Tuesday, May 9, 2023

I have been doing pretty well on the Amazon front lately, but I figured it was time to round up my purchases.

I get nervous when I get down to my last can of popcorn spray. This is seriously so good!

For the new bathroom, I ordered this toilet paper stand and I am happy with it. I even managed to put it together all by myself!

I am now using this detangling spray. I like it. I am not sure I will buy it again, but it’s fine for now.

I love these soft and nubby bath mats and have them in my other bathrooms, too.

My beloved hairspray is available again and I am so happy!

This is the fascinator I bought for the horse track.

These are the tanks I sleep and lounge in.

I needed to restock on my beloved Ashwagandha. Are you chewing one gummy before bed yet?

I found these The Drop lounge shorts for $13.

I have black, leopard, and gold Amazon Essentials flip flops now. They were $11-13 and are way more comfortable than J.Crew, but look exactly like J.Crew.

I am happy with how I did last month. I cleaned out my closet and took inventory and intentionally replaced a few things that needed replacing.

I hate returns, so I am trying to read reviews and be thoughful about my purchases. I rarely click buy right away, but let things hang out in my cart for a bit.

What have you been buying Amazon lately?


13 thoughts on “April Amazon

  1. I was just looking there for some thin flip flops on Friday, so I added those gold ones to my cart. Thanks for sharing! You’ve come across some great things, it looks like. I have a weird question…is there a comfy bra or sports bra that you love and can recommend? I’ve not had great luck at finding either, and am looking for one or two. I’m wanting something for lounging around purposes. Feel free to text me with it, if you want, if you can think of one!


    1. Oh great! Hope you like them! Ugh me and bras – I refuse to wear underwire so I think my fave is one from Amazon for everyday. I need a new sports bra badly as mine are old. Let me try to link my everyday bra.


  2. I finally cleaned out the shoes in my closet and got organized. I used the shoe organizer things I bought on Amazon months ago. I love them and am glad I finally got my act together! There are lots of great products on Amazon and I love seeing what everyone buys!


  3. I just returned a few things I had ordered from Amazon (dress, fascinator, purse, etc) and it had been a minute since I’d made a return. I haven’t been buying as much amazon lately I guess. I have some regular things I buy like my collagen. I decided to go up a whole size in the flip flops…& they arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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