Monday, February 6, 2023

It’s Monday again, darn it! But, that does mean it’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly. Also, hope over to Tanya for Prime Purchases. Here is mine that I did a week too early, but I haven’t bought anything since so it’s still good! Ha!

First, let’s start with some updates:

Ernie Update:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your sweet messages a week ago about our Ernie.

I updated you all on Friday and he is totally normal, we think. My brain wants an explanation, but my heart says to just enjoy him for as long as I have him and not to overthink it. If you are new to the story, our vet said he had internal bleeding and that was why he acted lethargic and skipped one meal. They said it was most likely due to a tumor on his spleen. The bleeding had stopped and that was why he quickly acted better, but the vet said we would likely have to make a decision in the next couple of weeks. Surgery is a risky and expensive option and the vet said it would likely only buy a couple of months.

I have been hurrying home each day and giving him extra attention and walks and making more food for him. I already was boiling chicken for him to have along with his kibble. He also gets carrots and green beans. I have been making eggs and sweet potatoes for him on a few days, too.

A nap after a walk:

TikTok Update:

I am making short Spanish lesson videos each weekday and I think I am up to 17. I am having fun with it and it’s only taking about 10 minutes of my time.

Friday after school I did get to go to a happy hour. We went to Spring Street Bar and Grille which is owned by an alum of our school, so all faculty were invited. The owner wore a t-shirt from high school with our logo and made a special cocktail in our color:

I wish more had been able to come, but it was really fun anyway!

I went home and luckily had already made the meat for spaghetti. We only use angel hair around here. It’s Tom’s favorite and it’s so good!

I had my wonderful, amazing popcorn a couple of hours later and watched some tv. We started two new things this weekend: Cunk on Earth on Netflix (hilarious, dry British humor), and Shrinking on Apple TV.

Saturday bright and early was hair day!

I had done a Kroger pick up on Thursday, but I needed a few things and I cannot even remember the last time I stepped foot in Kroger! I picked up these “nuggets of love” because Jack especially would find that funny and he has the palate of a 5 year old so this is gourmet for him.

I tried my best to sit outside Saturday afternoon, but it was too cold and windy even for me!

I did manage to read my book inside, but I was sad.

To cheer myself up, I went to my two consignment stores. I bought a cute small scarf for $1.43 at Sassy Fox (it was 75% off) and I also made an appointment to sell some spirng and summer stuff later in the month.

Then, I went to Clothes Mentor and didn’t buy a thing, but wanted to show you what they have:

And, my new chambray shirt from Old Navy is already on the racks! It looks a bit lighter so maybe they had a version of it last season because that would be a super quick consignment turn around.

We found a good stick on our walk. I try to walk with Tom as many weeknights as possible and on the weekends.

I made sheet pan fajitas in the air fryer for dinner. I still have no oven and I still do not miss it. The only reason is because of my substantial sized air fryer that also bakes, roasts, and much more. We did order the oven, but it’s gonna take about two months.

I even made my own fajita seasoning. You guys, I put these in bowls and the chicken was freaking next level. Slender Kitchen has taught me so much! I am going to make my own blackening seasoning for blackened tilapia this week. I know how easy it is to throw a seasoning packet in your grocery cart, but making your own is so easy and I swear that you have all the components.

I thought I had an onion but I didn’t, so these would have been better with one!

Let the record state that I cooked dinner on both Friday and Saturday nights this weekend!

I could not keep my eyes open after watching some telly and I was in bed by 9:30. I think I made it until 10:30 Friday night. Those of you who think I have exciting weekends, have I convinced you otherwise lately? Ha!

Sunday I was up bright and early and enjoyed my coffee and my book. I still had one breakfast burrito so I didn’t feel like breakfast prepping and I think my plan is going to be oatmeal this week. I am only responsible for one lunch for Erica and I this week and that is on Friday, so I thought maybe taking a break from prepping would be good for me!

How was your weekend?


26 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Oh Ernie, I’m so relieved! ❤
    Yummy food, I need to make fajitas pronto! I agree, onion is nice with the chicken.
    So, for the weekend I kept on enjoying city life. Cabin when it's like 14°… no…


    1. Thank you – at least for now.
      Are fajitas common in Sweden?
      Learning to make your own spice blend is key if you don’t have the packets we can buy here.
      Yeah, that is too cold!


      1. Yes, both tacos and fajitas are popular here and we have the same spice mixes as in the us, Santa Maria and such.


  2. I am really praying that Ernie’s tumor is shrinking, or that maybe it wasn’t a tumor after all. I will say that I do think sometimes vets are wrong and that prayer works for animals, because the Lord knows how much we love our fur babies. Maybe he was lethargic from a little virus or something, which I also think happens to dogs. Whatever the issue was then, thank the Lord he is feeling better! I know your heart is thrilled that he’s so much better. Your weekend sounds lovely and that fajita chicken with peppers looks yummy! I also love making my own spice blends and salad dressings. Ina Garten taught me how to make the best ranch dressing ever years ago, and it’s a favorite for all my sons. I usually make it Mexican flavored with taco seasonings that I add to the mixture. All it is, is mayo, sour cream, and splashes of milk until it’s the consistency you want, then you add the seasonings you’d like. It’s delicious drizzled over fajitas when it’s Mexican food inspired!

    I am looking forward to the weekend already, because I want to go to a few consignment shops on Saturday with my mom and sister. I hope your week gets started off in a great way, my friend!


    1. I would love that to be the answered prayer. Thank you for your prayers!
      The fajita chicken is amazing!
      Oooh, I love that! It’s so amazing that you can make your own dressings and sauces and they are so.much.better. I love to grill chicken and use some ranch and buffalo sauce and have faux wings.
      I wish you good luck at the consignment shops! You know that would be my kind of weekend!


    1. Thank you – I guess this is forcing us to live like we always should, you know? I can’t see a near future without him and it makes me so sad. Do you have any good consignment shops? I’m always so shocked by what you can find. The fajitas were so easy and restaurant quality. Im telling you – I have been amazed that I can make my own spice blends!


  3. I am so glad you are getting to enjoy Ernie! This was definitely not your typical weekend, we have changed roles for one weekend only – ha!! Mine was pretty busy and I was amazed at how much I got done. Cooking at home both nights is very impressive!


  4. I didn’t do much food prep this weekend either and yet (for today anyway!) I’m not having any problems finding foods; in fact I like that it’s kind of forcing me to try new combinations of things.


  5. You crack me up about the cooking at home both nights, I usually always cook on Friday but even if we don’t go out on Saturday I make Mr. Nine get some carry out. I love to cook but this mama always needs at least one night off a week. However, your chicken looks amazing and I wish you could send it for our dinner tonight, lol. Will continue to pray for sweet Ernie!


    1. It was a feat! No, I am getting to where I do that sometimes. The restaurant food is so expensive and not even that good! Check out the recipe – it’s so easy it will be like I sent it to you! Thank you for the prayers!


  6. Glad to see Mr. Ernie acting like himself again. I’m sure he’s so very happy about all the extra loving, walks and food he is getting, lol. Agree with everyone else the chicken fajitas look so yummy. I see you use the same type of bookmarker I use……..a scrap of paper, lol. I enjoy your blog!


    1. Thank you, Ruth! You are too kind! I wish I had a pretty bookmark, but my fave disintegrated a few years ago. So, a paper scrap it is. I don’t like to dog ear the pages!


  7. I’m so happy to hear that Ernie had a good weekend. I really need to get on the air fryer bandwagon…looks delicious! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


  8. Looks like your second hand store has lots of good finds! I am also a fan of angel hair pasta. The meals look good, especially not having an oven! Glad it was a good weekend.


  9. Looks like a great weekend. The happy hour is fun…& I love that you all wore school shirts. I’m glad Ernie seems ok. I hope he keeps on feeling better. Did I ever tell you that hadley I finally went to clothes mentor? She came home with a Columbia winter coat and a UK sweatshirt. I think she could have stayed there all day. I just added those nuggets to my to my shopping list. I hope Kroger still has them. Hadley loves TJ mac & cheese so maybe that combo will be our dinner next Tuesday.


    1. Thank you! No, you didn’t! I love that the young girls embrace consignment. She scored! I hope you get the nuggets. If you have to go in to look for them, mine were in an end cap freezer. That would be a great fun and festive meal and very quick.

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