Friday, August 12, 2022

Oh, Friday – you mean more now! Ha! I am happy today to be back and to be linking up with the ladies here for Friday Favorites!

How was your week?

Monday and Tuesday were teacher only days and we had some meetings, but we really had more time than I had anticipated to work in our rooms and to do lesson planning, copying, and things like that.

On Monday, our alumni association treated us to a taco bar. This is really easy to eat when you are trying to be healthier. I added some chips and queso on the side, but it wasn’t too bad.

Our alumni association director made churro Chex Mix for our dessert. It was delish!

I made pesto roasted vegetables Monday night.

I served it with the already cooked Costco chicken schwarma. I will not buy that again. It was just ok.

Thank you so much for the blog post ideas! A few of you said more teacher life things. Here is our beautiful auditorium with my very large faculty. I think we have 120 teachers. Yes, masks were mandatory for us that day. Some chose not to wear them.

Tom’s company lets the employees buy used technology and Tom brought me home an $80 Dell laptop. Now I can leave my school laptop at school and use this at home and I’m loving it. I’ve never had my own personal laptop – just a desktop.

I bought a cute little mint green mouse because old people can’t use track pads very well or is that just me?

Also, our library got a facelift this summer and it looks so good!

Here is my classroom ready to go for day one:

The stuff I do for them. They like to have tissues, hand sanitizer, band aids, lotion, and I added hard candy with the mask mandate. It’s the little things…

Tuesday we were on our own for lunch so Erica and I went to McAllister’s deli.

I got a baked potato and half a sandwich. It was a treat!

Wednesday morning I got up and look who was in my spot!

Year 29 photo! How is this possible? I guess mathematically it’s possible because I started at age 22 and I will turn 51 this fall. Ay caramba! That’s what we say in Spanish, you know?

I wore one pair of shoes and brought two more. The espadrilles were actually really comfortable but they only made it until 4th period. Flat sandals subbed in for the next 3 periods and then sneakers finally got to get some action for rainy bus duty. I have last period planning for the first time EVER and I got selected to help. It started pouring as the kids were looking for their busses!

Jen and I made a pact to both wear our Target Universal Thread dresses in mauve and she is also rocking the woven headband! She looks great!

We had a first day social in the library and another teacher was rocking it in the green color!

My first class of the day is my senior class and I did stations where they had to go around the room and do different things. This was my “photo booth”:

Moving around to the stations:

Beeping masks! People are saying we are one of the only metropolitan? areas in the country with a mask mandate. Maybe that isn’t true. I am really saddened to not see any faces. I had perfect attendance both days, by the way, except for one cat in The Bahamas.

So I guess what I am saying is that no one is sick. I’m not trying to be flippant about it, but the mental health is a higher priority now, in my humble opinion.

So, I have a weird expression, but this was a photo to send to Elizabeth, who quit teaching this summer. She is moving on to other things. It’s happening all over the country and it’s gonna be a problem.

I timed my makeup and hair routine without rushing and I was actually probably slower. This is my time:

Scary but final results:

Why did I do this? I just wanted to see if it was still about the same. I got rusty this summer!

I made a Kroger order yesterday morning and picked it up right after school.

I have said this before, but I really like having this chore done during the week where it’s not taking up valuable weekend time. If I do need something later, I can easily run in and it’s no big deal. For the big shop, I love a Wednesday or Thursday. I might try doing a Whole Foods/Prime delivery this weekend. I’ve been wanting to try it out and there are a couple of things I can only get there.

A major favorite is that we have been able to have dinner as a family of four! Shakespeare in the Park in the evenings is over, but there is still some daytime work. It’s been so nice. My college kids have a little over one week left at home.

Well…that’s about it!

I hope you had many favorites this week. If you or your kids started school, I am sending positive vibes your way. Give yourself grace and give them grace with this new routine! Go back to my Automatic August post if you missed it and maybe one little thing will help!


30 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Glad your first week went well. I keep checking all our school emails (we get 1-2 a day this time of year) and thankfully we’ve heard nothing about masks yet!


  2. I am so glad you survived your first week back! It’s so sad seeing kids in masks…I hope they lift that soon. I love that you, Jen and the other teacher all wore the same dress on the same day! It’s a great dress and looks so good on all of you. I love the tennis shoes you have on with it at the end! I hope your day passes quickly, uneventfully and that you enjoy every second of your weekend! (Ps. I almost bought that chicken schwarma (sp?) and almost bought it…I’m glad I didn’t!


    1. Thank you! It really is. Thank you – I have gotten my money’s worth from these dresses! I want to wear sneakers more this year. The chicken schwarma was just ok..pretty expensive for just ok. It kinda fell apart and was too moist?


  3. Yay! For a home computer…hadley has that same mouse. Love your back to school outfit. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Elizabeth and the masks. Ugh. I’m sure it makes back to school different. Love that you’ve been able to eat as a family of 4. Homer likes to take my spot too 🤣 happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. I am a mouse person too – it’s practically a non-negotiable for me! I hate seeing the masks on the kids, it’s kind of ridiculous now. I am really sorry for you all because it’s no fun. I had a dr.’s appt yesterday and they required masks. I was miserable and only there under an hour. It also just seems crazy, especially here in FL – ha! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. I never comment but I enjoy reading your blog! It’s so sad that so many teachers are leaving the profession but in many ways I don’t blame them. Old Navy has some dresses (and tops) similar to your mauve one. They have a v neck with flutter sleeves and come in floral patterns and solids. Have a great year with your class!


    1. I’m glad you commented! Welcome! I know – if I were at the beginning of my career I might leave, too. I will have to look at those dresses! I could probably use more. I realized that not all of my dresses are school day comfortable and I really don’t have many. But, at the same, I don’t want to buy any more summer clothes! I think what you are describing would work into fall with a cardigan.


  6. Thank you for sharing pictures from your school! The different stations looked fun; what was it!?
    How sad with Elizabeth, isn’t she your lunch sharing friend?
    Enjoy your weekend! (I sure will! I start full time Monday…)


    1. You’re so welcome! It was no big deal – photo booth with a few silly props, and then the rest were little anonymous slips of paper to fill in and I read some of them.
      Good luck tomorrow/today when you read this probably!


  7. I’m retired now but your pictures of teacher meetings brought back memories…teachers scattered throughout the auditorium!! And the updated library!! Oh my heart! What a place to be! I worked in our media center/library my last five years and absolutely loved it!! Congratulations on surviving the first day and your groove will come back sooner than you think!


    1. Flashbacks, right? Happy retirement! The library would be so fun, but alas, I’m not qualified. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s like muscle memory, I think!


  8. Hi Amy! I recently found your blog and your chatty, expressive writing is a highlight of my mornings now! You’re so real and relatable in what can be such an unfair and judgemental “blogland”! I had lunch with retired teachers yesterday who said there’s nearly 600 teacher vacancies here in Tampa. Sad state of affairs.


  9. Truly cannot believe y’all are masking there, no masks in Colorado thankfully. My heart breaks for those kids, enough! I have to use a mouse too, forgot it on my last work trip and almost cried. Btw, you have such pretty skin. As a woman of the same age (53, cough), I’d love to know more about your routine. Cheers to the weekend!


    1. You and me both! It’s abuse at this point and not good for our kids. I love a mouse! Oh gosh, if I forgot mine I would probably fall apart. Well, you are my new best friend. I have never thought I had good skin. My routine is really extreme laziness. I wash my face in the shower and try to remember to put a couple creams on. I will show my products in a post soon. I have a few I really like.
      I hope you had a great weekend!


  10. why in the world are you all wearing masks? So ridiculous. I would rebel and refuse. I mean…..just so dumb! We only have to wear them at the dr office or hospital. I have been at my happy place all week long and I am LOVING it so much! I hope your school district pulls their heads out of their butts. We are not in 2020 anymore people. For the love of all things holy…..stop being SHEEPLE! Blindly following…..


  11. Hi Amy! I recently found your blog and your chatty, expressive writing is a highlight of my mornings now! You’re so real and relatable in what can be such an unfair and judgemental “blogland”! I had lunch with retired teachers yesterday who said there’s nearly 600 teacher vacancies here in Tampa. Sad state of affairs!


    1. Aww, thank you so much and welcome here! Thanks for commenting, too. I agree; if something doesn’t change there will be no teachers left. The job has most definitely changed since I started, but we have always dumped too much on teachers’ plates.


  12. I’m glad your first week went well even with the masks. I love your meal prep ideas! I’m glad you get a few family dinners before the boys go back to school. I always use a mouse and yours is cute! I love when a dress or outfit is all over school. Your library looks great! Have a great weekend!


  13. Congrats on year 29 – That’s amazing! That’s so sad about the masks…hope it changes soon. The library looks so modern! Yes, I am a mouse user too. One of my kids is a whiz with the track pad and never uses a mouse…I’m always astounded!


    1. Thank you! It’s quite hard to believe. I know, right? It’s just abuse at this point. Love the new library! Mouse/mice forever! I guess it’s natural for them.


  14. I love all your back to school content!! Your classroom looks wonderful. I love how happy and vibrant it is for your students. They will love it! I’m afraid to time myself doing my makeup and hair haha– I know I have gotten rusty!!


    1. Aww, thank you! It’s hard because I want this to be my hobby and that’s my job, but I want to give the people what they want – ha! You are too kind to say that.
      I was a bit afraid to time myself, but it was all good. You should just go for it!


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