Monday, July 25, 2022

It’s time to link up with the Hello Monday girls, Sarah and Holly!

Well, this is technically my last free Monday. A week from today I have an all day in-person PD (professional development) and two weeks from day, teachers officially report to duty.

And, I hate to start this post off on a bad note…but, my district just re-instated a mask mandate for all busses and buildings (for anyone doing summer programs or already working) as of today because our county is in “the red”. But, the hospitalizations are so low and I feel that the guidelines are just outdated at this point. When I first heard this on Friday, my immediate thought was: “I can’t do this again and our students can’t do this again”. I don’t even want to hear your opinion if you didn’t teach pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-mask mandate. The masks hurt our kids and I said what I said and I will not be swayed. I cannot tell you the change I saw when we were able to lose the masks in mid-March of last year. And, the same people who say we need to wear masks also say that the masks don’t work.

I was starting to get excited about going back and all of my new ideas. Please, please, please let this be gone by August 10. But then, what if teachers just didn’t wear masks. What if we just say NOPE. Apparently every district in this country is facing major teacher shortages. What is happening? I am so worried for the education of the kids in our country.

I will say that my college kids have no problem with masking so they don’t really agree with me. But, they are only in college classes for a few hours a day with breaks in between. And, their college has not put any statement out yet. They aren’t in school for 8 hours a day anymore.

So…let’s change the topic. My breakfast Friday involved a sweet potato! Ha! That was a real 180 degree, wasn’t it? I simply microwaved my potato, chopped it up and cooked it a little more in a skillet with onions, then added scrambled eggs. Yum!

My one size smaller favorite sandals of the summer came in. Much better! These are now on sale for $7!

Friday after breakfast I went to run a few errands and was pleasantly surprised that an Aerie is coming to my favorite and easiest to get to mall which is outdoors.

This mall also got a Crumbl and I have a student who works there who said to get the app for a free cookie. I had been curious to try it, too.

And, I got this…the frosting was great but the cookie underneath was nothing to write home about.

So, I will now delete the app. Penny and Pearl’s is still my fave. Sorry, it’s locally owned!

I got 5 Guys for Mason and I because Jack was at work. I tried the burger bowl for the first time. I just ordered a junior hamburger with whatever toppings I wanted.

It was muy sad.

I doctored it up at home. I added more pickles, my own cheese, a little ketchup and mayo, and I should have added more lettuce. It was good, but you can make a better burger bowl on your own.

Because of my Crumbl indulgences, I had a salad for dinner with 30 grams of chicken!

Friday night we just stayed in. Tom had a frozen pizza and we just watched tv. Mason was working and Jack played an online game with friends.

Saturday I headed to my hometown and stopped at the cute little boutique right across the bridge.

Across the bridge is Indiana, where my hometown is.

I treated my mom to lunch and I got a buffalo chicken salad. All the salads, no?

Then, it was time for the first part of my 32nd high schol reunion! We missed our 30th due to the pandemic and then everyone voted last summer to put it off another year. Our organizer, Beth, did a fabulous job. She arranged for our classmate who teaches at our school to do a tour of what the school looks like now.

It was a nice group of about 15 people.

Me, in the gym, under the bleachers…just kidding.

No one does high school gyms like schools in Indiana. Basketball is BIG. I didn’t take a bigger photo for you unfortunately.

Our old library is now called a “Learning Commons” and there are very few books…

After the tour, I went to my mom’s to change and then we met up in the hotel lobby where many were staying. I had made a signature cocktail that was red like our school colors.

Enjoying our signature cocktail, a “Cubmopolitan”. It was one shot of Tito’s, a bit of Crystal Light cherry pomegranate powder, ice, and topped off with Diet Sprite. I will be making it again. It was good! Oh, and I had red gummy bears. We were the Cubs, by the way!

Some people chose beer!

The venue, the decor, and the food were all perfection!

This was such a sweet touch – a remembrance table for the classmates who have passed away…

I hadn’t seen this guy in probably 20 years. We were actually not that close in high school but became big buddies after college.

My high school bestie:

Class Photo:

It was a fun day!

Sunday, I baked this with Mason:


Then, my friend asked me spur of the moment to meet for brunch and I said YES!

Mimosa and coffee – yum!

I am really into this right now:

But, it was so hot that I wasn’t into reading outside I decided. So, inside it was!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


28 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Oh no for the masks! Insane! Just stop it!
    Oh yes for the sandals! 7 dollars is crazy!
    I hope I’ll get my Lessons in Chemistry soon, meanwhile I’m struggling with The Spanish Love Deception (sometimes it’s cute, but it’s sooo slooow).
    Your highschool reunion seemed perfect! How nice that you stay in touch!
    Highlight of the weekend was all four of us together Sunday and great weather. We spent it on the dock; swimming, paddling, snacking, talking to neighbors – great day!


    1. I know! Right!!!!
      I am laughing out loud with Lessons in Chemistry. It kinda reminds me of Eleanor Oliphant and something else I read in some ways…
      Just give that book up! Life is too short to struggle through pleasure reading! Lol!
      Thank you – it was fun. I wish it started earlier because I got tired. Maybe I should have had a cup of coffee!
      That sounds lovely. I need more time with my family of four this summer.


  2. Ugggh! I feel the same way about ALL the mandates at this point and not even just the mask one (though I do hate it and really keep hoping and praying the schools up here won’t reinstate it!). I thought the whole point of all the mandates, masks, testing, isolating, etc. was not only to stop the spread but to slow down the flood of hospital patients. It seems like the ‘vid has morphed enough that it really isn’t adding to the hospital load anymore and those mandates can just die out… Okay, rant over. LOL

    I had a hard time reading outside this whole week; I’d read outside for a bit and then head inside to the a/c before eventually heading outside again later. My weekend highlight was a very nice dinner out with my husband and spending an afternoon out on the lake (our first one of the year!).


    1. I am hoping things change by August 10. Our parents are livid and speaking out on social media about it. I totally agree with everything you said.
      Same – I just don’t like reading inside as much and I think I turn to tv or housework.
      That sounds so nice. We still need to re-do our anniversary. I think you will have lots more good weather into August where you live to get on the lake?


  3. Aw! Thanks for the photo of those from your class who have passed. I showed Robert the remembrance of Dennis. We appreciated that. ❤️


  4. Mask mandates ARE outdated. It was one thing when the virus was new and we were learning about it and vaccines were scarce. I was 100% on board with masks then. But now, vaccines are available to all. People have made their choices. Time to let nature take its course, and adopt this thing into the regular lineup of illnesses to look out for and protect yourself from.


  5. I’m so sorry about the masks! I hope they decide to rescind it soon. I totally understand the decision to wear one if you are a caregiver of someone who is compromised or if you are worried for you own health. I make no judgment on that, but please allow people to make up their own minds at this point! Particularly if you have been vaccinated and boosted.
    Your reunion was really nice and that outfit looked great. Was it a pretty good turnout? My HS class was huge, over 900 people so I never knew most of them and now usually around 100-150 show up. I live 2000 miles away from my hometown and try to get back for the reunions to visit family and old friends.
    Enjoy the heck out of this last week of vacation!


    1. Thank you, Nancy. Me too! I want it to be choice at this point, but even then, I think we may need to be past that because of vaccinations?
      Thank you – the turnout was quite sad. We had 220 in our class and only about 35 came. There were so many people I would have liked to have seen. I wonder if summer isn’t the best time to do it due to vacations. You had a huge class! 2000 miles away! You would win the award for furthest traveled.
      Thank you!


  6. This is EXACTLY what happened last year in July. I’m really hoping they reinstate the mandate here so parents will rise up. That (parents rising up) is the only thing that’ll create change. That being said, I’m glad I’m not going back. I said last winter that it was not worth leaving my baby with someone else all day, to drive 45 minutes, to teach in a mask where I’d be making little to no difference as a classroom teacher. What a heartbreaking few years it’s been.

    So glad you got to have that high school reunion 🙂


    1. Our parents are really rising up on social media so I do agree with you. That is the only thing that will work! There is someone who wants to keep us masked forever!
      Nope – you made the right call. It was nice to have a reunion but it was very poorly attended.


  7. I loved reading about your reunion. Ugh…I’m so sorry about the masks. It is so frustrating. Maybe the teachers should just not enforce it in the classroom. The last time I flew when there was still a mask mandate, there were so many people in the airport not masking. Everyone did on the plane, but in the airport no one was worried about being told to mask up. I hope it is all resolved soon with your school.


    1. Thank you! It’s ok – I think things might change by August 10 and the parents on social media are livid. They should be! I will not enforce it anymore. Isn’t that funny? The air on the plane is safer than the air in the airport itself. I hope you are doing well in dealing with empty nester hood. Thinking of you. My bestie’s daughter leaves for Auburn Aug.1 because of sorority stuff.


  8. I love that Meyer lemon loaf cake! I made it and my family thought it was too lemony, but I disagree! 😃No such thing as too lemony! I feel your pain with PD and going back to work. Our first day to report is next Thursday, 8/4, and kids are back 8/10. We have a new principal, and she seems kind. I hope she’s not too kind because we had some big behavior problems last year that weren’t dealt with by admin or kids were given pizza and candy if they behaved. Meanwhile the good, on-task kids get nothing. I love your salads! I agree the 5 Guys bowl was sad. And that place is outrageous, I think. I have gained a few pounds over the summer, but I’m trying not to stress about it. I’ll lose it once I go back to work. Lessons in Chemistry is good! I’ve been on a roll this summer with great books, and I rec The It Girl, The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle, and Remarkably Bright Creatures. Glad your HS reunion was fun!


    1. It’s really good and I agree, it’s not too lemony at all. I think I slightly overcooked it because it kinda tastes like cornbread with glaze. Ha!
      I love my job, but hate the beginning of the year PD, admin stuff, filling out our professional growth plan that no one ever looks at.
      Yes, you don’t want your principal to be too soft! We had one like that. I have been doing better with salads and they have tasted great this summer. I am very much a seasonal eater! I am the same. I’m trying not to stress and just stay as consistent as I can. I know my problem is too many cocktails and sweets and not enough plain water. I also need to walk more but the heat! Thanks for the book recs. I think I will finish Lessons in Chemistry and maybe only have time for one more summer book. I read all year round but August definitely is survival mode and I am so tired I just turn to tv. It’s not a good habit, I know!


  9. What a horrible way to head back into the school year. I do feel badly for the kids, and agree with you. Enough is absolutely enough, I hope the parents and students speak up and they rescind this ridiculous idea right away.
    Your reunion looks like fun! I have never attended any of mine, my graduating class was almost 700 people and I see the pics on Facebook. Maybe I’ll go one day!


    1. Yup! We will see if it is still in effect closer to August 10. Ugh! Double ugh! I hope they do, too. That is the only thing that will change it. I am not enforcing masks anymore, though. I won’t do it.
      My class was only 220 and I have been to all of them, I think. They are weird. Name tags are a must! I didn’t remember so many of the people there and then I felt bad. I have a small group I keep up with without reunions!


  10. I am so sorry about the mask mandate! I cannot imagine how difficult it is for all who are involved and having to mask for so long each day. We were never fans of it either and also felt they didn’t work, at least not the cloth type that most of us wore. The last time we had a mask mandate in our county, most of us didn’t comply and nobody said anything. I know it’s different in a school, though…maybe you could give them breaks in your class? I don’t know if that would put you in the hot seat. I hope it changes quickly!

    What a great weekend! I love the reunion pics, you looked beautiful! Your dress is adorable. That boutique had some cute things hanging in the window! I love a boutique. My favorite around here is The Paisley Rooster, and my husband always calls it The Paisley Chicken, which cracks me up. I love that they’re size inclusive at most boutiques. My sisters who live in Denver always love shopping here when they come home, because there are little to no boutiques where they live! Isn’t that sad?

    I hope you had a great last Monday…soak up these last days! I know you will. Here’s to midday cocktails and more adult swimming!


    1. I’m not sure if the mask mandate will even be in effect when we go back. I talked to a colleague in Costco and he thinks it might be just to get federal funding for something which also is wrong! Ugh!
      Thank you so much – reunions are so weird. I’m such a different person now. I love a boutique, too. That is a cute name and funny that your husband calls it the wrong name. Isn’t a rooster always male, though? Ha! We have so many little boutiques. In fact, that was an idea for one of my mornings was to hit all the ones I rarely have time for during the school year.
      We have rain in the forecast all week so I will focus on the cocktail part! Ha! I hope you are doing well this week, friend!


      1. I’m not sure our status but I know we’ve been in the red. Someone reshared that our superintendent said no mask. Prioritizing kids mental health, etc We will see


  11. I read this a few days ago but can’t post on my iPad (weird) and have been thinking about the mask thing and your school’s status for DAYS now. So, so sad. My husband said some of the offices in his company have gone back to masking too — just absolutely ridiculous!!! I can’t imagine what it’s been like in the classroom for the last several years and (selfishly) am so glad I was not a part of all of it. I couldn’t take it, that I know. Our county’s parents fought and fought and fought last year and FINALLY they dropped the mandate for the last part of the year. I’ve heard some parents on SM saying that they want to know “what the schools are going to do” before enrolling their kids this year. I get it. So glad mine are done and graduated. It’s so extremely difficult on everybody!
    We are the same age — I didn’t realize I graduated 32 years ago until you posted that — ha! I’ve never attended a reunion. . .I always sort of think I want to but I could get in touch with anyone I really cared about anyway. . .and, since I don’t live in the same town anymore. . .IDK. I DO like reunions — the group of teachers I taught with my first year (1994) all got together this year and I traveled to OH for that — but not sure I care enough about HS. 250 might have been a smaller, more intimate class though — I think I graduated with 700 or something.
    On to reading some of your other posts this week — hope you’re enjoying these last days at home. I’m with you — I want to read outside, by the pool, on a beach, or under a tree :). The only time I like reading inside is cozy under a blanket with a fire going (and then, more times then not, I fall asleep!).


    1. I really have a feeling that even if we do have a mask mandate, about half won’t mask – teachers and students – and I don’t think anything will be enforced. I know for a fact that my principal doesn’t support the mask. I decided not to worry about it yet as I have much bigger things to worry about and I don’t plan to wear a mask or if I have to, I will be very lazy about it. I hate that this is my attitude but enough already.
      I think I have been to all of my reunions. My class was 220 and the main people that come still live in the small hometown. There were so many people I would have liked to have seen that didn’t come. And, actually I would like to see the grade above and below me because I had a lot of friends in those classes.
      Thank you so much! I did manage to read a bit outside this week so that was good!


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