Monday, February 20, 2023

As many of you are sleeping in and still in your pajamas, I am trying to look professional and talk to parents. Lol! The way my district does conferences is that it is an extra day’s pay and not required. I chose to do it so I’m not complaining, plus I have to talk to parents if they need to talk to me, you know? I think it’s important and I do like a bit of extra dough!

It’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly.

Friday I came home and let Ernie out and then went to Drake’s for just about an hour happy hour. I had one of the smoothest old fashioneds and…

pretzels beer cheese and mustard to split. Yum!

I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home and got pizza by the slice and kale salad. I was in bed by 9:00 something. I am just tired at the end of a work day, you know?

Saturday bright and early the plumber came! We have been waiting and waiting and waiting…

He plumbed! Now we do trim and paint and put in the vanity and toilet.

Look at that blue, blue sky! After the plumber spent about 3 hours with us, we took Ernie down to the very high river.

We stopped in and saw the cashier at Marine Sales and Service. She is friendly than many cashiers and especially more friendly than the self-checkout cashier – me!

I put away the V Day and got out the St. Patrick’s Day minimal decor. I love it because it means spring can’t be far behind?

I made a Greek bowl for lunch and then went out and did a few errands on my list. One of them was TJ Maxx for new coffee syrup and a candle. I am super happy with what I found:

It has a wide wood wick and it smells amazing. It does not really smell like cigar because I wouldn’t go for that!

I brought home Chick Fil A for dinner – it had been a long time! I watched some tv and Tom got home around 8. He had gone to a hometown funeral visitation and I was on my own most of the day.

Sunday morning I read for a long time. I am into this – it is way different than I expected, but I don’t want to give it away.

I made 10 breakfast burritos!

I started this and I am into it!

I was able to get outside and enjoy the sun but it was super windy!

Then, we capped off the weekend with a trip to Texas Roadhouse to use up the rest of our gift card.

I was pretty good and ordered a salmon salad.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


26 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. No pyjamas here! 😀 I actually was up extra early to be able to walk to school with my oldest daughter (we split ways after a bit, but still nice). It snows again! Beautiful and white, but I’m so ready for spring!
    A lot of tv this wintery weekend… We finished Love is blind season 3 and started the new Below deck season (poor captain, it’s time for retirement!).
    I’m reading Carrie Soto is back, great even though I’m not a big tennis fan.
    I hope your conferences went well!


    1. What til you see what happens on Below Deck!
      I’m at the end of the season almost I think? Two more episodes to go?
      Walking in the snow sounds lovely but also I have had a taste of spring and I like it!
      I’ve heard Carrie Soto is not just for fans?
      It’s on my wait list!


      1. Hah, you make me curious! I love Below deck! But we didn’t finish the Norway season, I want to feel the warmth and see the sun, not our dreary climate!
        Yes, walking in snow is romantic and beautiful – but also cold and wet… 😀
        Carrie Soto shouldn’t be so good, but somehow you get sucked into it… Great author!


      2. I’m sorry! I did like the Norway season. I thought the scenery was gorgeous! I know – the downside to snow – I only like it while it’s falling and for a bit afterwards and then it can go away!
        Ha – that is what I have heard!


  2. That salmon salad looks yummy! The highlight of my weekend was the date my husband and I had on Saturday; we went to see Avatar and to check out a new (to us!) swanky steak house where we had a delicious dinner.


    1. It was really good and I had the leftovers Monday night. I think Monday night can be a good night for leftovers from the weekend! Oh, so fun – a true dinner and a movie date!


  3. That’s nice that conferences are optional and you get extra pay. Definitely a bonus! We went to Drive Shack yesterday and had so much fun celebrating birthdays(it’s like Top Golf is you are familiar with that). Anyway, I am off today and it felt good to sleep in!


  4. What a nice weekend! Lots of rest is always good at the end of a busy week. The highlight of my weekend was Saturday night and Sunday, for sure. I always love spending quality time with my husband, but I also got to see my best friend for the time in two weeks. We went from working together to never seeing each other again. It was nice of her to miss church for me! I usually wouldn’t miss church for something like that, but I really wanted to do that and I’m glad I did. I hope your day goes quickly and smoothly! I’m guessing you may be done early? Or will it go into tonight?


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad your weekend filled your cup! It was just a normal work day – 7:30-2:30. I usually go in at 6:45 so it was nice to go a bit later.
      Great talking to you! I will work on an email today!


    1. Thank you! I’m excited to decorate but it’s not quite time to buy my bathroom accessorires. They really do. The bloomin onion at Texas Roadhouse is a cactus blossom – lol – and is far infererior to Outback’s. It sounds like you had a great day off and I must admit I am a bit jealous and already tired of this week!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve never read anything by Elizabeth Strout but I really want to. That’s so interesting that your conference days are optional. Are they all that way? I love a good pretzel, and that one looks yummy. You’ve been so patient with your reno and that bathroom looks great! Hope your conferences were productive.


    1. I am into this book, but I will warn you to read the description. I know, right? Yes, we have one in the fall and one in the spring like this. I think it’s because we have a powerful teacher’s union and they do conference day on President’s Day and Columbus Day which isn’t really fair to the teachers to not get those off like the students. But, I also don’t want to do them after school or in the evenings because I am wiped out.
      I love a good pretzel, too!
      I really have…ugh. I am sure my blog readers think we are freaking crazy with our slow projects.
      Have a great week!


    1. I am thinking I need to go back and get more from this line of candles. I think they would make good gifts, too.
      I know – it really is. It’s because we have a powerful teacher’s union I think.
      You too!


    1. No – I have never read her and I am not sure why I am enjoying this. She writes (in this book at least) in short, staccato sentences and I don’t like the main character or feel that she is very developed. So, I think I will see this through because I am already 3/4 of the way through. I think I have an odd fascination with with pandemic novels because I also read Jodi Piccoult’s.
      Yes! I am so ready to get this bathroom done because I want to move on to some other projects that are bugging me! Thank you!


  6. I was up and at work today by 8AM for a professional development day. My big news is that I have a job interview on Wednesday AM for a high school reading position! Eeek!! I had to tell my principal, which she encouraged at our last faculty meeting, but it was super awkward. I’m not a good interviewer, but I remind myself that I am a good teacher and person, and any school would be lucky to have me! Ha! My fellow reading teacher is trying to hype me up! My son told me to drink a Starbucks right before, so I’m a little hyper! I’ve been at my current MS for 15 years, so you know things must be bad for me to attempt an escape!! We do parent/teacher conferences on Tues. mornings before school, usually for students who are struggling. I love your bathroom! The tile and floor are so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the finished room. Have a great week!


    1. Those are the worst! We have one of those today but the schedule looks very loose with lots of time in our rooms.
      I am so excited for you! You’ve got this! Say that your experience in middle school was very valuable and you are excited to work with high school age kids now. Don’t say you aren’t a good interviewer because you haven’t done it in 15 years! I was just thinking the other day why I continue to label myself with things like “I’m not good at this” when maybe I am? Talk about your sons who were just in high school – that will give you some street cred. Wear something that makes you feel amazing! Please let me know how it goes but I know you’ve got this!


  7. Wow, the food looks so amazing! Looks like you had a great weekend! Now I am intrigued by that book. I need to check that one out! The bathroom is looking great! I love the tile! It’s exactly how I want to do ours.


    1. Thank you! I did! I don’t know if you would like the book – for some reason I am into it. It has short, staccato sentences and I don’t really like the main character. It is about an ex-husband who whisks his ex-wife away to Maine during the pandemic (they are New Yorkers). Fair warning! Thank you so much. I think I’m going to like the new bathroom and I just want it done!


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