Friday, June 3, 2022

Happy Friday! It’s time to link up with the ladies here where everyone shares big and small favorites from the week.

My first day of summer was Wednesday and it was a perfect day. I went to the gym, organized my closet, did two loads of laundry, and then met my friend Beth for brunch at a new to us place called Big Bad Breakfast (it’s a chain, by the way).

We had breakfast margaritas. Seriously. That was what they were called on the menu!

I ordered a vegetable skillet – yum!

It was really cute and cheerful!

Beth had on the coolest earrings from Etsy: She only has one piercing. I think these are called “ear climbers”?

I am still enjoying my morning two cups of coffee with this combo. I put a little of the flavored syrup in a cup with a little bit of the half and half, froth it up, then add to my cup. I ordered the syrup off of Amazon.

Around 10:00, I still have my iced coffee. I use about a tablespoon each of the instant coffee and water, froth it up, add ice, then add my Premier. My favorites are cake batter, caramel, and vanilla. I mix it up so I don’t get too bored.

Tom and I are both enjoying Oikos Pro strawberry yogurt with a bit of high protein granola and some frozen fruit. We like the frozen fruit because it kinda thaws into your yogurt in a good way.

I think I have a new favorite way to make chicken that might get a post of its own. I season chicken with salt, garlic powder, pepper, and this, then marinate with olive oil in a big baggie for a few hours before cooking on a sheet pan or in a skillet.

I made a new recipe here. I am going to change from the chili garlic sauce to oyster sauce. I found the chili garlic to be not only too spicy, but harsh tasting. I already use oyster sauce in my fried rice and my cauliflower fried rice. I had this meal with cauliflower rice and the fam had the regular rice. I didn’t have a bag of mixed veggies so I just had roasted broccoli on the side. It’s really delish!

Tom and I tried to go to a sailboat race on the river but there was no wind and it got cancelled.

I officially joined Jazzercise for the summer. You can go to unlimited classes for two months. I went to a 7:00 a.m. class yesterday.

I popped into Paul’s Fruit Market after the class. I love this store and it’s a chain all around town.

I finished this:

Oh my – it was so good!

Here is my new dress on me. I showed you my recent purchases yesterday.

I have been loving these mixes from Taylor Farm.

Here is what Tom had:

He loved it, but did comment it was heavy on the vegetables!

Here was mine:

The chicken was done in the method I described above with the Trader Joe’s ranch.

So, those were just some of my favorites from the week!

What were yours? I hope you had many!


17 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Jazzercise sounds like fun! I haven’t been in ages. I LOVE your new dress, you look incredible Amy! But I am motivated to order that premier protein cake batter and that syrup. Your coffee drinks sound so good and so do your other recipes.
    Your summer is off to a great start!


    1. Happy birthday! I’m so glad you took off and that sounds like the perfect day to me! I will have to try that lipstick! The pink purse is adorable and will add a pop of color to white, black, blue, and many other color outfits. You will love having a white blazer. I wish mine was more the scuba fabric like my black and pink, but I still love it!
      Thank you for the compliments on my new dress. I hope you like the cake batter and the syrup. I am pretty picky and won’t have anything I don’t like!


  2. I have that seasoning…now I need to use it ! That meal sounds so good. Your brunch looks so good too! I just (like right this second) bought that target dress! Looks so cute on you. I got it in mauve. Jazzercise will be so fun this summer. Go girl! I hope you have a great weekend


    1. Try my chicken method! Salt the heck out of chicken breast and then add garlic, pepper, and ranch and put it in a baggie with olive oil for at least a few hours. Then, grill or whatever and it will be so MOIST! I didn’t know the dress came in mauve! I was after white so I didn’t even pay attention. It’s really good quality!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My ear looks good!!! 😄😄😂😁I do like that white dress on you. I bought a white linen blazer and I love it…but with white jeans…have to be careful. 😃


      1. Oh yes – of course – I did not mean that I was painting the blazer with white jeans only…just that you have to be so careful with white denim…same as a white blazer. I just love all white outfits for summer…with a little off-white mixed in. 😀


  4. That white dress fits you so well!!! Looks gorgeous!
    Get rid of the loose things- you’ve worked so hard losing weight so don’t hide! ❤️❤️😘


  5. What is Jazzercise? Is it like aerobics?
    Well, favorites for me is of course the fact that summer is here! Cold and quite rainy so far, but still, no more heavy jackets or boots! Another favorite is that I rediscovered greek yoghurt with honey – delish! It will be a staple this summer!


    1. It’s like a dance workout with weights at the end – all
      Set to good music! Happy Swedish Independence Day! Oh – I should add honey to my and Tom’s yogurt bowls!


    1. I think it will be fun for summer at least. I would have trouble making the class times work in the school year! Thank you sooo much! I bought it in black, too, after seeing how much I loved it!


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