Thursday, May 11, 2023

It’s time to link up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files. I am sorry I didn’t post yesterday – I was wiped out and hadn’t planned ahead with a topic, so I just let it go. Sometimes that is the right call!

I wore this outfit last week – old Matilda Janes, old Old Navy floral tank, old consignment cardigan.

I also wore this last week – new skort from Costco (have worn it two or three times already) and an old blouse.

Cinco de mayo outfit – Target cut offs, Coconuts by Matisse sandals, old tank, and an Umgee Mexican looking kimono.

I believe this will be my third season with these:

Derby party outfit – consignment sandals, Versona clearance pants, Old Navy gauzy top that I got at a consignment shop new with tags.

Sunday’s walking the dog outfit was my new “Shell Yeah” t-shirt.

This week at school has been Teacher Appreciation Week including a theme week. Monday was
“Summer Vibes”. Erica did European traveler and I did tropical.

And, in real fashion news…

My niece had a stunning prom dress!

And, my sister Kate looks awfully stylish, too!

What kind of fashion have you been sporting lately?

Even though I am not finished until June 2, I counted that I only have 11 more school outfits to create! I am still doing well at not repeating any items. I need to pull the things I haven’t worn yet and move them to one section of my closet.

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21 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. I agree! My spring and summer wardrobe is so colorful and my winter is so drab and depressing! Thank you so much – just trying to wear it all and school is my testing ground sometimes for outtits that I would wear in the “real world’ – ha!


  1. 11 more days! That’s exciting. I’ve been wearing a little bit of everything lately… mornings are still cool enough for long pants and long sleeves but by lunchtime I’m in tank tops.


    1. I can’t believe I only have to put together 11 more outifts after this week – this week is spirit week for teachers so the outfits are not my norm. I just dress for the afternoon now that my classroom is normal temp and not refrigerator temps. Ha!


    1. Yes – I have them in gold. They are my newest pair – 2 – 3 years old – and not as broken in as my black patent pair. I really like them but they do hurt my feet after a while if I walk in them. They are comfortable for a full day at school. I really like them and they will last you years. They are not my most comfortable pair of Birks or of any sandal I own. I have heard the knock offs on Amazon are more comfy. I hope that helps. You also need to make sure you get the correct size because it can vary in the different styles. Maybe I have one size too big? I am not sure. I am kinda in between the Euro sizes wearing both a 38-39 maybe?


  2. Only 11 more school outfits? That’s amazing!!! You do such a good job not repeating.
    I LOVE those rattan sandals of yours, I keep seeing similar ones and debating on them. I am not sure they’ll be comfortable enough on these finicky feet of mine. Those pants you wore to the Derby party are so cute!!!


    1. Woohoo! Thank you! It really helps me see I have enough!
      I think you could find some that are. These are actually pretty comfy!
      Thank you – I got my money’s worth!


  3. I’m really into the cut-off shorts right now. I have two pairs ready for summer lol.

    Love your niece’s dress and how she actually looks like a high schooler and not like she’s competing in Miss World or something LOL


    1. Thank you! I have really worn them a lot and they are quite comfortable. Thank you! Kate is mad at me because of her stomach but she always looks stylish. She told me that she hadn’t read my blog in a long time and then she goes and does it and sees her big stomach in all its glory on my blog!


    1. That was part of my Aerie order – the t-shirt and the hot pink shorts and the cream cut offs! She would love that! It’s super soft and well made.


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