Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Lots of blog posts are tailored to feeding our kids in the summer, but what about the moms?

I am already enjoying taking a break from my prepping of 5 breakfasts and 2-3 lunches each week, but I had a thought yesterday that I still need to do some prep – cutting up veggies to have with dip, making some cauliflower rice, or just planning ahead with having the right foods to help me eat healthy lunches.

I will be honest and tell you that I feel like I have been slacking since about Easter. I have had a sweeter tooth and I have been enjoying more cocktails as the weather has warmed up. I am increasing my exercise this summer, but I felt like I needed to get back to basics with tracking, so I buckled down on Monday. I don’t want to obsess, but I know that I need to track my WW points a little bit more strictly because I haven’t reached my ultimate goal.

I am doing the WW Personal Points, but basically I am trying to eat lower carb/higher protein. I am reducing my sugar, processed foods, and trying to eat high fiber. So, I think these tips will help anyone just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Some people think it’s easier to eat well in the summer because of the abundance of fresh vegetables, but I have more time and freedom in the summer to eat whatever I want and it’s always been harder for me, I think!

By eating a really good breakfast and lunch, I can save my calories for those happy hours and dinners out that I want to enjoy. I still am ordering smarter than I have ever ordered before (except for french fries – my nemesis!)

So, maybe this post is more for me than for you! I am getting back to the basics that helped me lose 60 pounds…

First of all, let’s talk staples and condiments to have on hand:

mustard, dill pickles, ranch powder to mix with plain non-fat Greek yogurt, buffalo sauce, Laughing Cow cheese to spread on bread or a low carb tortilla, La Banderita low carb tortillas, Keto buns, Keto bread, slimwiches or bagel thins, frozen cauliflower rice in place of regular rice, quinoa – these are a few of my MUST HAVES. And, my favorite snack foods are popcorn, string cheese, and Dum Dum suckers.

I am also trying to reduce food waste, so I keep a list of possible lunches on my memo board in my kitchen. I also do this for my kids so they know what they need to eat/make for their breakfasts/lunches.

I always keep the Boca burgers and the Boca “chicken” patties in my freezer. I think both of them taste amazing and I have said before that I am not willing to sacrifice taste. I will only eat foods I enjoy! I also make it a point to always plate my food and sit down to eat.

I make a faux Chick Fil A sandwich and this is 5 points for me.

I have really been enjoying these chopped salad mixes lately. I just use the mix as is – sometimes reducing the nuts or the crouton elements and I add…

grilled chicken to make it higher in protein and more filling. Yum! I also added extra dill pickles to this. The variety of these salads is amazing. If you haven’t gone in to your grocery lately, check these out.

Here is the kale salad where I added chicken.

Laughing Cow is so good – I spread it on a tortilla or I use it to make a pasta sauce. I put it on a cracker or celery, too. It is also an element of my buffalo chicken dip.

These sandwich thins are really good. They are big!

Here is my favorite summer sandwich:

For this recipe, you can add as many things as you like, but this is my favorite combo.

-Slimwiches or bagel thins or any bread of your choice (This slimwich is 4 WW points for me)

-garden vegetable cream cheese

-thinly sliced tomato

-thinly sliced cucumber

You can add pickles, banana peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, or anything really!

Spread both slides of your bread with a thin layer of the garden vegetable cream cheese.

Add your vegetables.

Cut in half and enjoy!

It just tastes so good in the summer!

I am sure this won’t be my last summer lunch ideas post, but that’s it for today!

What are your go-to summer lunches and do you struggle with this?

Thanks for reading,


11 thoughts on “Summer Mom Lunches

  1. Mmm, that sandwich looks yummy! And laughing cow; I must buy that, haven’t had it for ages.
    We are not big on summer lunches, it tends to float together with a late breakfast. But if we have friends over at the cabin I love to put whole chicken filets on the grill (only marinated in vol and soy sauce) and serve it with mixed salad and a potato salad (potatoes, creme fraiche, dijon, salt, pepper, red onion and chive).
    Please post more ideas for summer lunch! Even if I have two weeks left of school…


    1. Thank you! Can you get Laughing Cow in Sweden? I tend to only do two meals on weekends, too, but girl, I like my 3 meals a day. I don’t like to miss a chance to have a meal, you know? That sounds like the perfect entertaining meal. I will – I will also always show what I have been eating on my Friday Favorites and Hello Monday because those are highlights!


      1. Ha ha, yes, meals ARE a highlight! But I’m more like a boa constrictor; I eat a lot a few times a day…!


  2. I have been struggling this spring too; eating far too many sweet treats and meals out (which I find so much harder to allocate for when it crops up last minute!). Your sandwich looks delicious!


  3. I love the Boca chicken patties! I just discovered them when I bought a package on sale. My sons love them, too, and I’m happy to stop buying Tyson chicken patties. Way too much breading! The Boca ingredients are SO much cleaner! I’m going to try the sandwich thins. I don’t like a lot of bread or bun with my sandwich. Thanks! For sandwiches, I like tuna drained and mixed with a little mayo, dried cranberries and diced walnuts or almonds. I also like rotisserie chicken chopped up with a little mayo, curry powder, dried cranberries and almonds/walnuts. So good! I also like overnight oats. When I make it, I do the PB&J one with lots of fresh fruit on top. I eat half for breakfast and half for lunch. I hear you on having too much freedom to eat in the summer. I need to stick to 3 meals a day and stop all the treats!😃


    1. Aren’t they good? I haven’t wasted them on my family yet! I think you would like either the sandwich thins or the bagel thins and they can make good buns for the Boca chicken or burgers. I like tuna with not much mayo, too. Tom likes lots of light Miracle Whip. I need to try overnight oats. Yes, the food freedom can be a problem, but I have been tracking and that helps to keep me accountable.


  4. Great ideas Amy! I’m definitely going to do the veggie sandwich, maybe add lettuce or sprouts. I’ve been using the Killer Dave bread that is thin sliced and need to mix things up a bit with the sandwich thins. It might sound old fashioned, but I like cottage cheese and some fruit for lunch, maybe some crackers too. Right now strawberries are pretty nice here. Me too on the sweet tooth, it’s been since April when we went to Maui, all those pina colada’s by the pool. I’m stocking up lots of fruit and hopefully that will get me on the right track.


    1. Thank you! Yes, those could definitely be added. I am a bit of a minimalist with this sandwich. I couldn’t find the veggie cream cheese so I bought chive and onion and I think it will be good, too. Cottage cheese is a great source of protein and many nutritionists are recommending it today! Not old fashioned. I don’t love fruit, sadly. But, it is a great option for a sweet something after dinner. I sometimes have a few chocolate chips, too!


  5. So many awesome ideas. You are doing an amazing job! I want to try that dill pickle salad & the chicken boca (do you get those at Kroger ?) I always save any post you write with food ideas!


    1. Thank you! But, don’t give me any credit yet. I got really lazy. The Boca and the Taylor Farm salad mixes should be at your Kroger. I hope you like them!


  6. it all looks so good! I love Boca burgers too and enjoy them as a lattice wrap. Love Laughing cow wedges and I put them on celery. I also eat cut up fruit, apples, and make a dip out of vanilla greek yogurt and powdered PB fit peanut butter. I love vanilla greek yogurt with berries and a little granola for a breakfast or snack at night. I am on a healthy egg roll in a bowl kick and have had that to use for my lunches too. I make extra grilled chicken on the weekends and cut up and add to my salad mixes too. I also hard boil eggs to keep on hand and snack on if I get hungry in the afternoon. I am so active with my working out that sometimes I have a hard time getting enough protein in. I have had to push reset this week too. I was getting a little too lackadaisical and I needed to reign myself back in. Its all a part of life and living and doing things. I take it in stride and don’t get too hard on myself anymore. enjoy your summer!


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