Tuesday, February 7. 2023

I did some research on what the spring trends are going to be. Here they are along with my thoughts.

First of all, do you think women of a certain age should care about fashion trends? If you want to, then I say, Heck Yes! If you don’t, that is fine, too.

I admire women who have a classic and timeless wardrobe and that bought quality pieces that have lasted for years. I also admire the fact that they can still freaking fit in the same size!

But, I also admire a woman who looks modern and picks and chooses the trends that work for her, her body, her style, and make her feel like a million bucks.

I think that I am pretty in touch with trends because of my job. It has been so interesting to see the teen fashions through the years. I am having major flashbacks from 1994, my first year of teaching. In fact, I can pull out some photos and you would not know if it was 2023 or 1994, I bet!

Well, let’s get on with the trends, shall we?


The only brick and mortar store I have been in recently is Loft. They were full of a beautiful kelly green. Read this fashion blog if you are so inclined. I love her blog! Here is her post on green for spring.

I bought this blouse for $37 because it’s a style I like and think looks flattering and I audibly gasped when I saw it.


Heck yes! I love this shade of pink and all shades, really. I am so glad I bought my Walmart Scoop blazer last season.

HIGHLIGHTER COLORS (including more green)

Yes! I love bright colors. They just make me happy.


Oh, I don’t know. This would probably wash me out near my face, but I could see some linen pants.


That could be nice. I always like to be prepared and I have had to pare my purse stuff down in the last years of using belt bags and cross body bags.


I have seen some really cute jeans with a stripe down the side hem. I don’t know about going back to all the grommets and doodads. Remember those jeans? Tom used to wonder aloud how many couches had gotten ruined by peoples’ embellished butts of jeans.


Yes! I don’t think I have a single thing with polka dots right now. I’m kinda ashamed.


I have to be careful with fringe because I love it and I could real quickly look like I am wearing a costume.

I know I have only barely scratched the surface of spring 2023 trends. What have you seen in the stores or online for spring 2023? Do you get really excited about spring clothing?


18 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Trends

  1. I get excited about spring fashions just because that means I usually get to wear fewer layers! LOL. I do find my spring wardrobe is much brighter than my winter wardrobe too plus spring means summer is just around the corner.


    1. Yes! Yes! I feel the same. I don’t have winter, but it just makes things harder. Spring just feels like a fresh start and it makes me so happy to see colors again – in nature and my closet.


  2. I think it is important to know what the trends are and to include those we like in our wardrobes, an 80/20 split is good in my book. Keeps us fresh and modern. Timeless pieces pair well with a trendy piece or two!


  3. I knew the trend about Kelly green, because it’s everywhere I go. I love that color, and always have, and you know I recently bought a Kelly green button down that turned out SO MUCH BETTER than I thought it would. I can’t wait to wear it! I also love bright colors and have been trying to wear them more. Since I cleaned out my closet, I have gotten more wear out of all the clothes I own, because I can see every item. I also still love neutrals, though, and the oatmeal color (I guess that could be the color sand) is one of my favorites. It’s definitely one I can wear and get away with. I could never jump on the trend of embellished jeans…and I laughed out loud over Tom’s comment about them and couches.

    Pull out some of those pictures and show us, girl! I’d love to see them!


    1. It is, isn’t it? I do, too. I think you can love both color and neutrals. I don’t think I had any very embellished jeans when they were all the rage. I might have had some with a tiny bit?
      I will try to work on that!


  4. I love the floral blouse! I feel like I shop a lot but I also have many things I keep for years and years …workout clothes, jeans, sweatshirts , sweaters and skinny pants that I usually wear to school. Tops and dresses seem to be the items I donate/buy more of…


    1. Thank you! Oh yes, my leisure wardrobe is full of very old things, along with my workout wear. So, I guess I am like you. I have a mixture. I buy the most tops and donate the most tops – for sure! I am more selective with dresses for sure.


  5. I love that green blouse! I just bought a green cardigan at Old Navy that was on sale for $18. I’m happy to see the bright colors this spring especially green. I always feel like that’s a hard color to find and don’t have much of that color in my closet.


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