Hello Monday

Monday, January 23, 2023

Ok, you all – now we start a stretch of 4 five day weeks but in a way it’s a good thing. The kids need their routine, I need my routine, and I have a lot of fun things planned. We have Cultural Experiences in all my classes – that is my educational term for FOOD DAY! It is for a grade and they have to cook an authentic dish from any Spanish speaking country. We have some fun Valentine’s vocabulary to learn, and some fun Valentine’s speaking activities to do so it’s all good, but it will also be exhausting in the best way. If you are a teacher or have been one – you know what I mean!

I am linking up today with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday!

But, first, I want to thank you for all the great information you gave me in regard to my Cleaning post here. I can’t believe how much you all wanted to talk about cleaning! Love that!

I also want to thank you for the sweet words about my surprise gift from my sister here. I told her to go back and read the comments. I just think I have the kindest, more supportive readers out there. I didn’t post the story to shine any light on me, but to share how thoughtful she was. It was a reminder to me to pay it forward.

Also, an update on my Tik Tok status…I hope you know I’m not taking this too seriously at all! I have now posted 7 videos with a grand total of 32 million views between all of them. What the heck? I seriously thought I would have 50 views and they would be my students.

I went to talk to my principal about it after the first couple videos went “viral”. I had to look up what that even meant. I opened with, “So, I’ve accidentally gone viral on Tik Tok” and he loves it and is supportive of it. If you know Spanish, I have posted videos about pronunciation of the two LLs, the H, the C and G, and about when to use por or para, the verbs ir and ser in the simple past tense, and the present subjunctive tense.

After all that teaching Spanish last week, I needed a Friday after school margarita! Oh yeah! This is supposed to be skinny, but who knows?

My cordless Shark had arrived! Blue was the cheapest so blue it was! I couldn’t use it Friday because it had to charge. Friday night Tom had a Totino’s pizza and I had random fridge leftovers. I went to bed at 9 so I was up with the birds on Saturday and ready to clean! I love my new Shark! I cleaned the whole main level of the house while listening to podcasts. I used the powdered Tide with hot water and my Swiffer with the wet mopping pads that don’t have anything on them. It felt good to have a clean house at the beginning of the weekend.

I ran errands that included Trader Joe’s wine shop, Trader Joe’s, an Old Navy online return, the library, and Walmart Neighborhood Market (just the grocery of a Walmart).

I bought a new item at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section that is like an artichoke fritter and it is delish! I also made a small Spanish omelette. This was my breakfast and lunch.

I spent time putting all the stuff away and then J and M came home to host some friends in the basement. I made them ham and swiss sliders.

It warmed up enough for me to get my outside time reading on the patio.

I used my candle my niece made me, a bottle of wine that Elizabeth decorated for me, and I enjoyed the wine out of a tiny jam jar. Love drinking out of mason and jam jars. Do you? I had also cleaned out my candle collection and my pantry – two things I had needed to do!

I got a photo of one of my cutie nieces going to winter homecoming:

I fixed myself up a bit to go to eat at Mojito en Havana with Tom. Tom is behind me but it looks like my hair has a big crease in it!

I got to use my clutch!

Plantain chips and guac!


Tom and I both got salads with chicken but we each got a different salad. Their salads are to die for.

We came home and watched a bit of telly.

I went to bed early again but I slept in a bit more than on Saturday. Then, I was so surprised to wake up to snow!

I started this book:

I did burritos and one egg mcmuffin for my breakfast prep:

I also made chili for our dinner and prepped a couple of other things.

Tom went out to work on my car and looked kinda funny:

His assistant Ernie was also ready to go. My car heater hasn’t been working properly so Tom thinks he knows what is wrong.

How was your weekend? Any highlights?


Friday Favorites

Friday, January 20, 2023

Oh Friday- I could kiss you! It’s time for the favorite link up of the week right here!

It’s been a long short week, you know? As much as I love a short week, I always feel off my routine and a bit discombobulated. I love that word. Tom asked me when I ever feel combobulated when I told him this. Is this a word? It should be!

Looking through my camera roll, here is what made me smile this week…

I love this book! This will be the first book of 2023 that I am able to finish. It really should be made into a rom com.

I also love the fact that I have walked Ernie each day after school and had time to spend on my patio reading. The fresh air gives me life. I have to admit that a mild January has also helped. I know we do have true winter coming, but I think I will be better prepared mentally after having this milder weather.

I also love that it’s staying light out longer!

Tom found this show and we’ve been enjoying it together:

Walking with Ernie while I talk on the phone or listen to a podcast:

I rarely think to cook shrimp, but I got some at Fresh Market and put it on top of a salad with a simple dressing this week:

I also got some already cooked cocktail shrimp and I can vouch that this is an amazing cocktail sauce:

I can vouch for all of the Primal products I have tried so far.

Jen reminded me of Dave’s Killer thin sliced bread. This is the perfect avocado toast bread. I have had this for my after school snack this week. I have to keep it in the freezer because I use a loaf up so slowly.

Here is what my avocado toast looks like:

One of my lunches for Erica and I was a roasted Greek bowl with carrots and radishes from the weekend:

Erica made lentil soup with…

Indian Butter Chicken:

Erica loves Indian food and has been making more of it at home. I have not had much and I am enjoying her Indian dishes.

I made my funfetti cake but only used half. You seriously cannot tell this is healthier. So good! If you want to just make half, the cake mix is 3 cups worth so you just measure out 1.5 cups, use half a cup of water, half a cup of non-fat plain Greek yogurt and mix it all together. It bakes at 350 for about 25 minutes.

My friend Heather dropped this pretty candle off for me because I made her meals last week. Wasn’t that sweet? She didn’t need to do that.

Also, I enjoyed my pale pink home gel mani this week. I feel like I’m getting better at it.

What were your faves this week?


Fashion Files

Thursday, January 19, 2023

It’s Thursday and that means Fashion Files link up day with Kellyann and Jill.

Friday, I wore my favorite jeans right now – Target Universal Thread in black – with my Gucci-esque Amazon sweater and my new green Amazon laces in my Madewell sneaks. Seriously, if you need jeans, I say go on Target.com and order a few sizes and styles of Universal Thread jeans. These are the quality of Madewell in my opinion. I am comparing them to Madewell because that is the only higher priced brand I have tried on in the last year besides my Wit and Wisdom flares.

Saturday I wore my bright pink sweater again to go eat Mexican – along with my tequila earrings – when in Rome! I also wore my Wit and Wisdom flare jeans with my Hush Puppies beige pumps that look like J.Crew. Sorry I didn’t get a full length photo.

Trader Joe’s bathroom selfie! Why do I always use their restroom? I wore old leggings with my Shu Shops and my new Old Navy cropped polo sweatshirt. Highly recommend!

I don’t think I wore anything special on Sunday, but on Monday I threw this on to wear my grey jeans. I don’t like the white of the cow loafers with the faux fur vest. I have too many animals going on. I just ran up to Fresh Market, so I wasn’t that concerned.

For school Tuesday, I broke my Jeans January and wore Matilda Janes. Did I hear that Cabi bought them? Matilda Jane was going to be no more, but I think I heard that Cabi is going to resurrect the brand. I wore my current favorite star cardigan.

And, I broke Jeans January again for school on Wednesday and wore leggings with Lucky booties and my TJ Maxx sheer sleeved sweater with scalloped neckline. That’s fun to say!

I will tell you why I broke Jeans January; it’s for my Tik Tok career – lol. I was making some more videos and didn’t want to be in jeans. It was a self-imposed rule so I am ok with it. I will wear jeans again at the end of the week.

Has anyone ordered from Vaugu? I gasped when I saw this print below:

I was further intrigued when I read their tagline about clothes for a woman because that would mean that they account for someone having a chestal region to deal with. We shall see. I ordered two dresses and a top. I know that I am also doing 23 in 2023, but a girl has got to live her life! I haven’t kept anything yet! My sister told me I shouldn’t do 23 in 2023! I did so well for two weeks! He, he!

I think I might need these for spring and summer?

I also probably need to stop following Things I Bought and Liked on IG!

Anyway, now you think less of me for breaking my JJ and potentially my 23 in 2023. What have you been wearing? We have had 40s, 50s, and even one day in the 60s. I know the real winter is coming. I can feel it. We get the worst of our winter in February, usually. These temps have made it both easier and harder to dress.

Thanks for stopping by!


New Cleaning Routine

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

This blog post may bore you to tears! You’ve been warned.

I love to cook, but I will admit that cleaning is not my favorite. That being said, I love a clean house. I hate clutter and I love the smell of “clean”.

I have had a cleaning person twice. The first time was $250 for the whole house for the first visit and I wasn’t that impressed. The second time I can’t remember how much it was and it was a different person. I didn’t know the person yet so I stayed there and it just felt weird. Hiring someone is not in the budget and I also think I want to do it myself (with Tom). Or, I want to have a better division of labor. He really can’t do much during the week because he doesn’t get home until 6:00. He does almost all of the Ernie related jobs.

Tom is a great cleaner, but he doesn’t do it often enough for me and he takes an extremely long time. And, like I said, he can really only do it on the weekends. I would like to not fill my weekends with all the cleaning tasks.

I know there are different schools of thought – some like to have the whole house clean at the same time. I am ok with dividing the tasks so that it isn’t so overwhelming on any given day.

It definitely helps that there are only two humans making messes now.

I am really working to improve my skills and my efficiency.

I bought this booklet/pad on Amazon:

This is what it looks like inside (same as the cover):

It doesn’t fit my plan, but I like the idea of checking off boxes.

Here is my tentative plan:

Everyday – Load and unload dishwasher, cook dinner and clean up, pick up after myself, wipe down bathroom counter and shower glass every time I use these areas.

Monday – Dust

Tuesday – vacuum, sweep and mop kitchen and mudroom

Wednesday – grocery pick up, unload groceries and clean out fridge freezer to some degree

Thursday – my laundry (one load), water plants (Thirsty Thursday), collect trash because Friday is trash day

Friday – Really don’t want to do anything on this day!

Saturday – sheets and towels (one to two loads)

Sunday – bigger cleaning tasks with Tom as needed, meal prep

Other things I am trying/debating:

-Trying to have less so I have less to clean

-Buying the best and most efficient cleaning products. I would like a cordless stick vac and I am debating the O-Cedar mop system. I only have the kitchen and mudroom to mop and currently use Swiffer mopping pads. Is it worth it? Also, where do I store the bucket when not in use? I don’t have lots of space. We have a Dyson Animal currently for vacuuming

-I want the cleanest cleaners (less toxic) but I don’t like the smell of vinegar and I want the products to work. I love the smell of bleach. Ha!

I am open to suggestions!

Favorite tutorital to watch or IG follow?

Favorite cleaning products?


Vacuum and mop suggestions?

Do you like to clean?


Story Time

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Saturday, I went to Trader Joe’s and as I was returning home, I noticed a Fed Ex truck in my driveway. The driver carried a very big box to my front porch.

I could see it said “full length mirror” on the outside of the box so I thought Tom had ordered it for our bathroom, the new hall bathroom, or our bedroom. We had just received our new hall bathroom vanity, so it made sense.

I went inside and told Tom his box was on the porch. He said he didn’t order anything but went out to get the box and bring it inside. It said my name and address on the box so we knew it wasn’t meant for a neighbor. Tom’s theory was that I was browsing online and accidentally clicked “buy”. He also thought maybe I online shop in my sleep. Wow, Tom!

I googled the return address, but it was just the shipping center. Then, I looked up the brand Neutypechic and really liked all their mirror products, but I had never been to their website. We decided not to open it until we could figure out the mystery behind the box. I think I was planning to call the company next.

About an hour later my sister Kate texted a picture of the same box and said, “Did you get this?” Well, that solved the mystery, but why did she send it?

She said “Amazon wouldn’t allow me to put a note in it, but I would have said, ‘thank you for always seeing me and listening to me. Every time someone asks me how I got through all my mess, my answer is always – my sister got me through it.”

She wanted me to have a better mirror for outfit photos at home because she sees me and knows that is important to me.

Not a blog worthy outfit:

It fits perfectly in my bathroom in the space and with the decor. I think Tom likes having it, too!

I am still so touched.

I was given permission by her to share this. Her divorce was just finalized and the judge who decreed it via Zoom was named James Brown. She said she “feels good”! She bought her own house and is killing the single mom (shared custody) life and is the strongest person I know. I could tell you much more because her life has been like a Lifetime movie – seriously – if you have watched The Cheese Gal’s story, Kate’s might rival it. She is also an amazing elementary art teacher and kills it at work, too.

It would have been much easier for her to just keep the status quo, but she did the brave and hard thing and I am so proud of her.

I am so glad she is my sister, but if she wasn’t, I would definitely want her to be my friend.


Hello Monday

Monday, January 16, 2023

Linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, but…

I’m off today as we observe MLK, Jr. Day. I will give you a quote that hopefully you won’t see elsewhere:

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

I like that and we don’t do enough character education (if any) after middle school.

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement about my new TikTok career – ha!

I had a thought regarding it. Things that you try in life do not have to be forever. You can try something and decide you did it and move on. I guess this is not that profound, but it’s helping me to have a mindset of “this is what I am doing/trying/what is working now”. Do you have anything like that in your life currently?

Let’s go back to Friday and my 20 minute lunch! Erica was on deck for our lunch and she made a spicy whole wheat pasta with chicken, tomatoes, basil and some other stuff and it was good!

After school, we met up with Elizabeth who is starting a new job/career on Tuesday and we wanted to celebrate her.


If you are local, Spring Street Bar and Grill has reopened and the co-owner is an alum of my school. We talked about having a teacher happy hour there in a few weeks and he was excited and said he would create a signature cocktail! You know how I love to plug locally owned places. I also talk to pretty much everyone so this is how I found out.

We ordered some hot pepper cheese balls with horseradish (highly recommend) and some…

fries with a really good nacho cheese that was more like a queso that I didn’t get in the photo.

This is not a bougie place at all. The drinks were amazing and well priced. They are said to have one of the best old-fashioneds in town and it was hopping at 3:00! Love that!

My kids had a long weekend and texted that they were coming home. They wanted mediterranean from our favorite Shiraz and we never did get it over the Winter Break. I picked it up on the way home and discovered that within the location I go to there is a little Cuban bakery, also. How cool is that?

After dinner, Tom and I went to my school’s talent show. I had two students singing that I wanted to see.

And, it snowed a bit Friday night! Ernie loved it!

Saturday morning I had a nice time with a very un-crowded Trader Joe’s.

Do not buy these if you don’t want to be tempted. So good!

Finally – the J.Crew Factory opened next to Trader Joe’s. I came home with a few little things that were deeply discounted – earrings, a hat, and some socks.

When I got home I roasted some radishes. That’s normal, right? Oh – my oven died on Thursday so I used my air fryer. I’m so glad I have it as a back up.

Then, I roasted some honey balsamic carrots.

I cleaned, did laundry, did the sheets. took down the two pencil trees (sad), put up the Valentine’s decor, vacuumed, and more.

Then, I went out to TJ Maxx(for coffee syrup) and Liquor Barn (for Tom’s beer cheese). I left all other temptations in the stores, but TJ Maxx has tons of V Day decor. I was proud of myself for being content with what I had.

I came home with 4 new syrups (3 were in a pack).

While I was out, I got an offer for Tom and I to go meet our friends at a Mexican place. He didn’t feel up to it and had started some big projects late afternoon, but I still went. I wore my tequila earrings!

I got some grilled chicken with some cheese on top and some rice.

I was only out for a little over an hour.

Sunday morning felt like another Saturday!

I made myself a little breakfast after enjoying my new coffee syrup.

Then, my kids were home for a long holiday weekend and Mason and I went to a different coffee shop. Another shop, another Plato book. Should I be worried?

We spent a nice hour there while I looked at my agenda book and meal planned. I think coffee shops in the winter are absolutely divine.

When we got home, I did some low key ingredient prep, but didn’t feel the pressure to go hard with having another day off.

It felt so good to have my house in order with my V Day decor up, you know?

Then I read outside in the sun for much of the afternoon. I made Greek bowls for dinner and did a home gel mani. I watched New Girl while I did it – so good!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Friday Favorites

Friday, January 13, 2023

Happy Friday! I have had a week and you all don’t even know what I am getting ready to tell you! I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for the happiest post of the week – Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from my camera roll…

So. let’s start out with a food/meal recommendation..

This is restaurant quality soup, but it’s pricey. Remember that I am frougie. This ain’t your momma’s Campbell’s tomato soup, but I will pay for this.

Heat it up, add a few of these:

and a little bit of cheese and I clocked it in as only 4 WW points. I had a half baked potato and other vegetables for my Sunday night meal while Tom ate more.bean.soup and then texted me Monday from work that he was not feeling too good in the tummy after eating the bean soup coupled with way too much buttered movie popcorn.

Sunday late afternoon it was my turn to pick the movie (we hadn’t been in a long time) and I picked this:

I still make my own popcorn at home and use my Winona butter spray. I bring a dum dum for dessert. Hey, I like my movie routine!

Did you read this?

The movie was based on this book.

Honestly, I forgot how melancholy and dark it was (in addition to being sweet and precious) and Tom told me I never get to pick again. I cried multiple times during the movie and even cried during the previews. You know how they show you similar previews to the movie you are preparing to see?

So, I am not saying it wasn’t good, but it left me feeling melancholy. I also had a case of The Sunday Scaries facing my first 5 day week after so long.

At home, I found out I could watch this for free on Peacock, where Amazon wanted me to pay $20!

I’m not even finished with it – it was predictable and I guess I just wasn’t in the mood. I will give it another try…maybe?

The zucchini lasagna bowls were absolutely delish! I had it for one lunch and one dinner this week. Tom was kinda meh about it. Please make this! You don’t even miss the noodles! I made one of them with turkey meatballs and the other with just cooked ground beef.

My other lunch at school was Mexican lasagna. Two lasagnas, baby! I used La Banderita low carb tortillas.

Erica made creamy jalapeño chicken and it was to.die.for.

Chasing that sun after school:

It helps so much!

This is the best pen – fight me! Just kidding – tell me your favorite pen. I prefer a clickable so I don’t have to keep up with a lid.

Getting back on the Wed. or Thurs. grocery pick up routine. Things have been all topsy turvy with my grocery schedule.

Ok, I am cringing as I am getting ready to tell you this…

I have made up silly things through the years with little sayings, jingles, chants, and dances. My students have been telling me for a few years to become a TikTok teacher – what even is that? I decided to put myself out there and try it as a 2023 goal.

On TikTok, my name is just Señora Spanish and my user name is @sraspanish. I posted my first video on Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday morning I had “gone viral”. I had kids coming up to me that I don’t know saying they saw me. As I am writing this post on Thursday afternoon, I have now had 3.3 million views. I thought maybe 50 people would watch it at most.

Eeek – what have I done? Ultimately, I felt there was a need for short lessons on Spanish grammar topics, or in the case of my first video, simple pronunciation rules. And, where are the kids? They are on TikTok. What has been most surprising and really nice is that my former students are reaching out and saying sweet things like “I miss this class”.

So, I guess I went viral at age 51. So, I don’t know how long I will do this but for now I think it’s engaging my students because they are telling me what videos to make.

Did anything crazy happen to you this week? Did you have any favorites?

Please don’t watch my TikTok,


Fashion Files

Thursday, January 12, 2023

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files!

This month, I am doing Jeans January. I only have 19 school days in January, believe it or not. Erica (my meal prep partner at work) is doing it most days, too. She said, “This is painful”. Yup, it is. Both of us have tight jeans. Sad. Tight jeans feel bad.

Another challenge I am doing is 23 in 2023. I feel like we are almost halfway through the month and so far, so good. I am really trying not to add more winter stuff, but stuff that can be worn in the spring, at least. I have a feeling I am going to eat my words and be super tempted by some amazing deals.

I also plan to look at what I have and see how I can spruce it up, if needed. Does anything need to be hemmed, do I need to use a sweater shaver to make something look better, can I feel like I have new sneakers by changing out the laces? Anything got a good sweater shaver rec? Also, I have ordered new laces for a pair of sneakers that I will show you at the end of my post.

Unfortunately I did not get a full body picture, but this is what I wore to go out to eat last Saturday:

I wore a last season Loft 3/4 length sleeve blouse with my brown Chico’s faux leather pants, and my Hush Puppies nude suede pumps. I am really trying to wear both pairs of pants when I go out since they really aren’t school pants.

My tripod photos just aren’t that clear. I wore this on Monday. It is a hot pink sweater I got from an online boutique, jeans, my brown Danskos, and my new hot pink Gucci-esque bee earrings. The students really complimented my sweater.

Tuesday I wore jeans, brown Jack Rogers booties, an old suede kimono with a burgundy tank underneath.

And, yesterday I wore jeans, my new consignment Cabi blouse, and my New Balance. I wore the New Balance because a girl wanted to know if I liked them so I wore them to show her.

I saw an IG ad and it sent me shopping on the Old Navy website. Remember that I have $100 from Christmas to spend in addition to my 23 in 2023 challenge.

I ordered a cream blouse which I have been needing/wanting to wear with my brown faux leather pants. I couldn’t pass up the Vive Feliz (Live Happy) t-shirt for only $3, and the piece that sent me there in the first place…

was this…

I thought I could wear it now and into the spring.

I got the idea from Things I Bought and Liked on IG to order some green laces to put in my white leather Madewells. I wanted the laces to be shorter so I don’t have to tie them, but I think they look kinda cool.

So, that’s my fashion for the week!

What have you been wearing? Do you have any favorites of mine?


Frugal Bougie = Frougie

My French Baguette candle makes me think I’m in a French bakery!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

What is “bougie”? I think we kinda use it incorrectly in society according to this definition. My students basically say bougie for anything fancy.

I am trying to live fabulously frugal this month as I am doing a challenge called “Uber Frugal January”. I try to live this way all the time, but I needed a re-set after the excess of November-December. I try to put my money towards things that matter to me and save on things that don’t.

So I am trying to be FROUGIE!

My weaknesses:

Clothing and shoes – I really like fashion and putting outfits together!

Earrings – they always fit!

Good writing utensils – Sharpie S Gel, amiright?

Amazon – it’s just so easy and so good.

Candles – I’m basic, ok?

Lipsticks – After being masked, my lips need to show off.

Happy hours and Bougie cocktails – I’m a teacher, ok?

I don’t really feel tempted to buy:

Books – I love my library!

Drive Thru coffees or any drive thru things – I would rather spend money to drink a coffee inside the shop and I just don’t have the time to wait in lines or I don’t want to.

Housewares – I am trying to only have what I love and minimize “stuff” to make cleaning easier. I wish I was more into home decor in a way.

Some Things I’m doing:

I am keeping all my candles in one place and rotating them so they feel “new”.

I am paring down to my fave lipsticks and making sure I love them all.

I am organizing my earrings and getting rid of medicocre ones and ones I don’t wear.

I am rotating through winter clothes and getting rid of what no longer suits me. I am starting a donation bag and a re-sell bag.

I am cooking at home more than going out. What makes going out so special besides the lack of work you have to do? I like to get bread and make a dish of olive oil and seasonings like they do at some restaurants. I can use my nice plates and glasses.

I recently had a happy hour at my house with truffle fries and garlic aioli, croissants, and truffle popcorn. I really enjoy re-creating what I might get in a restaurant.

I can take a little more time for self-care. Put on those great smelling lotions, use my eye patches to de-puff, do a face mask – that kind of thing. Spa at home, you know?

I plate my food. I try to not eat standing up. I arrange my breakfast and lunch in a pleasing way.

I use cloth napkins at home. I really prefer cloth to paper and it feels nicer to me.

So, tell me now, are you FROUGIE?


Back on the WW Wagon

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Here is what I wrote about myself yesterday on the blog:

I am doing WW and have been since April of 2021. I had lost almost 50 pounds and have gained about 20 back because I started slacking and stopped tracking over the summer and into the fall, even though I did continue to make better choices most of the time. I don’t want to live and die by the WW points system and I don’t want to be obsessed, but I think it’s a great system. I am trying to get motivated again.

I just want to say that the hardest part is starting or starting over with tracking and eating healthier. I already feel better in one week. My sister Kate already has loose jeans! You guys! We can do this – together. Let me know in the comments if you are also doing WW.

It starts in the home and at the grocery.

I do not feel one bit bad about tossing the holiday junk. My body is not a trash can. I have a trash can. Or, send it to work with your hub. One teacher brought a big bag of holiday chocolate to pass around at our teacher work day.

Then, use the mindset of “look at all the wonderful things I can eat and should eat and that I love and that my body needs”.

This week I ordered:

spaghetti squash – I can make this a mexican dish or an alfredo dish or simply top it with traditional spaghetti sauce

zucchini – I am going to make a zucchini lasagna bowl

grape tomatoes – I always keep these now because I use them in my Greek and Burrito bowls. I use them on salads, too.

sweet potatoes – I love to cube and roast these

celery – I plan to put laughing cow and everything but the bagel seasoning on this for a snack

*cuties/clementines- trying to use these as my something sweet after each meal

*bananas – my morning snack

avocado – I have found that avocado toast on Keto bread makes a great after school snack if I come home ravenous.

cucumbers – I use these in my Greek bowl to make tzatziki and to have cut up in the bowl. I use them in salads.

iceberg lettuce – this is just my go to for my honey mustard salad, for my Boca burgers or Impossible burgers, and for my Big Mac salad

Greek non-fat yogurt – I make all my sauces with this and a bit of real mayo, I use this in skinny pizza dough, I use this when I make my cake that only has yogurt and water combined with a mix

reduced fat string cheese – I must eat one a day I love it so much.

won ton wrappers for the lasagna cupcake recipe – Oh my how I crave this!

*I am so happy that the new WW plan gives you all fruit for free. I knew for a long time that I needed to eat more fruit.

I think you can tell I am craving all the comfort foods in a healthier form! I haven’t gotten back to Soup Sunday, probably because Tom has a giant pot of soup in my fridge that needs to be portioned out, frozen, or something. He is sensitive about his soup (the only thing he ever makes once a year), so I am staying out of it.

I am still turning to Slender Kitchen as my go to for inspiration and recipes.

The Slender Kitchen Lasagna Cupcakes made from wonton wrappers.

Desserts and snacks are my weakness. Send me any suggestions! I think I will make my Funfetti Cake Mix and freeze some of it.

I am still trying to get 30 grams of protein at each meal which I know fills me up and helps me with those sweet cravings.

I still use Jordan’s Skinny Syrup and fat free half and half in my two cups of coffee.

I still drink my Premier or Fairlife iced coffee drink.

I am trying to drink so.much.water in my Stanley Cup!

So, in case you didn’t know, WW has a “new” plan. It is very similar to the old blue plan. I think it’s really the healthiest plan because it focuses on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. I get 23 points a day and 28 extra weeklies that I try to save for Saturdays.

Another thing that really helps me is changing what I see in my IG feed. I follow lots of WW and Healthy living people instead of decadent food accounts. I get ideas and inspiration on the daily.

Tom is also eating the way I am for the most part. He even likes cauliflower rice. Protein is important to him, too, so I think he has been pretty happy.

Get a food scale! This is how I know how many ounces I have.

I hope this was helpful? Now, give me all of your best tips!