Monday, May 16, 2022

Ok, the weekends are going by so fast! It’s time to link up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, though!

Also, I apologize for being slow to respond to blog comments. And, I have been bad about reading and commenting on other blogs. I promise I will get better…very soon!

May is a weird time to be a teacher. Our classes are all out of whack right now due to AP testing and state testing. Last week I found myself “babysitting” multiple other classes and my own few students who weren’t testing. I have freshmen through seniors in some of my classes, but in most I have a mixture of juniors and seniors. It’s been crazy!

The good thing about this is that I can see former students and have some fun and this was on Friday!

Teaching high school really keeps you on your toes. A student took a picture of my car one day after school…”I always feel like somebody’s watching me”…

When the mask mandate was lifted in March, all the language students and teachers shouted, “Now we can have food day!” I call it the Experiencia Cultural (Cultural Experience) because it sounds more academic. Each student has to choose an authentic-ish recipe to make alone or with a partner and it is for a grade. We did this in two classes on Friday.

Food day wears a teacher out.

Friday night we were all home for dinner and I kinda made everyone a different thing. Tom heated up his chicken corn chowder from Fresh Market and had that with their Waldorf chicken salad. I can’t remember what the kids had and I had an old favorite:

Sandwich thin with vegetable cream cheese, cucumbers, and tomato slice. Yum! This is a great summer lunch food, too! I also had broccoli, half of a baked potato, cottage cheese, and pickles. I told Tom I saved at least $60 by not getting takeout so I would be cashing that in later.

We have settled in to having our college kids home. They both started their jobs last week. Their stuff is a mess and not fully unpacked, but they have contained it to their rooms and their basement hang out space. I just can’t worry about it right now.

And, for my crazy Friday night, I took a bath and read.

And, just like a baby, that made me very sleepy and I was out like a light at 9:00!

Saturday morning was gorgeous! What’s better than breakfast on the porch?

I did all the errands and it reminded me why I hate to do Saturday errands. There are so many people! I did a Target return and didn’t buy anything else. I had been ordering a few clothing items from Target and nothing worked or felt worth the money. I went to Costco – DO NOT go there on a Saturday morning. I find myself going there more now that I am eating healthier because they have a lot of good things for me. See my Costco post here. I also did a Kroger pick up. I had about 10 items I needed even though I did a pick up on Wednesday. I decided it’s ok to do two orders in one week because it’s free if you spend $35 or something and of course I do. It made me so much happier than having to go inside. I also did a return to Amazon at the UPS store. Then, I had to put it all away!

I made Mason and I Greek bowls for lunch. Tom was on a bike ride and Jack was working.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading on my patio and it was bliss. I fell asleep, too!

Then, Saturday night, Jack had plans with friends and Mason and Tom went to a concert (we had gifted him Leon Bridges tickets for Christmas) and I had my college besties over for a special blue drink…

And, then we went to Churchill Downs for Downs After Dark. The theme was bourbon and beats.

It was so much fun! I made it out until like 11:15! We had concession stand pizza and some Derby drinks – the Lily and the Woodford Spire.

Sunday morning was kind of cool, so I read for a bit inside.

Then, I started some meal prep for the week. I went back to the egg casserole and I am going to have that with AmyLu breakfast chicken sausage links.

And, I am so excited for my Mexican quinoa! You cook quinoa according to package directions. This is only a cup! Then, you mix it with some enchilada sauce, green chilies, salsa and cheese and bake it for about 15 minutes or so.

We have a weird week this week because we have students on Monday, but not on Tuesday due to election day. Then, we have them again Wednesday through Friday, but also have more testing. It will be a crazy one again, I am sure.

What was the highlight of your weekend? I hope you had many!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Such a fun weekend! I haven’t been to downs after dark in forever. I love the photo of you and your friends. So bright and colorful! I was able to get some reading time in this week which was nice.


  2. Our highlight was the weather; we went from cold and wet and feeling like fall to full on summer with sun and temps in the 80’s! I even got a sunburned


  3. I’ve been in Nashville and leave tonight so that has been the highlight of my weekend! Your week is going to speed by with the schedule the way it is – it will be Friday before you know it!


  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Our college kiddos are streaming in…it’s hard to get that rhythm back of having slobs around the house :/ BUT, love having the full house again ❤️
    The last weeks of school are hard to get through – the end is in sight!! Have a good week. That new bathtub may get a workout these last days, right??


    1. Right? I have gotten used to a tidier house!
      You too! It’s so hard to get through these days! What is the name of your blog? I was looking for it!
      I think I will enjoy taking baths – it’s my new fave room!


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