Friday, February 17, 2023

I will be really honest with you. I’m dragging. We have had a long stretch of school and I am ready for a break. We usually rely on a few snow days or early releases or delays, but this year we have only had one snow day so far. Our students are off on Monday and Tuesday and have a four day weekend, but teachers have conferences on Monday and a teacher work day on Tuesday. So…I hope that is the respite I need. I feel myself getting less patient and less willing to repeat myself and that usually means it’s time for an Amy Day. Ha! Don’t get me wrong… I have had a good week, too. We had a great round table discussion in four of my classes about love and friendship in high school, my Spanish IIIs made a collage about their accomplishments using a particular verb tense, and we have had lots of laughs and learning (I think!).

Here are some favorites from the week as I scroll through my camera roll…

I am linking up with Andrea and Erika!

Sunday at 5:00 was when my Valentine and I celebrated. It was perfect. We went to Selena’s Willow Lake as we had not been there in a long time. I have been cooking mostly lately so this really felt like a treat to be waited on. It is an Italian/Cajun fusion restaurant I think you would say?

They have a really pretty outdoor space when the weather is nice, but there is a train track that runs right by it so you might have your conversation interrupted by the train whistle!

I ordered a really nice sangria but I do not approve of the glassware. I am very picky about the kind of glass I get. Are you like that?

Tom and I both ordered the spinach salad with hot bacon dressing and fried onion straws. If there is a hot bacon spinach salad on a menu, you better believe both of us want that! We should have split it because it was really big.

I ordered corn meal encrusted fish fingers and sweet potato fries. They both had amazing dipping sauces. Tom had gumbo and ate my food with me, too. He decided that was enough.

We even had leftovers that he ate the next night.

My routine this week has been to come home from school and then walk with Ernie for about 30 minutes. We have both benefitted from this routine and it has been such a nice week!

I left a couple boxes of candy in Tom’s truck on V Day morning:

He was instructed not to buy me any chocolate! We don’t do gifts for the little holidays anymore but just try to spend time together. It has been freeing and I prefer it this way. Plus, I order myself something like clothing or shoes and justify it! Ha!

Ernie met a neighbor dog one evening. Isn’t he cute? I have also been walking with Tom before dinner with Ernie. We discuss our day and enjoy seeing Ernie so happy.

For V Day dinner on Tuesday night, I made pork chops, brussel sprouts, and a sweet potato that turned out to be white inside and had the best flavor!

The weather on Wednesday afternoon was my favorite!

And then today we go back to winter! But, we have mild temps for this time of year again for a stretch starting on Sunday. Maybe we won’t get any more snow this year?

Wednesday called for a skinny margarita on the patio after my walk. I know my weather app said cloudy, but it was actually sunny!

I bought a different kind of English muffin for my faux Egg McMuffins this week. They are called Bays and are refrigerated near the yogurt at my store. They are a WW point or two more but are really, really good. I think someone recommended them to me. I think sometimes you should spend a few more points to be super satisfied and take that from something that is just mediocre, you know?

Look how professional! These two girls asked me to be a guest on their class podcast and it was a lot of fun. I told them to let me know when it comes out and maybe I will share it here!

And, that’s about it!

Now, for a not favorite…

Do you remember the stuff I ordered from Vaugu? Well, it took 31 days to get here and I have been duped. I do not think that the items the models are wearing are what I received. The fit is off and the fabric is just weird. The fabric is super thin and slimy. I know that is not the right word, but it is just weird and cheap and tacky.

This top is the most tragic. It is not sewn on as it looks. It is denim printed on a sad polyester fabric.

Gosh, I hope no one ordered anything because of me. I can’t even find a customer service phone number. I emailed and we shall see. Amy, you know better. Have you ever ordered something and you know they stole the photo from a higher end company? I’m pretty sure that is what this is.

I don’t want to end on a bad note, so here are some daffodils! They are out so early and I fear they are confused!

What were your favorites this week? May your weekend be filled with non-tragic fabrics!


32 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I fear my daffodils are confused as well. I live in PA and the weather has been really mild lately. Usually in March we get a cold weather again.


  2. What a bummer about your order! I hope and pray you’re able to return them and get your money back. Have you ordered from Shein before? I haven’t and was very skeptical about them, but several coworkers have ordered lots from them and were pleased with the quality and fit of their clothes (you just have to size up normally, because their fabrics do not give), so I made my first order this week. I bought two dresses and can’t wait to see what they turn out like! If I like them, I already have my next dress picked out.

    I love that Ernie met a friend! And your dinner out sounded yummy. I have to agree about your drink glass- they could definitely choose better glassware for such a nice place. Those types of glasses have never been my favorite. It’s funny about how the details all kind of work together and that they make a big difference. I am nerdy enough to pay attention to little details…I’m glad I have a friend in you! 🤣


    1. It’s ok! I have not but my sis has. I really do want to stay away from fast fashion and start buying higher quality but I”m so cheap/frugal!
      Yes! Such a cute dog! Thank you! I really care about glassware!
      Same- I like other people that also appreciate little things – details, atmosphere, etc.
      I am going to DM you and talk about talking!


  3. We’ve been seeing lots of geese around all of a sudden and I think they’re confused too! It was 49 here when I woke up this morning… which means it’s going to get warmer and that is just unheard of here in February! I got to open my sunroof twice this week. I keep bracing for “real” winter weather but the forecast is looking pretty good. What a bummer that you don’t get any time off this weekend– I have been loving that Alec’s school had either had a 1/2 day or 1 day off almost every week this month. It really does help break up that monotony and make the month feel shorter.


    1. Yes! We all are! Winter is back here, for today. Tomorrow is sunny and 57! I opened my sunroof one day last week and it was glorious! I feel that I have such a short window with it open.
      Wow – that is crazy that they have had so many schedule changes. It makes it hard for continuity but nice for the teachers and students.


  4. I hope the two days without students are enough to get you back on track until Spring break. But maybe you need a mental health day – I bet you have tons of time!!!
    Brian bought me Crumbl cookies and flowers for VDay, we don’t do big gifts. I simultaneously wanted to hug him and kill him for getting those cookies! Ha, they are soooo good.
    I’m sorry you were duped on those clothes and I hope you can return them. Those online boutiques are a big no for me.
    Have a great weekend!!


    1. Me too! But, they are the highlight of my job – even when they exhaust me. I do – I just am the kind of teacher that likes to be there most days unfortunately. We have some that miss weekly!
      Oh nice gift though! They really are!
      I can’t believe I fell for it! I know – I am chalking this up to a good lesson/reminder for me and hopefully my blog readers, too.
      You too! I hope you have a slower weekend planned.


  5. Oh Amy, you put me in such a good mood! Bare legs and Hokas! Gah! Jealousy hurts! 😀
    So sweet with the candy that you put in hub’s car! He’s lucky to have you! ❤
    Daffodils! And Ernie! This must be my favorite post ever! 😀
    Oh, for those bad fabrics… Avoid them at all cost! I hope you will be able to return it! The clothes looked really nice on the pictures! Bummer…
    Happy weekend!


    1. You are so sweet! It put me in a good mood, too! Your time will come soon – ish! He really is! Ha!
      I know – I cannot handle a bad fabric. I will let you know what the company says.
      You too! Our winter is back!


  6. We have been seeing a lot of geese lately and the two swans that come every spring were back in our pond already! Oh pretty daffodils! I wish they lasted longer! So exciting you got to be a guest on the girls podcast! I love a good spinach salad! This was such a great post and all my love to you guys and Ernie boy!


    1. See, everyone is confused! I know – so pretty and I love mimicking that color scheme in fashion. Love me some yellow with green! That was so fun to be on their podcast! Me too – I need to make more at home. I like the spinach really chopped, though. Thank you so much Andrea! Have you ever done a skin and makeup post because everytime I read your posts I think what is her secret? Ha! You have gorgeous skin!
      I bought the medjool dates! I don’t love the taste. My co-worker said to put goat cheese inside and bacon around them. I asked him if he thought that would help my cholesterol! Ha!


  7. Oh, bummer to hear about those clothes because they are really cute in the pictures. I hope you feel a little rested and caught up after a different work schedule these next few days. Spring break is coming soon!!


  8. Tony and I say we are not exchanging valentines day gifts and then he goes and always gets me something and I dont get him anything. Grrrrrr. But he got me a beautiful new MZ Wallace crossbody bag and I couldn’t love it more. He said he was going to give it to me for my bday next month but the return/exchange time would have passed so he decided he better do it now. HA. The fish and sweet potato fries looked so good! I love me a good dipping sauce. I think the white sweet potato may have been a Yam. usually sweet potatoes are white inside and what the yellow orange ones are are the yams. or something like that. Dont @ me if I messed that up! LOL Have a great weekend.


    1. What a sweetie! Tom would not be capable of that. He would give me something very outdoorsy from his favorite outdoorsy store!
      I love a dipping sauce so much and have started making them healthier at home for my home cooked foods.
      I think you are right – Erica said it was a certain kind of yam. My Kroger shoppers don’t know a yam from a sweet potato but I really don’t care and I will cook it just the same!


      1. Lol! Target shoppers don’t know the difference either and they both taste great! Tony isn’t a wizard- he had a folder where he keeps everything i send to him for ideas for me! Then if he buys me something he has another folder that he puts that item in to! LOL! I wish he were more original and trust me- he used to be like 25 years ago when we started dating. But he’s right- if I want some thing, I just go buy it. So that does make it more difficult for him! We are at the point in our lives where we pretty much have everything we want, and we are very fortunate. And I’ve decided that I am all about the higher quality clothes, because they last so much longer than all of this fast fashion that all the influencers seem to push. I’m not above buying a couple of cute Amazon dresses for spring and summer, however. Have you discovered QUINCE? I’ll send you a link. They are fabulous!


      2. I guess I have been doing it wrong, then! We just kind of stopped buying gifts except for Christmas. I kind of like taking the pressure off.
        I agree on buying more high quality items and all the better if I can find them at my favorite consignment store that doesn’t even accept fast fashion!


  9. What a bummer about the clothes. My aunt has ordered some things that were completely different, usually from a Facebook ad I think. Glad you could find some positives even though it was a long week. 🙂


  10. I know what you mean …February is dragging on. I love that you had date night and still a special dinner for Valentine’s Day. The weather this week was perfect…until today. Brrr.
    That stinks about the clothes you ordered. Ugh. I hope you all have a great weekend.


    1. It’s just that time of the school year! It was nice. I really love having something to look forward to on Sunday. I know! It turned cold! But, it looks like it will warm up again. Remember if you ever come to Lou for a dance competition I want to try to meet up – or anything else and have a pocket of time. It would be really fun. I know you are in a super busy season of life, but just wanted to remind you.
      I know – I was duped by a Facebook or IG ad! It happens! They are good!
      I hope you do, too! You deserve it after being a sickie!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I just really enjoy reading your blog! We have almost nothing in common (well, except we both have twin boys, mine are 2 though!). I try and catch each of your posts and don’t plan on stopping!! :). Thanks for doing what your doing and being you!


    1. You are too kind to say that! I bet we could find something in common? Lol! Two is tough but it was so much fun! I think 3 might have been more challenging but I can’t remember why I thought that? Potty training? I taught my twins baby sign language around 2 but then they didn’t need it because they learned the words. We watching “Signing Time with Alex and Leah” I think it was called. They were majorly into Thomas the Train and I really feared they would have the accent and vocabulary of an old British man.
      I have often thought of doing some posts about mom life back then?
      I hope you have a great weekend!


  12. That’s so annoying about the clothing order! UGH. I feel that way about Shein. I ordered a sweaterdress once because a blogger I trusted talked about how great it was. It was itchy and smelled like plastic. It was $13. Such a waste.


    1. Yes! I was really just mad at myself. I need to stick with retailers I know and trust. I really need to stick to consignment because I really believe in the concept and I have such great options. I have never ordered from Shein and I think I will avoid anymore orders like this! Lesson learned – I hope!


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