Friday, April 28, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika to share our favorites from the week.

But, first, I have a confession. I have been locked out/haven’t had my personal email for a week. I have my school email, of course, and that’s quite enough. Here is the long and short of it…I have kept my email for far too long. Apparently it is part of yahoo, or Currently by AT&T and I also no longer have AT&T internet, cable, or cell phones in my home. So, I have not figured out how to get access back! I have actually been thinking it was time to switch email accounts and to really just declare “email bankruptcy” due to all the junk email I get. If you have suggestions, let me know!

I love a mimosa and I wanted to include this as a favorite. They are just so good and I think you can order one any time of day!

That face is a favorite! This was our Sunday Funday. He really does go along with most of my schemes.

I did it! I ordered a Lume trial kit and I really like it! I didn’t choose the best scents, maybe? I chose toasted coconut, baby powder (I smell like a bit of a diaper change – albeit a clean one), tangerine and cool cucumber. Has anyone else used it? Erica used it in Panama (the country) and said she never once stunk.

Some meals were favorites this week…

Big Mac bowl!

Burrito bowl!

A Greek bowl for lunch!

My new Urban Outfitters egg spoon rest!

My new Urban Outfitters shower curtain!

Here is how I boil eggs. I boil them, then I put ice cubes in the pan and shake, shake, shake.

I immediately peel and it works like a charm!

I ordered an $11 Amazon fascinator and I love it. A fascinator is much easier to wear than a giant Derby hat. It is on a headband.

This scent is to die for and I wish I hadn’t waited so long. There is really nothing “masculine” about it. You can find it at Target.

I also still love this one from Target! It smells so good!

Trying out Native face wash and I think I really like it!

And, this smells amazing.

Boujie new products for my new bathroom is the name of the game here…

So, sorry for the material goods being my faves this week!

What were yours?


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I added the Harry’s body wash to my Target list for tomorrow. Thanks for the rec! I recently have been on a body wash kick, but I only use Dove foaming body wash because of sensitive skin. I love how that bathroom turned out! I know your guys will be happy to have it back this summer. I hope you have a great day and weekend, my friend!


  2. I am a die-hard for gmail. Everything is in one place. I have two accounts LOL. One is my maiden name (what my blog is under) and then I started a new one several years ago to try to migrate things over. Honestly, I use use both and it’s ridiculous.

    I have that Eucalyptus and Mint in my shower right now. I like it a lot.


  3. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good being locked out of your email. Over the years I have lost emails when I’ve had them with the phone company and the company has sold out to someone else. I am quite happy sticking with gmail now.
    A mimosa is such an underrated drink. I love them and your shower curtain is just fabulous! I love the colours.


    1. I know – I switched to gmail and I guess I am just moving on. I still could go in the ATT store and ask them? It really is an underrated drink. Thank you so much!


  4. I love how all the products look coordinated in the new bathroom! I plan on doing that when we move into the new house. A few years ago I moved my email from yahoo to gmail due to some problems my husband had with his yahoo account (he got locked out somehow.) It was a hassle, but now I like having all my systems (calendar, email, contacts, etc) on Google services. have a good weekend.


  5. I did try the Lume products in a few different scents and did not like any of them– I figured it could have been the scents I tried but didn’t want to buy and try any more since I threw them all away after just one use.


    1. I think it really works, but I know I won’t pick the baby powder or the toasted coconut again. Erica has lavendar and ecalyptus I think? I hate that the scents turned you off so much.


  6. I love boujie bath products! I may need to get some of these to try for my guys. Your shower curtain is gorgeous! The bathroom looks great! Hope you have a fun weekend!


  7. I love the shower curtain and fascinator. I agree about a fascinator. My preference too. The pic of Tom 😆 I finally used my gift card for pedi yesterday after school and my package included a drink! I got a mimosa. Great way to start the weekend 🙂


      1. Yes! This place has a bar. Haha. I’ve only been there once or twice. My friend gave me the gift card there this time. I still don’t know about Oaks. Travis always just comes up with something…& it’s usually good. That being said, it means I order a couple of dresses and fascinators “just in case” haha I will keep you posted.


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