Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Are you ready to see what Amazon brought to my door this month? It’s time to link up with Tanya to find out…

And, stay tuned at the end, because I will about some other clothing purchases.

First up, I bought a pair of espadrilles. Amazon Essentials has not let me down yet. I really like the flattering v shape on the top of the foot and they stay on well. I think these will be a teacher shoe for me, but they will also look chic for other things, too! And, these never go out of style. Did you know the espadrille is from Spain? Fun fact from a Spanish teacher!

Then, on the recommendation of Melanie Shankle on The Big Boo Cast podcast, I bought the Goli Ashwagandha gummies. I take only one a day and usually take it between 4 in the afternoon and 9 at night. Melanie said she takes hers in the afternoon. You can take two at two different times during the day according to the bottle. I have slept very soundly, even when I was on the couch while Tom was Covid positive. Plus, it’s just a fun word to say. My kids are tired of me saying it, though.

Next up, we have the old lady Florida lip color that I really like for summer. It looks best with a gloss on top, in my opinion or else it does look too old lady Florida! But, no offense to anyone because I can assure you that they are having more fun than I did last week. This is my second purchase of it, by the way. I got this recommendation by Bev Cooks. It looks great on her.

I am using this lotion on my chin, upper lip, arm pits, and legs. I think it’s really helped my face, but I can’t tell or I haven’t used it enough yet on the other areas. It has a pleasant smell, though! I can’t remember where I read about it.

Don’t waste your money on the portable air conditioner. This was a temporary fix for my kids’ car. Their AC is now fixed. I am going to take it on the boat and see what I think.

I have only used these floats once and one of them ripped a bit in the mesh area, but it is still usable. It’s probably my fault because of the way I was getting on the float while already in the water. This style float is all the rage at the pool I go to, by the way. So, I don’t recommend this one, but I really like this style.

I needed a new sunshade for my car and I personally think this is genius. It folds up like an umbrella instead of you having to fold the standard kind all awkwardly because of the size of it. I really like this product!

Can’t live without my popcorn spray!

I love my new long coverup! And, I love my new straw bag. It does have a bit of a strong straw smell, but I think it will fade as I use it more.

So, I think I did ok this month on Amazon. I had a couple of misses but that’s alright.

I do try to not be impulsive on Amazon. I usually add to cart and then let it sit to see if I really need the item. I do not hesitate to make returns, either. I have a UPS store really close to my house and if it doesn’t work out (usually clothing), I return it.

It has been nice lately to not have to do any returns because I have limited my clothing purchases, I guess.

Now, for some other purchases…

This first one was kind of impulsive. Oops – but I do think I will wear them a lot in the fall, winter, and spring.

I live very close to a nice outdoor shopping center with locally owned boutiques and restaurants. I pop in to the shops there about once every couple of weeks. I like that they have unique things and I like to support my local businesses.

I thought these were so cute and I am really enjoying wearing sneakers to work more. There is nothing worse as a teacher than being in uncomfortable footwear all day. Well, there are some worse things, but I have learned that my feet need to be cared for because I almost never sit down and the floors are really hard concrete. Who designs schools anyway?

I am hoping to be able to wear these with dresses and skirts. I love that you don’t have to tie them!

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I am not a fan of Kohl’s. I was near one the other day, though, and saw that they had opened a Sephora inside of it! Did you know that Sephoras are now in some Kohl’s? I was looking for a particular product that I knew was sold in Sephora so I went in. They didn’t have it; it’s like a mini Sephora, by the way.

I gravitated toward the clothing and reached out and touched this white button down shirt and it was so soft and it was not as long as a typical white button down shirt is, which is good for me. I’m in love. I got it a bit oversized and I am so happy to have this closet staple in a way that I think will work for me. And, yes, I have already worn it to run an errand. That is the true test for me – do I wear the item right away?

And, you know I love a blouse. This pattern stopped me in my tracks. It is a Lauren Conrad – Laguna Beach, the reality show, you know?

The material is super soft, too.

Very bad mirror selfie:

So, I am super happy with my two Kohl’s purchases. I’m sorry for what I said about you, Kohl’s!

Now, let’s talk about Coastal Grandmother chic. I have long been a fan of linen, which is one of the major tenents of CGC. I have a bunch of linen drawstring shorts from Old Navy and I have one pair of white linen pants. I heard about the Target A New Day version on a podcast and thought I might try to add some to my closet. I ordered them in white/tan stripe and black.

Some people have said to size down, but since I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach, that won’t work for me. So, here I am in my normal size:

I am 5’4 and even with a heel, I would have to get them hemmed (which would be about $20 at my tailor) making the pants now cost $45. I also felt that the legs were too voluminous for me. I’m sorry I didn’t get a better photo of the bottoms of the pants.

I tried on my Old Navy version that are really old and I think they are much more flattering and the length is perfect on me, even though I’m short. So, I am going to check out what their version looks like for this year. Maybe I can’t do the really trendy wide leg and these work because the legs aren’t so wide. Remember that for some reason, Old Navy’s online prices tend to be better than their in store prices.

Please remember that it’s not you, it’s the clothes. I have so many different sizes in my closet right now becauses sizes just aren’t standard and I’m trying to not get hung up on the number. Also, if you shop consignment like I do, you probably need to look in the next size up because the clothes have been washed multiple times. I actually like that because you can see how they have held up. Just a little PSA if you are frustrated about this.

So, what having you been buying on Amazon lately? Any thoughts on my purchases?

Thanks for reading,


22 thoughts on “Prime Purchases + More!

  1. I have a pair of espadrilles on my Amazon Wishlist I’m eyeing and debating about ordering. I have two pairs of linen pants and one of them is a capri style that I really like.


    1. I really like these. The heel isn’t too high and the v shape is flattering. I think the tie holds well, too! I have to be careful with the voluminous legs because I think it makes me look bigger all around. I love linen material!


  2. I really like the striped pants, keep them! And the white button down is perfect!
    As you know our Swedish Amazon can’t be compared to the American one, so I don’t use it much. But I do like online shopping, I almost buy everything online now. The change came so fast, and of course covid sped it up.
    My husband ordered Ralph Lauren shorts from Macy’s to be delivered to my MIL’s address in Florida. and we asked her to mail them to Sweden. They were on sale but it turned out that it cost 30 dollars to mail them! And two weeks’ delivery time! They haven’t turned up yet…


    1. Thank you, but I took them back. They just didn’t feel right to me. The picture didn’t show quite how bad they are. I buy so much online now but I still like to see and feel clothing if I can. Yes, I was going to say that the price of mailing things – probably due to high fuel prices – is a lot, but maybe she mails you other things as well and can combine? I know you wish you were here, too, and I do, too!


  3. I feel the same way about Kohl’s in general but ever now and again I find something I really like there, it is few and far between though. Macy’s has petite sizing in their INC linen blend pull on wide leg pants. The petite ones were on sale while regular length was not. I like them a lot, no drawstring at the waist and they are not see through.
    You had some good Amazon purchases this month, I really like the long cover up and straw bag!


    1. I know and I feel bad because everytime I say I don’t like a place I get proven wrong! Thank you for the Macy’s tip. I looked online but I think I need to go in. Our Macy’s is a hot disorganized mess! I used to shop there a lot. I like the tip of no drawstring to add bulk or maybe even cutting it off. Thank you – I think those two were my favorite purchases. I have a necklace similar to yours and I wear it so much. I agree with saving the Nordstrom money and going with the Amazon version. I am kinda more excited for Prime Days!


    1. Oh, that is good to hear from someone else. I can’t swallow pills very well so I am probably getting 200 calories worth of gummies a day when it’s all said and done – lol. The linen pants are cute, but I did take them back. I didn’t feel comfortable in them. They were just so voluminous in the legs and the picture didn’t show quite how bad they were! They would work on a taller person that can maybe size down?


  4. The white button down is really chic. What brand is it? I want to look for it at my Kohls. Btw, I really enjoy your daily posts. 👍


  5. Love both the blouses from Kohl’s, you can do so much with the white linen and the colors of the patterned one is so pretty! I love the striped lines pants too but I know what you mean about the wide legs, it has to be just right.


    1. Thank you! I thought so! I returned the pants. I just felt bad in them, so that is a no go for me. I will keep looking but I do have the white ones so maybe I can just be happy with those!


  6. I’m not normally a big Kohls fan either, but our Kohls has a Sephora now too and I actually thought about going in there for the first time in years. Maybe I should check it out!


    1. You should check it out if you get a chance. The Sephora at mine was about 1/3 – 1/4 the size of the normal Sephora. They have a couple of good clothing lines – Lauren Conrad and a special Draper James for Kohl’s. We used to get our kids’ clothes there sometimes. I don’t like the games with the Kohl’s cash, though!


  7. LOVE the linen pants! I think the stripes were cute but the white are more flattering and you feel more comfortable in them so that’s always a winner!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree on the white being better for me and I did take the Target ones back. I hope they work for someone else, though. The first thing we need to ask is if an item makes us feel comfortable in our skin and like ourselves! That is so important!


  8. I agree about Kohl’s. I think they are desperate to get folks in the store with the Sephora and also Amazon returns. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


    1. I bet you are right! That was smart of them to pair up with Sephora and Amazon. And, I noticed they carry Land’s End so I guess they took over for Sears? Thank you so much, Tanya!


    1. Oh, yes! My Kohl’s isn’t that convenient and you have to walk all the way to the back of the store (smart on their part so you look around more!). My UPS store is just so close and you don’t need to box it either. Thank you – I think I will like it and wear it often!


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