Tuesday, June 7, 2022

It’s time once again to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. I feel like sometimes it saves me money (because when you go in certain stores for one item – ahem, Target – you come out with a cart full of stuff that spoke to you) and I know it saves me time. But, it’s just so easy and so tempting. If an item is a want rather than a need, I do try to have a waiting period before I click “buy”. Do you do that, too?

I only had two of these glasses and I had been wanting to add two more because I knew of a couple of times that I would be having two friends over. I love these glasses!

I am really pleased with the quality of this brand of rug. I love the pattern and this is what I used in my bathroom and in the hallway outside of the bathroom.

I am enjoying my fat free half and half and this syrup combo in my morning coffees. Starbucks who? Seriously, I really don’t feel the need to go there anymore. I have a couple of gift cards that I plan to use for their tumblers for my iced coffee.

Ok, now I have worn this suit and I am super impressed with the quality. I have not washed it yet, but I plan to today. The green colorway is on sale for $18, too!

I have also now worn these clog sandals and I approve.

My bff’s daughter is having a graduation party this week and is attending Auburn in the fall. I wanted to get her a gift rather than money so here is what I picked for her.

I got her my clear purse, my Gucci-esque strap, a strap in Auburn colors, and an Auburn wristlet. I figured she could take the purse to the games and any concerts she attends. And, the straps give her some versatility. The wristlet might even fit in the bag, but I intended for her to use that alone. I hope she likes it!

And, finally…I needed my fix! I haven’t been able to find cake batter anywhere in person in a long time!

So, what have you been ordering lately? Do you love Amazon?


10 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. Believe it or not, I don’t have a Prime membership. I’m not much of a shopper (looks at husband because he is!), and I prefer to see it/touch it before buying. Can you tell I’m not in my 20s?! I use the sugar-free salted caramel or SF caramel Torani syrup. I use the flavored pods and usually drink hot coffee at home, even in this Florida heat! Is the fat-free creamer really different than the full fat one? I use Land O’ Lakes full fat 1/2 and 1/2 and should switch to smthg healthier. Do you froth it? I’ve discovered Starbucks after many bad experiences at Dunkin, but I try to limit it to 1x/week, otherwise it’s too expensive. Your sandals look great!


    1. I can’t believe it! I really do, too, but I can easily return right up the street. I’m not either! I would like to try some more flavors and sometimes you can get lucky and find them at TJ Maxx. I need to go there! I think the taste of the fat free is amazing! I am so glad I finally figured out a creamer solution. I do froth the syrup and the half and half together and it is soooo good! I don’t have a Dunkin near me and drive through coffees really don’t serve me well anymore and now when I do get them, they are usually an afternoon treat. Thank you!


  2. Great gift your bff’s daughter – I bet she will love it! I agree, Amazon makes it so easy to get all the things we want not necessarily need. It does come in handy though when we can find things that aren’t readily available at the stores!


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