Fashion Files

Thursday, September 15, 2022

It is Thursday and time to link up with Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

Let’s see what we’ve been wearing…Saturday we had 80 degree temps, and then from Sunday on it has felt like there is a touch of fall in the air. It has been perfect at around 70 degrees. But, the ragweed pollen is high. Ask me how I know!

I am really bad about taking weekend outfit photos, but I will try to work on that. If I go somewhere during the day on the weekend, chances are that I am in cut offs.

I wore gold Birks, cut offs, and a relatively new boutique blouse that I snagged on sale for $10 this summer to go to the flea market. I think this blouse is the perfect early fall transitional piece.

Saturday for dinner I wore a Target impulse buy blouse, light jeans, and clog sandals. My photographer didn’t do a great job capturing the entire outfit – ahem. I was in Target getting a few things and I wanted a transitional blouse to wear out that night and I picked this up. It is a little bit shorter than what I am used to, but I think and hope it worked out for me. No stomach was showing. Have you noticed how all the shirts are shorter for the high waisted jeans?

Another Target recent purchase, but it wasn’t impulsive. I gasped when I saw this style and print online. It comes in another colorway, too. I started the day with a cardigan over it. This is my type of dress and it is the Knox Rose brand, which I like sometimes. It has pockets!

This is my outfit when I don’t know what to wear. Everyone needs one of those. I didn’t feel great (ragweed) so it was perfect. These are my trusty Chico’s pants (bought for $10 at a consignment shop), a sleeveless Loft blouse that is really old, and a kimono from TJ Maxx that is really old. My clogs make me feel a bit like a garden gnome, in a good way. Several students told me I looked good? So, there was basically no effort in this outfit.

What have you been wearing lately?


Early Fall Bucket List

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Come on, you all! Let’s make a bucket list for each season. It has really helped me to be more intentional. You will notice that it doesn’t have to be big stuff at all. And, now that I am an empty nester, it’s all about ME – lol!

-rent scooters to ride with Erica and Elizabeth (this is a carry over from summer)

-decorate for fall – mainly the living room and the patio. I love having a seasonal patio.

-go to a professional men’s soccer game with Tom and friends

-sit outside for Hawaiian pizza and live music at a place we didn’t get to go to this summer

-go to the last Paristown Flea Market

-make and eat all things apple

-make and eat all things pumpkin

-use Solo Stove – I also want the cute little tabletop Solo Stove and might ask Tom for that for my birthday.

-make Fireball apple sangria – OMG! I will post recipe again soon.

-go hiking with Tom and Ernie

-walk to eat at a restaurant with Tom – we have lots of places within walking distance and we just don’t ever do this.

-do fall boating/leaf peeping on the boat maybe with the apple sangria?

-boat excursion with Beth and Bob to look for the homestead of a local author on the banks of the Ohio Riber

-boat to my hometown for art festival – weather dependent

-go to football homecoming game at my school

-go to an Oktoberfest

Tom is very excited for another Oktoberfest!

-make chili

-have people over for a German meal or chili – Our fave German restaurant closed! I had the idea to try to cook Tom’s dish he always ordered.

What is on your early fall bucket list?


Teacher Tuesday

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Happy birthday to my mom, who is also a retired teacher! She taught Art, English, Creative Writing, and did yearbook for many years.

Me in my classroom at the start of this year…

This was a requested topic, but it may be really boring for some! No offense if you want to click away!

I think it started in 3rd grade for me, but it could have been earlier. I came home and taught my dolls and stuffed animals everything I learned in school each day. We had a playroom with a giant chalkboard, too. I probably also taught my two younger sisters when they weren’t annoying me. I played piano teacher, too. My friends and I played school. I am still mad that my neighbor Susan who was one year older always had to be the teacher when she and I played school at her house. Susan was good to me, though. She gave me rides in high school before I could drive and I loved her car and wanted to be like her. She had a Nissan Pulsar. I forgive you, Susan.

For many years I abandoned the idea of being a teacher because I wanted to be a newspaper reporter and was big on the newspaper staff from 7th-12th grade. I even won an internship at the big city newspaper for a week one summer. When I started college, I wrote for the college newspaper and took photos and got paid! But, I had decided that my love for Spanish ran too deep and I was a Spanish major, Political Science minor and planned to go to law school. I am not sure where this came from. I probably thought it sounded good and I planned to use my Spanish.

I was really hung up on the lack of respect for teachers and the low pay and that is why I looked at other careers. Not much has changed, right?

Sophomore year of college came and I decided I should just try an education class while I was there and had the time. We had to spend a certain number of hours observing in a high school classroom each semester that we had an education class. I was hooked and decided to stop running from my first love of teaching. I do truly believe it is a calling.

My sisters are also teachers – one is an elementary teacher and has bounced back and forth from first and second grade and the other is an elementary art teacher. My cousin April is an elementary teacher. My aunt and uncle were both teachers. My sister’s husband is a middle school teacher. My cousin is a university professor at Ohio State. It runs on my mom’s side of the family!

So, I have taught at 3 different high schools in 28 years. I started at one for four years, then moved to another for two years, and now I am on year twenty-two at my current school. I qualified for retirement last October. I had to lose a few days due to maternity leave which puts me at retiring on October 1st. We have a couple of teachers in the same boat this year that are working in the office or subbing until their date comes up.

So, this is one thing on my mind. Will I know when it’s time to get out? Will they roll me out of my classroom? I want to go out on top like Michael Jordan. I don’t know anything about sports. Did he go out on top?

Some of the following are subject specific things. I have only ever taught Spanish, but I have taught every level from Intro to Spanish (it was a thing at one school) to AP Spanish (Spanish 5). I have taught 6 period days that last all year, 7 period days that last all year, and block schedule that only lasted one semester but were 84 minute periods. I have only taught grades 9-12.

First day of mask optional yesterday!

Biggest Problems – Lack of sleep and tech addiction. I said it. Our school schedule is not really tailored to the teen. Teens need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. They are not getting this. We start at 7:40. When kids have after school activities, work, and homework, it’s just not possible to get to bed by 10. School needs to start earlier for the younger learner and later for the older learner. What are you working for? Your job is student and your scholarship money will pay off way more than your $12 an hour before taxes. I don’t think teens need all the things they think they need. Parents think that holding a job is a good experience for their kids and it is, but should be very limited during the school year. We also have a mental health crisis. And the phone also can keep kids from getting the sleep they need. Wait as long as you can to get your kids a smart phone and then it is not theirs – it is yours as the parent that you are letting them use. It should be charged outside the bedroom at night. Use an old fashioned alarm clock to wake them up. Social media is not good and should come with parameters.

Sweet kids…

Teaching Philosophy – Learning should be fun. Spanish is fun! How cool is it that we can learn another language. Language is best learned in community. I try to have fun with it while also having a rigorous course with high expectations.

Rules – Basically I just ask that they don’t act like a jerk. Be respectful when someone is talking or presenting, clean up after yourself, respect the classroom property, etc. I let them go to the bathroom one at a time if I’m not directly teaching or if someone isn’t presenting. I don’t want them to ask me – just grab the big yellow hall pass and do it.

Routines – We do certain things on certain days and I have gotten good feedback on this. I think kids like knowing what to expect. They have certain days they look forward to. Every Monday we get new vocabulary and every Friday we have a quick quiz. Every Thursday we play a game for the last 10 minutes to help with the quiz. Every Friday we learn a cultural note from a Spanish speaking country – example, there is a whistling language on one island in the Canary Islands. Every Wednesday we do music. I do about 4-5 activities each class period. I have honed these routines over time. It didn’t happen overnight. I firmly believe that teaching is an art form; you have to find your style and be your authentic self.

Classroom Culture – I like to think we form a weird kind of family by the end of the year. You really get to know each other in a language class by nature of all that we are able to say and share in the target language. We have topics like family, friends, career goals that we talk about. It’s really cool. I also try to create an environment of feeling like it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you are trying. If you play it safe and keep using easy expressions, you won’t improve.

Cellphones – This is a tough one. My policy is that cellphones (and Air Pods) are not to be seen nor heard, unless I invite you to get them out for an activity. I expect them to be put away in a backpack (allowed in the classroom and very few use lockers anymore), in a purse, or in a pocket. I have to repeat this at the beginning of each class. Each teacher has a different policy, so I think that makes it kind of hard. I don’t want to take their phones and put them in a shoe holder. I just don’t want that responsibility. Our administration lets each teacher decide. Some teachers use phones for QR codes, Kahoot games, Google Classroom. Each kid also has a laptop. I very rarely have them take them out. I just don’t think it’s effective. I am old school. Especially after the pandemic, I have gone back to the tried and true paper and pencil for so many things. They spend hours on computers and devices after school; they only get ME and their classmates for 50 minutes. We had rampant cheating while we were virtual. Of course I use technology in my classroom, but I am the one controlling it/showing it to the class.

Other thoughts:

As I mentioned, I am a firm believer that we all have to find our teaching style and what works for us. My way is not necessarily better, but this is what works for me. I am goofy and don’t take myself too seriously.

I use jingles and songs and dances to teach things. I use silly hints and sayings to help them remember. I engage and interact with my classes from bell to bell for the most part. There is some independent time, but not much. We do pairs and small groups for certain things, but I am still directing and circulating. They need me. If learning a language by yourself worked, we would all be fluent, right?

If you have a differing opinion, that’s ok. I will listen and think about your point of view.

Teaching is a lot like parenting. You laugh, you cry, you are bone tired, and it’s the hardest darned thing you have ever done, but it’s also very rewarding.


Hello Monday

Monday, September 12, 2022

Well, it’s Monday again, I guess. Linking up today with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday…

I will truly never understand why short weeks feel longer! So, we had Tuesday through Friday, but we also had Open House Tuesday and I think that just kicked our tails for the whole week. I do have news for you all, though…it was announced Thursday afternoon that we could take off masks/go mask optional today. We had achieved “yellow” status instead of “being in the red”. Why not Friday instead of Monday? That is just how dumb this is, mkay? As an act of low key rebellion, I wore a yellow mask. That’s how I am.

So, Friday after school called for one of these…

and some of this heavenly nectar of the gods known as queso…

That evening, I finally stayed home on a Friday. Tom had a frozen pizza and some leftovers and I had some scrambled egg whites and a few other leftover odds and ends. I don’t know how to shop for two people after this summer and we found ourselves with lots of leftovers.

Saturday morning I met my friend Beth at the Paristown Flea market. We had some Paristown Punch.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

I went home and had lunch and then had to make a trip to my library. I love how they do the seasonal color displays…

Then, I had my first Target trip in a long time. This was one where I had a few things I needed, but I wandered aimlessly and it was divine.

Target is now sellling the cutest plants near the entrance. These would make a great hostess gift, no?

I was looking for this, recommended by Big Mama blog. If you have thought about buying Le Labo santal, this is a good dupe. Look at Walmart getting bougie selling the real deal? Yeah, no thanks on that price. This is located in the men’s shower gel section at Target. Love it already!

I read a bit and watched a bit of tv and basically avoided the house cleaning I needed to do. That evening we met our friends for a birthday dinner at Harry’s and watched the first half of the UK game there.

I had a very strong Old Fashioned…

The bread, the butter, the giant knife!

Their salad for the table is really good…

I split the Thai salmon with my friend…

And, the birthday boy chose the amazing chocolate cake…

It was a fun night and we were home by 8:30. I was wiped out after not sleeping great Friday night.

Sunday morning I got outside after sleeping in a bit and lit a fall candle and read…

Oh my…I could not put it down and finished it in two days. I think this is my favorite of hers.

I did my egg casserole and Amylu chicken sausages for my breakfasts this week…

It is just 6 eggs, a can of green chiles and a 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese baked at 350 for 40 minutes.

Love the sight of this…

I made our dinner for Monday night and what will also be a lunch for Erica and I…

I did the back of the Kroger cheese package but did whole wheat penne left a few things out… so I guess not really the back of the package!

Sunday afternoon was football on the patio. When you don’t have a patio flat screen yet, you bring the bedroom tv outside…

Ernie looks so awkward…

Me and my chair…

And, then it rained…

We stayed under the covered patio and it was so nice and relaxing!

So, I am not sure I can do a 5 day week, but here we go!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 9, 2022

Happy Friday! That was both a quick week and a long week, right? I am linking up with the gals here for Friday Favorites.

We came back to school after the Labor Day weekend on Tuesday and then had to come back that evening for our open house/mock schedule night. The parents are able to go to each class for 10 minutes to meet the teacher and hear a bit about the class.

So, who planned that for the Tuesday after Labor Day? The attendance was poor and we were wiped out.

But, something funny happened and it reminded me of an open house of maybe 8 years ago.

So, about 8 years ago, a student and her parents came in to hear about my class, but they weren’t alone. They had brought their pet chinchilla and it sat on a desk during the 10 minutes. They proceeded to feed it “special chinchilla pastries”. Let’s just say I could hardly focus on my spiel.

So, this year was the first in person open house we have had since 2019. A man walked by (not a parent of one of my students) and said, “let me give you this”. He handed me his business card/sticker for his singing telegram business.

I told him that I would need a sample to know if he is really worth it. He proceeded to sing me a sample in my hallway and then he said, “I don’t do break ups”.

You can’t make this stuff up. I will say that my job makes me laugh pretty much every day. The kids are so funny and then I laugh at the crazy stuff that comes from admin, too. For example, we are still in masks and we just got an email that says that the office is basically out of masks and we are kind of on our own if a student doesn’t have one. So, why are we still doing this? That’s funny, right?

I have so loved my little plant head. I want to get another one and then I think I will move them inside soon.

This is super weird, but Kroger has some amazing recipes on the backs of their products. I have had many people say they got their favorite recipes this way! So, I am going to start paying attention. Look at this – the back of the mozzarella cheese package – chicken prosciutto and pesto lasagna. I am going to use the pesto Erica gave me and change up the noodle, but I am excited to try this!

I believe this is where Jen got her pumpkin pasta recipe that is a family fave.

This is a better picture of what my new Kur polish looks like. It’s so pretty!

I did my Kroger pick up and the mums looked so pretty! I think it’s still too hot for me to try to maintain one. But, it is coming soon!

I felt like a freaking chef, you all! Erica loves Slender Kitchen and told me about this blackened fish with mango salsa taco recipe. I simply used frozen cod that I had defrosted.

I am excited to make this again. The mango salsa was so easy and soooo good!

I started this after school one day and it is cute so far. It is written kind of choppy with short sentences so I may not be able to sustain it. That really bothers me!

But, I am super proud of myself for getting outside to read instead of watching tv in the late afternoons and evenings. It has changed/helped my mental state. I feel like I have more of a day.

This is how crazy empty nester life can be. Tom started eating two of his popsicles at a time instead of one at a time. He “created a new flavor”. I took this picture to send to Jack because I bought the popsicles for him, not Tom!

I didn’t have anything social after school this week because we had open house one day and that only left two more days. Sad, right?

What were your favorites for this short week?


Fashion Files

Thursday, September 8, 2022

It’s time for another installment of Fashion Files with Kellyann and Jill.

I am still chugging along with not repeating any clothing as we are starting our fifth week of school.

On Friday I wore my “Fiesta like there’s no mañana” shirt with jeans and an old Amazon kimono. I am kinda tired of kimonos, but they are just so easy for school.

Last week to meet my friend Beth for dinner I wore my trusty black Target Universal Thread dress. I stopped at a boutique on my way.

For boating I wore my yellow coverup and my fedora, which were two of my best Amazon buys this summer.

You will notice the change of dress here on the same day. Luckily I brought a change and told my friend to also. The middle friend wasn’t on the boat yet…

Tom had slowed down and a bigger boat was going to fast and created the biggest wave and sloshed us so badly. We were drenched and so happy we had a change of clothes to wear in the restaurant. Tom said sorry but the corners of his lips were definitely curled upward.

For school on Tuesday I wore this old tunic top and white capri leggings. I switch to grey capri leggings with this when it gets cooler.

And, yesterday I wore my old rust colored skirt with a new this season bargain $10 blouse.

I am moving my things that look too summery to a different section. I know that the old rules no longer apply, but I just feel ready to stop wearing the palm prints, the white, etc.

I am reaching now for the fallish colors like in the last outfit. But, I am reaching for things that still won’t be too hot because we are still experiencing warm temps here.

What about you? What have you been wearing lately?


Weekending and Currently

Wednesday, September 7, 2020

How was your Labor Day weekend if you are in the US? Mine was great! It was really just what I needed. I am also linking up with Jennifer for Currently!

Let’s go back to Friday…

Erica and I met at Goodfellas pizza and grabbed a slice and a giant breadstick to split and took it into the speakeasy section. So cool!

I ordered a smoking bourbon drink!

This will be so cozy and perfect as the weather gets cooler.

Then, we headed to Elizabeth’s house because she was hosting a birthday party for her fiancé Andrew.

She has two dogs…



They had Jimmy John’s and…

some snacks. I brought a Mexican layer dip that was devoured. Just sayin’.

Erica and I stayed for a couple of hours before we had to head home. Her hub was out of town and Tom wanted to collapse in his chair so it worked out perfectly that we would just go.

Saturday morning there was a threat of rain so I knew I needed to do my coffee outside before that happened.

I was meeting Victoria at the Fleur de Flea vintage flea market and it was great because they had everything under cover.

We bought bought a dough bowl.

My dough bowl:

It never did rain on us! I came home and read and finished this. So cute! It was really just what I needed.

I then started this and have now finished it, too. It was just a fun read! I was so happy to have books that I couldn’t wait to get back to. It had been awhile!

Also, I wish I could just buy a bunch of this Truly flavor – strawberry hibiscus.

Mason needed a sweatshirt and went into my closet and picked my brightest hot pink sweater. It looked really funny in the candlelight. They came home and we had chicken, potato wedges, and honey mustard salad. We sat on the patio in the rain and listened to music and talked and it was lovely.

I did some meal prep Sunday morning – just 4 breakfast burritos this week. Oh yeah!

The skies looked bad, but we took a chance because we had plans to boat for Sunday Funday!

We ate at Cunningham’s on the river…

And we tooled around…

We headed to the cove and it was a par-tay…

There was a drone flying a blow up doll around. I do not even want to know the story behind that.

One of my friends posted this and I wanted to show you what that mess looked like from an inside source…

We stayed on the outskirts; don’t worry.

The guys were tired – lame! The girls wanted to keep the party going so we went to Heather’s pool. It sucks, right?

And, got in her hot tub, too!

This girl joined us…

We ordered pizza and enjoyed a couple more hours together.

Monday morning it was raining, but it was ok with me…

I made chocolate chip pancakes and felt so lucky that my twins’ birthday fell on Labor Day!

I did another yummy meal prep dish, too!

Our kids wanted to do our favorite Mediterranean take out and we watched The Bear. We are enjoying watching this with them when we can.

After cookie cake they headed back to campus together.

It was a nice weekend with lots of downtime and some social time thrown in.

Now it’s time for Currently!

Loving – I am really loving having a laptop at home and at work. I feel so much lighter with a smaller work tote. I was carting the work laptop back and forth everyday. On days that I don’t bring lunch I can get away with my cross body purse and that’s it! I am liberated!

Beginning – I am beginning to think about the cozy fall foods! I am excited to change up my meals a bit. I am thinking about chili, sausage tortellini soup that I am going to do with my own homemade chicken sausage and a whole wheat noodle. I want to try more soups and more pasta dishes with whole wheat noodles. I want to try to do some oatmeal for breakfast, too.

Ending – I will be ending the wearing and hanging of my coverups and swimsuits – yes, I hang them. I will fold them up and put them in my summer bin. So sad, right?

Picking – I tried to get excited about putting out fall decor last weekend, but I just wasn’t ready. I will be picking out some minimal decor and either donating or leaving the rest in my bins. I hate to shop for new decor each year, but my tastes have changed. I always start with looking in my bins and I am still really into my white pumpkins.

Posting – I hope to be posting some fall fashion posts soon. I want to use what is in my closet and I want to look to the fall trends and see how to make those work for women of my age.

I love these prompts. It’s fun to see how each blogger approaches them differently! Did you see Prime Purchases yesterday? I am excited to go back and read all the linked posts. I want to start writing down gift ideas for the upcoming holidays and I think this would be a great source!


Prime Purchases

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

How was your long weekend? You will hear about mine tomorrow! It’s time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. I didn’t spend much this month. I was purposely trying to cut down on my Amazon dependency and I was just busy. I feel like I used Amazon more this month for things I had no time to hunt down in stores and for things I couldn’t find in stores.

I swear by my Simply Saline and use it during every shower. I meant to get the 3 pack at Costco but didn’t, so it arrived one day later with Amazon!

I wanted to start taking fish oil but went looking for a liquid instead of a pill. This is yummy!

I really miss my hairspray. I messed up and have to wait until October. I do have one can, but the aerosol is messed up so it makes a big mess. This is proof how much I love this stuff. My account says I have purchased this 15 times! I think that is always a two pack, too!

I love my new chair! I am sorry that I talk about it a lot. This chair will see more action as the weather cools, too. It’s not too late to have a chair that you care about this much, too!

I bought a gift card for my sister. I have stopped feeling guilty about gift cards. People like them!

I love, love, love my popcorn spray. I think it makes popcorn taste better than movie theater popcorn now. In fact, I can’t eat that anymore. I have purchased this spray 10 times. Wow!

I’m old. I need a mouse. I am happy with my sea green one.

I made a mistake and bought the Kur Fortifying Ridge Filler instead of the illuminating nail concealer. But, I really like it! I also did buy the nail concealer/polish and I love it! If you want to try it, just be sure you are buying the right product. They look just alike in the bottle.

And, that is it for August! I think I did pretty well.

I was thinking about my favorite Amazon purchases of the summer and I had a few of them on this weekend. I love my fedora. I love the color and the fit. I love, love, love my long coverup and I would consider getting it in another color. It has felt so “me” this summer, you know?

I also carried this pool/boat tote.

I am still loving this strap and using it exclusively for the end of the summer.

I am also using this cream purse when I go out right now – like every time almost! Also, look at my friend in the middle. She has the exact same purse but took a Tory Burch emblem off of an old wallet and stuck it in the middle of hers! She had you fooled now, didn’t she?

I can’t quit you Amazon!

What have you purchased lately?


Friday Favorites

Friday, September 2, 2022

Happy Friday! Boy, am I glad to see this week come to an end and a long weekend ahead of me! The grind of getting up around 4:45, leaving for work at 6:45 and working all day is getting to me! Do I really have to adult? Yes, I was spoiled by summer!

Linking up with the ladies here for Friday Favorites!

First of all, some business…I will be back on Tuesday for Prime Purchases with Tanya, Wednesday for Weekending where I will share my weekend, Thursday for Fashion Files, and Friday for Favorites. I am taking Monday off for Labor Day and because my twins turn 20!

So, this week has been like starting school over again because I had to switch a study hall (I just monitored the kids while they quietly did homework) that I had into a Spanish 1 class. We have had so much demand for Spanish 1 that we couldn’t keep up and I now have a class of kids that came from 3 different teachers. I’ve spent the week creating new lessons and handouts for them and trying to teach them my routines – that are probably vastly different from the routines they had established with the other 3 teachers. I didn’t have any other Spanish 1 classes, so this was all new prep for me. I now have 3 preps, as we call them, so it’s not that it’s hard necessarily, but it is definitely more time consuming to plan and prepare for 3 different classes.

One evening I was upset with myself for eating dinner and immediately turning on the tv, so I went outside to read instead. The evening was lovely, but the mosquitos love me so much! That’s one thing I will not miss about summer. I started this – didn’t finish my last book The Spanish House – I liked it but it was slow…

This is so cute so far and my niece is named Nora, so that appealed to me, too!

The sun and the sky really changed my mood around!

One day I made cauliflower rice, AmyLu cherry sausage and roasted frozen vegetables for our lunches.

One day I made Mexican spaghetti squash bowls.

And, one day I made buffalo chicken stuffed potatoes but I forgot to take a photo. This was my week with 3 meals and Erica made orange chicken and fajita bowls. Again, we are eating well!

I savored The Pioneer Woman magazine over the weekend. It’s just so good!

I was happy that Ree talked about blazers for fall.

Kellyann, I think she shopped your closet!

And, I had thought camo was out…

I was really happy to see this because I have several camo things that I still love.

I made it to the gym twice this week again.

I stopped to take in the beautiful sunrise one morning in my school parking lot.

I had not seen my friend Beth in a long time and we have very conflicting schedules now that school has started. We met at Red Hog. This is truly one of my favorite patios in town.

I ordered the best Paloma I have ever had. If you like tequila and grapefruit, you should try this!

We had to have their fries with curry mayo. These are some of the best fries in town. I have done extensive research.

We usually just have appetizers, but we met at 5:30 and had dinner. We decided to split the half roasted chicken and corn.

It was fabulous! I love this place. They also have a little butcher shop that sells other things like fresh bread from their sister shop Blue Dog Bakery.

I love my chairs. Can one love a chair this much?

This is my chair from Walmart last year – we have two. We take these to hear music or watch outdoor plays. I also like to use it on my patio sometimes.

And, this is my anti-gravity lounger that I just replaced. Ahhhhhh…love this chair.

One night for dinner I served this roll/bread on the side and Tom was talking about how much he liked it. Tom is not a big bread/carb eater, so that is big for Tom to say that. Pick up a bag from Walmart deli. They are great as a bread on the side or for a little sandwich. They would be great for Sloppy Joe’s, BBQ, and maybe even a burger. They are only 100 calories each and 3 WW points. They have a European flavor in my opinion. What is European flavor? I am not sure but they have it. I keep these in the freezer and just take one out as needed.

How was your week? Any favorites? What are your long weekend plans?

Happy, happy long weekend!


Fashion Files

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Happy First of September! Did you see that I posted twice yesterday? I’m so tired I had forgotten I already had a post. I’m a mess. I hope that makes someone out there feel better! Ha!

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for a couple of outfits I have worn lately and for some fall prep I have been doing.

My tripod makes my photos kind of blurry so I apologize in advance. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am trying to cycle through all of my warm weather skirts, dresses, and pants without repeating.

On this day, I wore my fun and colorful Loft pants (very old) with a black tank and one of my new Target button downs. I returned my Amazon ones because I wanted a bit more room and I was in the largest size. They are a really nice material. I was sad, but then I found these from Target. I would say stick to your normal size in these and they will shrink a bit in the dryer. I went with black, white, and light blue because I do plan to wear them a lot! I have on my rain flats by Melissa because the weather was bad, but I did change into my black Birkenstocks.

Then I wore the light blue one over a simple black tank swing dress.

On this day I wore my Kohl’s white button down with my palm print skirt.

I forgot to take my photo, but I wore my blush colored swing dress with a tie dye kimono one day.

My Hush Puppies came in. Oh my word. The quality is top notch and the comfort factor just wearing them around the house seems on point.

What do you all think? They are both super comfy and I can imagine that these will be worn a great deal.

I think I have found the Universal Thread dress of fall. Remember the Universal Thread dress of summer? I bought it in black, white, and mauve?

Exhibit A:

Check out this basic dress for fall. I purchased mine when they were 30% off. I am sorry to say that ended the day after, but hopefully something else will come up.

I had to do two orders. I decided to size up because the dress is quite straight without much fabric in the stomach, hips, and booty area.

I ordered all three colors and I think it will look great with a cardigan or a blazer. I like the sleeves and the ability to layer so I don’t get too hot. Sometimes our building gets so overheated in the winter, you know?

Another factor I considered is that this dress can be worn to work, out to dinner, and can be made more dressy with heels or boots or more casual with sneakers.

I am excited to have my three new button downs and my three new dresses as we head into fall.

I am considering these:

They are Dansko so I would hope they would be super comfortable for work and play.

What have you been wearing lately?