Thursday, April 27. 2023

I really have a lot to share today – not sure if it’s all good, but I continue my streak of mostly not repeating school outfits in an effort to be content and see that I have plenty for this season! I am linking up with Jill and Kellyann for Fashion Files.

Not that you asked, but I continue to struggle with temperatures in my classroom along with footwear. I was so cold Monday at school that I seriously couldn’t get warm until dinner time at home. And, the hard cement floors are just brutal on your legs and feet.

I think this was last Thursday – I wore my new consignment hot pink short sleeved blouse, my old LulaRoe pencil skirt, a JC Penney Liz Claiborne knit cardigan and my patent Birks. I will say that my feet were happy – Birks get more and more comfortable over time. I also wore my hot pink Gucci bee earrings. The whole outfit was built around the earrings!

Thursday night I changed into my Target black gauzy dress, my MIA dupe clog sandals from Amazon, and my silk scarf headband with my Derby earrings to go to a boutique Derby open house and to dinner wtih my friend Heather.

Friday I wore jeans, butterfly blouse, old consignment cardigan and my black Amazon Essentials flip flops part of the day and my waterproof rain clogs part of the day because it was a rainy dreary day.

Friday night I changed into this to wear to dinner and a little music gig of Jack’s. I have on my Old Navy chambray blouse, my Wit and Wisdom flares from Nordstrom and my gold clogs. The flares are petite and almost too long with the clogs. Or, maybe they are too long!

This is my cold weather Saturday exercise/errand uniform that I don’t think I have ever shown. I like to wear my 7/8 pocketed leggings, a black long sleeved (I have two to choose from), and my black fleece vest. This time I threw on a black and white gingham headband.

I bought Hobby Lobby plastic sandals!

I have been loving my Kur illuminating nail concealer. It is so easy to do myself and it stays looking nice for about 5 days.

Saturday night I wore this to our friends’ house for dinner. It’s Derby season so you gotta take advantage of the ability to wear a sweater. It was a cold weekend!

Sunday I wore the same leggings and vest and added my bright blue sweater and Derby earrings. Again, I gotta get my wear out of the earrings!

Monday, it was time for school. I wore my paisley palazzo pants that are seriously 10 years old. This is how to feel like you are wearing pajamas at work. I wore an old thin black blouse and my hot pink blazer. It was very cold outside and the temp in my classroom was crazy cold. I wished I had gloves is how cold it was. I never get cold!

The cold drove my outfit for Tuesday – I repeated Sunday’s outfit but with black pants. I wore Hokas part of the day (legs and feet hurt) and then switched to black flats.

Hoping it warms back up soon, because I want to talk flip flops! I bought the gold Amazon Essentials and then added black and leopard! They were either $11 or $13 each and I think they are more comfortable than J.Crew, but look like J. Crew. Flip flops are my summer uniform shoe. You can “class up” a simple outfit with a little nicer looking flip flop.

I honestly don’t know who these pale Flintstone feet belong to and I am also not sure why I am showing you. They do run true to size. – the flip flops, that is.




I still also have my new patent black Reefs:

So, that’s about it!

Do you have a favorite?

What have you been wearing?


P.S. – I took the final sale J.Crew white bathing suit to my tailor because it was too big and she told me it would be about $80 to re-size/make it smaller. So, I will take the loss; I took it to my consignment shop. Ironically, I had made $34 already so that was the exact price of the bathing suit. I kept the money there for use when I find something I want to buy so that it feels like I got it for free!

19 thoughts on “Fashion Files

    1. Thank you! I think that was the number one favorite of the commenters. The palazzo pants are so comfy and I hope they never go out of style. The flip flops are really good for the price. They have a nice slight cushion.


  1. I am loving so many of these outfits; you look really good in bright colors like that hot pink/skirt outfit and that bright blue top with your derby earrings. I am patiently waiting for flip flop weather come back around up here too; we had one week where it was really nice and warm and sunny and that’s about it.


  2. Wow, I had no idea tailoring a bathing suit would cost so much but I guess the fabric is tricky to work with. That’s too bad!
    Schools are so hard on the body – I swear I felt physically beat up sometimes, the hard floors then the unpredictable temps. I have a suggestion for you though, I think you should try a pair of Vionic flip flops. They are so good for your feet! They’re what all the teachers I worked with wore. I had no idea until I went to a podiatrist and he told me to get a pair. They made a difference. Protect your feet, there is almost nothing worse then foot pain!


    1. Yes, yes, YES!!!!! to Vionics! I tried on my first pair a couple of weeks ago. And I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I got tears in my eyes, they were so comfortable and exactly what my feet had been looking for. My plan is to buy a pair or two every couple of weeks until I have a complete new shoe wardrobe.


      1. Which style did you buy? I looked because of you and Kellyann and I found a pair I love for summer! I have had a pair of booties, but haven’t tried any other. I think good footwear will become more and more important to me!


    2. I know! I agree!
      Yes, they are. I looked on the website and I found several pairs I like. You and my cousin sing their praises so I will give them a try! You are totally right!


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