Friday, May 13, 2022

It is time for Friday Favorites here!

It’s Friday! We only have one more Friday after today. Our last day of school is Thursday, May 26. Teachers have to work two days after, but that’s ok.

Here are just a few favorites from this week because I seriously didn’t take many photos.

It has felt like summer!

My front landscaping flowering bushes are just so pretty. I feel like the color has never been more vibrant!

I probably made the best burrito bowl ever this week. I cut very thin corn tortillas with a pizza cutter and sprayed Pam and added salt and baked for about 8-10 minutes at 375. Why do this? You can eat way more for the WW points than when you eat tortilla chips. Plus, they are actually better!

And, one night I made skinny pizza.

I ordered some really great tank tops from Target this week. I ordered a black and a white one. This is a Melanie Shankle recommendation. They were very inexpensive!

I got a new iphone for Mother’s Day! I am excited to hopefully have better photos! I actually hate switching to a new phone – new case, new pop socket, etc. It’s not fun for me! Anyone else?

It’s Dove bar season! These are sooooo good. Each one is 4 WW points. Jen taught me to feel for the ridges to try to get my favorite vanilla instead of chocolate. They all look the same inside the box, so this is a great tip!

And, because it is almost graduation time for us, I dug out my high school graduation photo. You know you had hair like that, too!

What were your favorites this week?


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Wow, the school year is wrapping up quickly! I do not enjoy getting a new phone either – there is always a learning curve and then there’s all the new stuff but I do enjoy mine. I know you will too!


    1. Not quickly enough, girl! I am going to need to do some serious debriefing and reflecting. It’s been a lot. I feel like we have never had so many mental health issues that we as teachers are not equipped to deal with. I am loving the new phone and finding it pretty intuitive!


  2. I love that graduation photo! Thanks for sharing!
    You only have a couple of days left! My last day is June 20! It’s more than a month! But in a way I’m glad, ’cause time really flies by this beautiful season, and I want to savor it…!
    Your rhododendron is absolutely amazing! Ours don’t want to give us flowers, we cut them down quite brutally a couple of years ago, and they are still sulking…


    1. Thank you! Well, more than a couple, but the end is in sight. June 20 seems really far away. You have such a positive attitude. They are especially pretty this year – not sure why! Don’t make your plants hold grudges!


  3. What a cute grad. photo! I just noticed I have one bush out in the garden that’s starting to bloom but so far the rest are just budding. Your burrito bowl does look amazing and good tip for the homemade tortillas; I never think of doing that.


    1. Thank you! The hair, though! Yay! I bet your summers are just glorious with nice mild temps. I am really obsessed with the burrito bowls. The homemade chips are seriously better than some Mexican restaurants. Give it a try! The key is to really give them some space on the cookie sheet – spray Pam olive oil and salt them. Make sure you don’t overcook them. I start checking around 8 minutes. Let me know what you think!


    1. I can! Girl, it’s be a wild ride. I’m sure you know that, too. I feel like March-May seem like a whole year in and of itself. I felt like a new teacher again in so many ways. The mask wore me out. I forgot how I did school prior to 2020 in some ways. It’s been wonderful, but hard. We are back to more spring-like temps and I am soaking it up as much as I can!


  4. Yes, my hair looked exactly like that! Your azaleas look incredible. Ours bloom in March here in Texas. And we jumped straight from spring to scorching summer here…high’s to almost 100 this week! Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. So frizzy and puffy! Why did we think that looked good? Thank you! I feel like we missed spring, too, but that usually happens where we go back to really nice weather until July. You too!


  5. I don’t like changing phones. I would still own my BlackBerry if I had a say! Last year I was kicked off the 3G network. So I needed a new phone. Though I admit it works so much faster, I still love my old phone. Anyway, just one step at a time and enjoy your new phone!

    Maureen |


  6. Nope! I had short hair! Total tomboy and not afraid to admit it! We have had the best spring weather this week and my LEAST FAVORITE was getting Covid again. From my mom no less! and happy to report that she and I are both doing great! She will be 80 years old and picked it up on her travels to Kansas City to visit her bestie. Boo. Thanks Mom. (total side eye) but my FAVORITE was still being able to play in my first ever Ladies Club Championship and I won my first match! So now I play on Tuesday. I had to reschedule my match due to my having covid and I am sure my opponent now wishes she had said she could not change and I would have had to default! HA! Anyway…….all is good here and we leave for Chicago on Thursday! Nice little vacay with our friends! Happy end of school (almost!)


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