she is!

So, Target has really been source lately. I love the drive up and the shipping orders are pretty fast, too. They make returns super easy. Target, I will always love you.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon. I love you, too. You have seen most of these things if you are a regular reader, but I will talk about why I think they were good purchases or why I plan to buy them again.

Let’s start with fashion. I love the brand Umgee. It is high quality and it is available on Amazon. It is the boho vibe I like and feels age appropriate. I don’t know if I will wear this without something under it as I have worn leggings under it the two times I have worn it.

And, this dress is everything! My sister in law also bought it and she also sent me a Facebook picture of a friend of a friend wearing it. Oooops, is it too popular?

I will say that I ordered it in another cute print and the fabric was different and it didn’t lay right so I sent it back. I think that happens sometimes with Amazon stuff.

I have been enjoying having a good old fashioned watch and have gotten lots of compliments on this $20 time piece.

And, now to get a bit personal and to my one male reader, Dan – my apologies. I went down a bra size and ordered the same wonderful bra. Pro tip: If you don’t have a preference for color, some are cheaper. I went with rosewater because it was the cheapest.

I am loving this two pack of belts and would buy it again.

I need to order more of my favorite hairspray. It’s the only thing I have ever had on autoship, but during the pandemic I didn’t need much so I took it off.

If you don’t have a shower cap, you need one! And, this is the best one out there. I got this as part of my mom’s birthday gift. This will totally protect your hairstyle when you don’t want to wash your hair. I wash my hair at night – almost every night – can’t help it. In the morning, I just do a quick body shower wearing this.

I love this so much and more than I ever thought I could love a laundry detergent. It is worth every penny because your whole house will smell amazing – unless you live in a really big mansion and the scent doesn’t travel into all of your nooks and crannies. Those of us that live in 2,000 square foot homes are the lucky ones here.

And, I cannot live without this anymore. If you love popcorn, this is for you! I managed to totally avoid the movie theater popcorn when I brought my own with this on it. Yes, I did. My family still bought the real stuff.

And, finally I will buy this again. I only use the noodles as they are a great pasta option for me. You can also buy this at Costco, but sometimes Amazon is more convenient for me.

Ok, I’m tired.

Have you tried any of my picks?

Any recommendations for me? I love a shopping enabler, you know!

Thanks for stopping by,


Hello Monday

Monday, October 4, 2021

Well, this Monday came too quickly. I guess they all do, right? I am linking up with Heather, etc. right here.

If you read my Friday Favorites, you know that I had my first Fall Break ever! My goals were fall decor, read, watch t.v., be social, go shopping, buy some new fall clothes and clean some clothes out of my closet, and continue to eat healthy while on break and walk as much as possible.

I think I accomplished all of that! On Friday I told you that I had a happy hour for my department on Tuesday, had a friend for lunch on Wednesday, met my niece for happy hour Wednesday afternoon, and then Thursday I made a major errand day.

I will say that I started getting a bit of a sore throat Wednesday evening and I gargled with warm salt water. I woke up with it again on Thursday morning and gargled again. I was kicking myself for not washing my hair on Wednesday before bed because the fall allergens love me. I started making sure I went to bed with clean hair and it made a big difference. I also use my saline solution morning and night year round.

The sore throat went away but then I had some congestion and painful sinuses. I tried to remember the last time I had this and I really think it was 2019.

Anyway, I went on with my day even though I didn’t feel 100%. I met Beth at the St. James Art Fair and wore my mask even outside because of the large number of people and just in case I could give something to someone. It was way too crowded for my comfort zone – pandemic or no. I don’t like being around that many people.

I bought one thing – this Ale 8 candle for Tom. He is not a candle person so It’s really for me. The scent is apple cider donut!

I only stayed at the art fair for about an hour because I had an appointment to design t-shirt quilts for Jack and Mason. I have been planning this for 17 years. I have saved all of their t-shirt souvenirs from our family trips.

This is kind of what they will look like.

I am so excited! I think I will like them more than they will, but I hope it will be something they treasure in the future.

I am on a good reading streak. I finished Maggie Finds her Muse and In Five Years in the last week and then I had a library pickup and got this. It’s super cute and very rom-com if you like that. It was just what I needed for break.

I think this is kinda funny – sitting outside with a pumpkin candle and bug spray.

I will show you my minimal fall decor soon but I am enjoying my Day of the Dead glasses. I finally found Casamigos tequila which is the lowest in WW points. I made a skinny margarita Friday afternoon.

Then, Friday night Tom and I went to Ramsi’s which is kind of a mediterranean vibe restaurant.

Tom is not a bread person but he couldn’t stop eating their garlic and goat cheese appetizer.

We split a brussel sprouts salad and I forgot to take a photo of the entree we split – grouper and crab cakes. We had so much food leftover.

Then, we went to Costco after dinner – very romantic!

Saturday morning we went to parents’ weekend at J and M’s college. We ate brunch in the cafeteria and toured classrooms. There were lots of activities like Bingo and a scavenger hunt but we only did a couple of things. You could also attend games and Churchill Downs if you wanted.

So pretty – this is the area between J and M’s dorms.

Then, the kids came home! We watched a couple of Gilmore Girls and I cooked my heart out. I made chili for dinner and their favorite honey mustard salad. We watched Ted Lasso with them, too. We went back to the beginning for them.

I went to bed between 9-10 the whole break. I was just tired and knew I needed sleep.

Sunday morning I woke to my favorite light rain.

I read and had my coffee on the patio.

I also did some meal prep for the week but I had already done a bunch Saturday morning, too. It was nice to take a break from my prepping, but I was also glad to start it up again.

Then, Sunday afternoon, the whole fam went to see Shang-Chi finally.

Mason also wanted to do some fall clothes shopping with me, so we did that.

I hope you had a wonderful first weekend of October!


Friday Favorites

Friday, October 1, 2021

Happy, happy Friday! Can you believe it’s October? Wow, September just flew by!

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites!

And, now I will not feel guilty about ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! I have devoted September to apples – decor, candles, hand soap, but now I can switch to pumpkin!

I am happy to say that I didn’t cave and have a pumpkin spice latte yet!

Here are some things that made my list of favorites this week.

My sister sent me a box of assorted earrings from Amazon to celebrate my healthier living/weight loss. I hit 40 pounds last week. It was such a sweet gesture.

A super easy weeknight meal this week was a sheet pan supper with chicken gouda apple sausage from Coscto (Amylu brand), zucchini, onion, and mushrooms. Tom loved it as much as I did! You could turn this into a German Oktoberfest sheet pan supper, too!

Don’t you love it when you forget about something and it’s new to you again? I was switching out some candles and I saw my two Woodwick candles from last year. I like to burn these outside because the wick crackles and it is so soothing to me. This would make a great gift. I think I bought mine in person at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last year so I could smell them.

My InStyle and Real Simple came for the month of October and I enjoyed perusing them.

I finished this sweet story. I really liked it even though it took forever for me to read it. I just didn’t devote much time to reading during September. When I had downtime, I wanted t.v.! In this book, a writer goes to Paris to try to finish her book – lots of food descriptions and it was nice to have a 46 year old main character.

I started this and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN. Anyone read it? I only have one problem with it so far but I don’t want to spoil anything.

I only worked two days this week! We got a fall break for the first time ever! Well, the students always got a Friday, Monday, and Tuesday but the teachers only got a Friday (that they had to already have worked in the summer via professional development). In the past, we had parent teacher conference day on Monday and then a professional development on Tuesday. The kids would come back refreshed and we would be more tired. I really want to hug the calendar committee because we finally get a real break, too!

On Tuesday (our last day before break) I had my department over for a patio happy hour. We have 8 people in our department and 6 came. I made margaritas and sangria and everyone brought something. We had a nice time!

Then, Wednesday my friend Victoria called and I invited her for lunch on the patio very spur of the moment and she said yes. It was wonderful!

I made egg roll in a bowl and fried rice with cauliflower rice and mocktails. She loved it!

Wednesday afternoon I headed to one of my favorite streets to meet my 22 year old niece Morgan for happy hour!

What a beauty, right?

We went to Red Hog (my place from last year!) and enjoyed their beautiful patio, a cocktail, and their fries with curry mayo and pimento cheese with lavash.

Ernie had a good week with more walks and more time enjoying his lookout.

I did some boutique shopping this week.

I found out that Target Universal Thread jeans come in short length! Game changer! I added a light pair to my collection. I took this selfie in the store’s mirror.

I wear my mask in any store now. I stopped wearing it back in May through August, but once Delta became bad and I went back to school in a mask I just figured it was not that big of a deal to wear it. Most people wear them in my neck of the woods.

Oh, and I did the Target drive up for the jeans! Fabulous!

So, I think I have talked about these once or twice? If you are wearing your mask for a bit but taking it off at some point, these are amazing. I brought these three colors to the store with me to see if I needed more colors. I wear the middle one the most but I also layer the darker one with the lighter one sometimes. It is called the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon.

I added a fall scent to my car vent, too! It smells amazing!

Febreeze Auto Evening Woods is the name of this product if you want to look for it.

“Hi, my name is Amy and I am obsessed with smells.”

I am still loving my double pierced ears. I wear a tiny earring in the second hole and in the main hole, I wanted a medium sized hoop. I found these at Loft this week.

Loft also had a dress sale going on where all dresses were $24. This dress was marked down to $74 on the tag so it must have originally been way more. It is fully lined. I thought it screamed fall.

It’s been hotter than I would like it to be during our fall break, though! I am sitting outside in the evenings and still getting eaten up by mosquitos…

But, I also know I need to be careful wishing away the warm weather!

Many teachers I know traveled for this break, but to be honest, I am happy at home. I have been going pretty hard since the first week of August and it’s nice to catch my breath. What is it about being home on a weekday that is just so different?

Let’s not forget that we are still living life in a pandemic. School is trying to be normal but it isn’t. It’s incredibly hard to try to do school normally, but not do school normally because we are in masks all day, seating students facing the same way, and trying to socially distance. Not to go off on this tangent, but it has been hard. I think it’s ok to talk about it and I hope I’m not coming off as whining about it. I think being in school in a mask is way better than being virtual! I think our kids are so adaptable and they’ve done so well!

I hope your week had lots of favorites, too! Leave me one in the comments if you like!


P.S. – The Daily Scott has not posted anything new in a week so maybe they are bored with it and I wouldn’t hate that!

P.S.S. – I returned my backpack purse from Amazon because I wasn’t sure and if you aren’t sure you should probably return it. I’m getting better about that!

Instant Style for Early Fall

Thursday, September 30, 2021

I love an outfit formula! We really don’t need much in our closets, but we need to have a go-to formula and we need a few things that we feel confident in, right?

I was thinking about what I have been using/wearing the most in the last few months and it wasn’t hard at all for me to see…

I really think my crossbody purse is a “style maker”! Plus, you are hands free for festivals, shopping, errands, and more!

So, take a basic black top, denim shorts, and a metallic shoe and pick your strap. Very little effort, but it looks put together.

Take the above and translate it for a bit cooler weather – jeans, black long sleeved or 3/4 sleeve top, and a closed toe shoe. Add your crossbody with fun printed guitar strap.

I love the idea of the metallic so here is another “fit” below using the formula.

I just think this purse is genius! You can fit so much! Is this the wooden handled purse of the 80s where you buttoned on a different cloth purse body? Remember those?

You can find these in any little local boutique or of course on Amazon. Here is a link to mine again. I do not earn any commission; I just really love this purse!

Everyone has denim and a black top! Pick your shoe and put it all together.

Do you love outfit formulas? Do you have one you use?



Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The theme for this week’s outfits….jeans. My two pairs of Target Universal Thread $15 jeans to be exact!

I find myself wanting to wear blouses, jeans, and my new belts. Did you see my post from yesterday where I shared recent fashion purchases? I bought a two pack of belts from Amazon.

First up is my TJ Maxx little green leaf print blouse, the lighter colored jeans, and the brown belt.

Next I have the darker jeans, a black boho top from Old Navy (very old), and my black Target clogs.

The lighter jeans, gold clogs, and my trusty short sleeved TJ Maxx blouse were my Saturday outfit.

For my Sunday boat ride, I wore my drawstring denim shorts and this TJ Maxx 3/4 sleeve blouse.

And, last I wore my darker jeans, brown belt, very old consignment Target blouse, and gold Tieks.

Um, yeah, so these jeans have paid for themselves already!

Do you have a favorite outfit of mine this week?

What have you been gravitating toward?


Recent Fashion Purchases

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Have you bought any fall clothing for 2021? I feel like I didn’t really need much last year. Maybe it is because life was totally different! And, it is still different, but I am amongst people. So, I need clothes.

I purchased this adorable dress from Target. I am really happy with the quality. I can see this looking nice with a jean jacket or a vest.

And, I purchased this dress which is not that flattering on me. I need to try it with a long vest maybe. The material is clingy and maybe I should have sized up.

I bought my first belts since maybe the 90s? I am really pleased with this two pack.

I have been wondering about a backpack purse and I am still debating. I ordered this one.

And, I have a few Target finds on the way…. we will see if they work out.

I am still really liking the blouse vibe – with jeans or pants for work.

And, because we all love the graphic tee/cardigan or tee/kimono combo and because I’m a Spanish teacher, I ordered a Selena and a Frida tee.

What have you been buying or eyeing? Wait, that is an excellent blog post title…


Hello Monday

Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday, you came too quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here.

Friday after school, Erica and I walked and then went to my patio for about an hour before heading back to school for an alumni night, stadium dedication, and food trucks. We also socialized with this cute group of seniors.

Photo opp!

I was very tired by 7:00 so I didn’t make it for the game. I went home and put on my pjs!

Saturday morning it was rainy but I headed to TJ’s for a fall shopping trip.

I got mums, apple cider hand soap, and a couple of other goodies.

Saturday afternoon it had cleared up and Tom and I went to a couple of outdoor festivals. We ended up on this patio at a pizza place and ordered a drink. We were going to get pizza but they told us they were out of dough. Then, they told us they “found” a couple of balls. It all sounded very odd, so we opted out of the “found dough balls”. It was Saturday at 4:00 p.m., too. We bought sushi and soup at The Fresh Market and went home and watched Ted Lasso.

Sunday morning we did an hour and a half boat excursion to my hometown for an arts festival.

Our friends Dan and Kara joined us and Dan is also from the same hometown. We got German food, looked at some art, checked out a new hotel overlooking the river, and then headed back.

It was a beautiful 75 degree day!

Whew! It was a full weekend!

What was the highlight for you?