Monday, August 15, 2022

It’s link up day with Sarah and Holly. How was your weekend? Mine was really good! It was the perfect mix of social time and relaxation time, to be honest. Don’t you love it when you hit the right balance?

First of all, it started with not bringing any work home. I worked really hard during my planning to get stuff ready for Monday. Another thing I did to set my weekend up for success was to do my grocery pick up on Thursday.

Friday I wore jeans and sneakers because my dogs were barking! The hard cement floors are something to get used to again. My jeans were snug…ahem…summer cocktails and treats…

I decided that I need to wear jeans once a week to “keep it real”. I have been almost back on track for a week or so, though, and it’s rewarding to know that tracking works. When you don’t track, you can go off the rails.

I have lost all tolerance for the blasted mask!

Even though the CDC has lifted basically everything, our principal announced Friday morning that we would still be in masks this week. I’m convinced there is someone out there who wants to keep us masked FOREVER.

Some of you want to hear more about school. I don’t know if I’m up for a dedicated post yet, but I wanted to show you this. I like to totally clear out my inbox. I deal with it and then either save it or delete it. You can see that I keep it in my deleted folder if I do need to find something. Ah…a clean inbox.

We have to use an online grade recording program and I love it. It’s very user friendly. I am quite fast to enter grades, too. But, here is the hard copy I still keep with Spanish names – yes, I love to have them pick a Spanish name for many reasons – it’s fun, it helps with knowing the common names in the culture, and it helps with learning proper pronunciation. I record the grade by hand and when it is entered in my online system, I highlight it. I developed this system a long, long time ago and you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. Some teachers just print out from time to time to have a hard copy just in case, but I don’t have my own printer in my room, so this works for me.

AP had to write an essay about their summer:

The marks you see are from peer editing before I’ve graded it. The AP exam requires that the students hand write. I have them hand write a lot in class, still.

And, Spanish 3 had to write me a letter:

So, I guess I have to get to grading these today! We are doing one day of review today where they have a group and had to make a poster about a certain topic from last year. I don’t spend much time on review at the beginning of the year, but review things as we go along. I like to give them new content as soon as I can.

So, Friday after school, Elizabeth met Erica and I for happy hour. It was absolutely gorgeous out!

I had a grapefruit shandy. Have you ever had one? So good and perfect for a sunny afternoon!

We shared some fried pickles and tots.

I went home and rested up for a bit and then Tom and I headed to this little neighborhood…

for a band and dinner.

I tried a pineapple sake-tini. It was really good!

I love the ginger dressing at Asian restaurants!

Heather and Eric, our friends, met us. They put our sushi rolls together.

After dinner, we walked to the walk up window bar.

And, for dessert I got birthday cake gelato. OMG! It had pieces of cake and frosting in it, too, that I wasn’t expecting! I always get the kid’s scoop because I just don’t need that much.

Golf cart parking!

My kids were both home! They had plans to hang and play a game and they Door Dashed Royals Hot Chicken.

Saturday morning was in the 60s! I sat outside, of course!

I decided to do some meal prep and I made sausage from ground chicken. Erica found this recipe last year.

I made a veggie scramble. This was a treat after a week of faux egg mcmuffins!

I headed to the library to pick up a request and then, my cousin was in town with her mom (my aunt), her daughter, and her niece. She wanted to look for mother of the bride dresses. This is not the one she chose!

It was fun to see them for a little bit and I think I helped! She did find the dress!

I also tried these on while I was in the mall. I’m not a big Dansko person, but I do like these a lot.

I read on the patio in the wonderful weather! It is May or June weather here right now. Typically August is horrible. It looks like we will be in the 80s for quite a while.

I finished this – it was cute.

New stack:

I won’t read them all, but I wanted to have options.

We had spaghetti for dinner and I made my variation with…

these noodles from Costco.

I didn’t spend any money on Saturday! It was so nice to stay home and have dinner with our kids. I was so relaxed all day. I put myself to bed at 9:30. Lame, but I think it’s good to just go to bed when your eyes are closing. My kids were under my roof and I slept like a baby.

Sunday morning I was up pretty early and enjoyed the weather again.

I chose this to start:

I did my nails on the patio, too.

Tom invited two guys from work to come on the boat at 11, so we headed down and just as we arrived, it started raining. It was very short lived and didn’t rain on us once we got on the boat.

Our first baby on board!

Zellie is 5 months old and was the most chill baby ever. She smiled constantly and had two cute dimples. The only time she fussed was when we had been stopped too long. She liked the motion of the boat.

We went to Captain’s Quarters and I had a really good salad with salmon.

Tom ordered a comically large plate of nachos.

We came home and I read some more. One of my goals going into the weekend was to read outside! I neglected a bit of housework, but I will get it done this week.

And, for dinner some people had leftovers and some had BLTs.

It’s our first five day week with students! It’s going to be a rude awakening for the kids, I’m afraid!

What was the highlight of your weekend? I hope you had a wonderful one!


21 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I forgot to tell you! Hayden is taking Spanish this year (hadley, French!) I love the Ginger dressing too. Those salads at hibachi are my fave. The baby on boat – so sweet. I’m impressed by all you did Friday. I was in my pjs early haha The highlight for me was not having much going on..& I think this weekend may be the same! We don’t have students on Friday…so they get to ease into a three, then four, then five day school week


    1. Go Hayden! I guess I like French, too! Love ginger dressing so much and have bought a decent grocery one. The salad itself is nothing fancy. I just love the dressing! I don’t know where I got my energy Friday. I was shocked, too!
      You always do that – I love that idea of 3,4,5

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great mix, thank you! Milky white nails, so nice (and trendy)! Fun with the school info, always! I really like those Dansko shoes!
    Weekend was wonderful, it’s so warm right now so all you want to do is swim, sail and go boating! Which we did :-D.
    Today school… We have three days of PD and fixing the classroom, students arrive on Thursday.


    1. Thank you on all accounts! I am thinking more and more about those shoes!
      That is so great! It’s warm for you and a little cooler for us!
      Oh gosh – I hope you make it through your PDs!


  3. I know you were glad to see Friday come! I think if I were a teacher, I would do those same things that you mentioned as quickly as possible to ease my mind going into the weekend. I’m a “clean the kitchen before bed” kind of girl, so that carries over into everything I do. It sounds like a fun weekend! I love that little area you and Tom walked to Friday night…and that weather is perfection! We have had that same kind of weather here this weekend, which surprise me. I love when the nights and mornings start cooling off…it makes me LONG for fall! I can’t wait to be able to sit and read outside again. I really can’t do that much past early June, it gets so buggy and humid here. So the masks- after this week, you can lose them? I hope so! I know you’re tired of wearing one. My heart goes out to all of you! I hope your week gets started on the right foot. I hope that after this first full week that you get into the swing of things again!


    1. I sure was! But, I was happy! I do love teaching. It’s just exhausting!
      I just love indian summer. Can we still say that? I really want a true fall this year!
      I don’t think we can lose the masks until our school board meets again. It’s small potatoes in the scheme of things I guess, but I hate it for the kids the most of all.
      I am behind on blog reading, so will read yours soon!


  4. The Younger Wife is excellent! Probably not as “light “as some of your others but an interesting story with interesting characters. I’m so sorry about the masks… Our county went back to school last week and I was afraid for the teachers and kids (because they were in them until spring break last year) but so far nothing. I’m so thankful for that. Spending the day on the river to cap off your weekend is absolute perfection 🙂 I was in Cincinnati Saturday and surprised to see 50’s when I woke up – not ready for that….it’s only August (and flying!)
    Have a good first full week with the kids. Now it gets real! I go back to work (part time) today for the first time in almost a year….perfect timing since the rest of my kiddos move back to school this week (we moved one out yesterday). Fall is in the air!


    1. Yeah, that’s why I am waiting a bit. I’m going to be sad this week as I go back to empty nester hood, so I wasn’t quite ready to get too deep.
      I bet you were at the tennis event? Two of my co-workers were there? It was so crazy this weekend. I love a cool morning!
      Best of luck starting your job again! That is exciting!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. We got to see my aunt and her husband (who live in North Carolina), went out to dinner and to lunch, went on a hike– overall it was a wonderful weekend!


  6. Sounds like a full, fun weekend! I love that you teach Spanish. I lived in Colombia for 3 years and am just picking up Duolingo again so I can not forget everything I learned while living there.


    1. It was! Thank you! I really love the language. That is so cool! I think Duolingo is a really great program, but they will nag you if you don’t show up to practice! Ha!


  7. YES! Looks like the perfect weekend with everything balancing out nicely! Sorry about the mask- really hope the mandate gets lifted for you soon so the kids can see your beautiful face- enough is enough…your meals all look yummy and I really want to grab that beer right out of that pic- ha! 🙂


    1. It was a nice balance! Thank you! I will be saying a prayer for your surgery and please keep us in the loop so we can send those words of healing. It’s ok – it’s small potatoes in the scheme of things! That beer hit the spot – or should I say those two beers hit the spot?


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