Thursday, June 2, 2022

It feels so nice to have more time to devote to my blog posts finally. I hope you haven’t noticed, but I have been phoning it in here on the blog – and in many other areas of my life. The teacher mindset is “let’s just make it through May and in June I will put my life back together!”. I feel extremely grateful to have a job where I get to recharge my batteries each summer. Ahhhhhhhhh…

I am linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files. I wore a couple of cute things, but my photo taking took a break from the last couple of days of work through Memorial Day weekend.

Here is what I wore to see Top Gun. I need to sell these Dr. Scholl’s. I just can’t walk well in them. But, dang, they are cute. I wore one of my denim cut off pairs with a Chico’s tank and a red, white, and blue (and tan) kimono my mom bought for me. I thought the long sleeves would work well in the movie theater. My purse doesn’t match, but this is my movie purse. It’s a Fossil and it wipes clean and it’s where I stash my bag of popcorn (yes, we still buy movie popcorn for Tom!) and my dum dum sucker. I’m extra, ok?

I didn’t buy a single thing in the way of clothing and accessories from the beginning of April until mid-May. This is big for me! Since then, I have been wearing every single piece of clothing I own to see if it needs to stay or go. I also made $140 at my consignment store on my too big clothing. Yippee!

So, I started ordering around mid-May.

I bought the famous Lululemon belt bag with extended strap. I am not sure I like wearing it around my shoulder, but I have worn it as a fanny pack a few times. I chose this light neutral color and it was under $40.

My MIA tan clog sandals have been an amazing purchase. My friend Beth also has them. I pretty much wear these any time I wear a dress to go out to lunch or dinner in the summer and even into the fall.

So, everyone loves Cushionaire faux Birks on Amazon and I decided to see what else they had to offer. I bought these which are a great dupe! Black summer dressy sandals were a definite need in my shoe wardrobe.

I loved, loved, loved my highlighter pink Aerie tank swimsuit from last season, but it is just too big. It is in such good shape that I am considering taking it to my tailor. Is that crazy? A blogger recommended this suit and I am debating if I need to see if it comes in long torso or if I need to go up a size. But, if you are looking for a tank suit, the quality is really good and it is around $25. I think the rule of thumb is to go up a size in swimwear. Last summer was my first experience in regularly wearing a tank instead of a tankini and I loved it.

Old Navy Haul:

I must say that I have avoided Old Navy for a couple of years because I was so mad about the quality and irregularity in their sizing. But, I took a chance on this dress I kept seeing everywhere. It is fully lined (still considering cutting the lining out because it is heavy and will be hot) and the quality is surprising. It seems like the quality of Tuckernuck or Draper James, no joke. It has pockets, too!

I also ordered this basic linen blouse and I am impressed with this, as well. I feel like I also want to wear a white blouse in the summer, you know?

Consignment Haul:

My favorite consignment store is called Sassy Fox. They are so nice and have the best stuff. They are picky and don’t take Target, Old Navy, Walmart, or any other fast fashion brand. They have boutique stuff, Ann Taylor, Lululemon, and so much more. Google the consignment stores in your area and give them a chance. I think you will be really pleasantly surprised!

This blouse was new with tags from a local boutique called Lulubelle’s. It is a bright kelly green – kinda hard to see from this picture. I might need to get it hemmed.

This is an Ann Taylor blouse that I thought would look nice under one of my blazers.

This is a Zella workout top.

And, finally this is an Athleta tennis skirt. No, I don’t play tennis, but I like the sport’s clothing.

Target Haul:

You know the white blouse thing? Well, I wanted a white dress, too. I am really enjoying having a few cute dresses to throw on. I have never had cute summer dresses that I can remember.

Universal Thread from Target is one of my favorite lines. I ordered this dress and it has pockets and seems to be of pretty good quality. I think I will keep it!

This is basically the blouse version of the dress. I needed to add a black blouse for summer.

And, don’t judge. I had a few straight skorts, but I like the look of the pleated skort for this season and I ordered a bright pink and a white one from Target’s JoyLab line.

My reader Jennibell commented that these tennis skorts work well with a bathing suit or not for boat rides. Genius! If you want a bit more modesty these look really nice. The material is so much like a bathing suit that you could totally get in the water, too. If you experience a bit of upper thigh “chub rub” the biker shorts that are under the skirt really help with that.

So, I had to come clean on what I have been ordering. No one send Tom this post, ok? Ha!


11 thoughts on “Fashion Files with Recent Purchases

  1. You made such great purchases Amy and you needed to – your body changed and so should your clothes. And honestly, since you cleaned out and sold so much, you were merely reinvesting! That pretty blue dress from Old Navy looks so good on you – I agree with Old Navy – they are hit or miss for me but this dress is definitely a hit!


    1. Haha! We should! You are the one that gave me the tip to wear one on a boat, right? Why do I keep buying things in black, pink, and white? Cut offs and now tennis skirts. Maybe those are my colors of Summer 2022!


  2. I have wondered about those shorts from JoyLab. Do they have pockets? Curious – I just ordered a new white skort from Athleta- I got asked to play Team play for vcc ladies golf and we have to wear white bottoms and its hard to find white shorts that I love. and can golf in. I am sure the target skort is less then my new Athleta skort. I find;l;y broke down and bought 3 new Ann Taylor tops for summer. I haven’t gotten any cute tops for 3 years! I just have lululemon love crew tees (the best tee every made!) and so I did it and I don’t think I will make it thru 2022 with just 12 buys but OH WELL. I will say that I did get rid of 3 old Athleta tops when I got the new AT blouses, and I also ordered two pair of jeans off poshmark. One was NWT and the other was like brand new- for a fraction of the cost of the jeans. And I went thru all my jeans and took 6 pair to the thrift store… I feel like I didnt really ADD anything to my wardrobe. I actually thinned it out. WW math…..HAHA IYKYK!! Also, I have bought both girls those lululemon fanny packs and I have 3! 2 here and one at the coast. I love them so much and use them every day. I love them as cross body and fanny. I wear as fanny style when I walk.


  3. Wonderful! I agree; a couple of summer dresses to throw on is super! But it’s fun that some of the summer dresses would be terribly wrong to wear to work – too see-through or too short, or… but outside work they are perfect!
    Tennis skirts are so smart, especially on the boat where a puff of wind can create an unwanted show… I guess that the girls on Below deck are wearing those?


    1. I love the look, too! I am exchanging the size of mine because it’s worth it! Thank you! I think I’m getting better and I really did need things that fit!


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