Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy 4th of July! I wasn’t sure if I would re-cap my weekend today or tomorrow or if there would be a Hello Monday link up, but since my weekend was very light and tomorrow is Prime Purchases with Tanya, I decided to go ahead and post today. That was lots of words that you probably didn’t need to know…

So, last Monday night Covid reared its ugly head in our home. All of us are vaccinated and single boosted, but not double boosted. I was the only one that had had Covid (end of January of this year) as far as we know. Tom started having some symptoms last Saturday that we thought were allergies due to yard work. But, Monday night we tested him and he was positive. Mason started having symptoms on Wednesday and then we had another positive person. Jack started having symptoms on Friday and has had three negative tests, so who knows, but we are assuming he has it, too? Again lots of words, but it all boils down to lots of sick people in my house and I have been sleeping on the couch, “cooking” and making plates for people, chasing people around with my can of Lysol, and leaving the house to go get more supplies (while wearing a mask just in case), and repeat.

Friday we couldn’t ignore the fact that Ernie needed a bath. Ernie has been really confused as to why his favorite person has been living in the bedroom. Tom had enough energy to use our dog bath in our mudroom. This dog loves all bodies of water, except the bath! Very pitiful!

I made my super easy egg bake. I was almost out of eggs so I used 4 eggs, a half cup of fat free cottage cheese, and about 1/4 can of jalapenos. I baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. Yum! This is zero WW points for me.

One of my trips out was to Whole Foods. I found and bought these and give them my stamp of approval. I can have 3 for 2 WW points!

The reason why I say “I can have” is because the current WW plan is called Personal Points. There is a lot of negativity surrounding WW right now in my Instagram feed. Many have abandoned it in favor of My Fitness Pal or calorie counting or other programs because they don’t feel that it is a healthy eating plan anymore. They also feel that it is too restrictive. I get that, but I also think many plans are what you make of them. If you are in a bad cycle of eating like I was, I think it can be very helpful to teach you what you need or to get you out of that rut. So, anyway, do what works for you. I am still doing this but I am “cheating” a little bit this summer. What this means is that I am having more fruit, peanuts, pistachios, avocado, etc. that go over my points on my plan. I am also having more treats and not beating myself up over it. I don’t want to be food obsessed. It’s a fine line between planning/prepping and becoming all consumed by food. I want to only think about food when I’m hungry, but that also means you haven’t prepped. Still learning here…

And, here is evidence that I am indulging…

Have you heard of the Tik Tok Cinnamon Roll “recipe”? You just cover the can of cinnamon rolls with 1/2 cup of heavy cream and bake according to directions.

It was good, but it wasn’t the best cinnamon roll I’ve ever tried.

Friday night, Tom changed locations and we sat together on the porch.

I went to World Market and found this cute lemon tray on Friday, too!

I made “sub in a tub” for the first time. This is basically anything that you would put on a turkey sub. It was pretty good.

I was super tired of eating at home so Friday night we got Mexican take out and I paired my fajitas with cauliflower rice.

I worked on this most of the weekend. It isn’t as good as Beach Read in my opinion. I didn’t like her second book at all. So, I would say she is no longer a favorite author.

I am so happy this plant has been revived! I think it has liked the warmth outside. I was down to one green frond and then this started happening!

Saturday afternoon I made myself an “old fashioned”.

This is so yummy!

And, I read on my porch a bit before walking Ernie with Tom.

I made nachos with the leftover fajitas for Tom and I and the kids had soup.

I downloaded Tubi for free and found Real Housewives of Vancouver. There are lots of obscure housewives on that streaming service – I found Johannesburg, S. Africa, and Durban, S. Africa and I definitely had to Google the second one.

Sunday morning I made a Trader Joe’s run and found this candle and it came home with me. It smells really good even though I didn’t think it would!

Next up, I am deciding between these two:

Finally, Sunday afternoon I got out with my sister in law and it was so nice!

I picked up pizza for dinner at Tom’s request.

What about you?


20 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Thank you for posting today – happy fourth! Wish I was there! We’re having a chill day inside the cabin, raining outside… I have a sponge cake in the oven, so I’m quite happy anyway.
    I just love Ernie’s shower, he’ s rightfully spoiled (even though he doesn’t appreciate it :-D).
    No, didn’t like Beach read… I read it in Swedish and wondered if the translation was really bad since I didn’t like it…


    1. You’re welcome! Thank you! Aww, that sounds cozy and perfect for reading. I did like Beach Read, but the other two were just meh for me. Sponge cake with coffee sounds so good, too! Yes, Ernie has a good life!


  2. Ugh. I’m sorry everyone is sick. You are super mom and wife! Ernie in the bath. How sweet. I want to make sub in the tub and your egg casserole. I hadn’t heard the negativity with WW. I’ve still been plugging away. I agree w/ you…any of the plans are what you make of them! I’m glad you got out with your sister in law. I hope everyone is better soon


    1. Thank you! I am hoping we are on the mend. I hope you like those two recipes! Yes, I guess the IG people that I chose to follow to help me are all on the bandwagon. I probably need to unfollow! Do you have any good WW follows on IG?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True! Sometimes I get an idea? I bought the Ultima electrolyte stuff at Whole Foods and really like it!
        Trying a cowboy bowl tonight – mashed potatoes, beef (Trader Joe’s carnitas), corn, and French fried onions. I got this idea from Clean Eatz the new bowl place!

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  3. Happy 4th of July! We’ve been celebrating the 4th since the 2nd so plan to take it rather easy today with a family day at home. Hope everyone is on the mend!


  4. Happy 4th, hope your fellas are all feeling better! It’s good you got out with your SIL, caretaking is hard work!


    1. Thank you! I think and hope everyone is now on the mend. Yes, it was good. It made me appreciate what full time caregivers go through and how much relief they need.


  5. I’m so sorry your family has had Covid! Your post reminded me that my sons need their second boosters. My husband and I, we had ours back in April, I believe. Ours sons were up in Orlando and didn’t have their vaccine cards, and then it totally slipped my mind! Thanks! I hope everyone recovers quickly! I also read Book lovers and couldn’t wait for it to end. I actually skimmed the last 50 pages or so. Did you notice certain words in it that were overused? Like how “growl” and something about a wrinkle under Charlie’s bottom lip? This was the (first) and last of her books that I’ll read. Too many books and not enough time! I read eBooks on my phone from two different library apps, and with the due dates, it’s a real juggling act! The books get pulled even if I go on airplane mode. I know there’s someone in line for it, but a few times I just needed another hour or two to finish it. I like TJ’s seasonal candles, too, except for the peony one. I hit the Bath and Body Works sale pretty hard, so I’m going to take it easy for a while. 😄I have exactly one month until I go back for In-service days! Our first kid day is August 10! Yikes!


    1. Aww, thank you! My understanding is that you can only get second booster if you are over 50? Maybe that is incorrect? Yes, they talked about the divot in someone’s face repeatedly! So weird! And, certain types of smiles. That was a weird fixation and the editor should have caught it! I really like reading hard copies because there is no late fee anymore at my library. So, if I am a few days late nothing happens to me and nothing disappears! I can’t stand super flowery smells like peony either. I tend to like a more masculine scent. But, I can do fruits, too. Like Mahogany Teakwood is basically my dream scent. Glade Cashmere Woods, too! I know that is so weird, but I am super picky about smells. Love the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deoderant and it is now my summer perfume, too. I just don’t use perfume.
      I am on the exact schedule as you! First teacher day is Aug. 8 and first kid day is Aug. 10. Before that I have to do two PD days and set up my room so basically July is it. I have my first PD on Aug. 1. Ugh! Why do they need to start sooooo early?


  6. Glad you posted today! Sorry the sickness has run through your house – that is rough. Looks like it was a good weekend weather-wise though. Thanks for the book review – I won’t bother….there are so many others on my list!!!


    1. Thank you! I guess it was our turn and better in the summer than during finals or a busy school time for my kids. I agree – why read a mediocre book when there are so many great ones out there?


  7. I hope by now everyone is on the mend – it stinks when sickness hits. I need to try your egg bake, it looks so good. I want to go back to WW and learn the new program. There will always be the naysayers no matter what but over all the years, my experience has always been that WW is solid and really aims to help create a healthy relationship with food.
    So glad you and your SIL got out!


    1. I think so…Tom is still pretty weak and I think it hit him the hardest. I hope you like my egg bake – it is seriously so easy and it works with ff cottage cheese and I just realized that! I had been using lowfat. The green chilies in it are really good – the jalapenos were too much for me so I used them very sparingly. So, it is literally a zero point food for me. You are so right about the naysayers. WW is not going to hurt their reputation, you know? It was good to get out! I guess now I know that I am not cut out to be nurse!


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