Monday, March 28, 2022

It’s time to link up with Sarah and Holly!

Friday night the college kids came home for dinner and we got Shiraz Mediterranean and watch some tv together!

Saturday morning I got out the Trader Joe’s bagels I keep in the freezer. We just can’t use them fast enough so the freezer is a life saver.

I did some blog catch up and had my new fave cake batter delight. is sending me more because this flavor is hard to find in stores.

I made a trip to the library and got to see the spring display in person!

I did a new Essie Day Drift Away mani.

And, it was super cold all weekend, but it warmed up enough Saturday afternoon for me to read a new library cookbook.

Saturday night J and M had to go tear down the set of the play and Tom was all too happy to stay home. I had plans to go to a French restaurant with my two college besties.


I think I have given up on this…

in favor of this… it is like Below Deck from Bravo in book form!

Sunday was meal prep – still on the breakfast burrito kick!

I use these from The Dollar Tree:

And, I made my mid-morning hard boiled eggs:

I enjoyed a chocolate iced coffee. I love my frother! Look at that!

I went to the gym and to The Dollar Tree for some school stuff. The college kids had come back after the tearing down the set Saturday night so they hung out with us some more and left at 4:00 and Tom and I went to see the movie Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. It was cute.

And that’s was it!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. Yes! I hope you like it. It is my new fave! That is so nice! 22 and almost a college grad is amazing! You and your hub should be so proud of what you have done!


  1. We didn’t do anything this weekend; my husband worked both days and it was so cold that I mostly curled up and read a book.


  2. This was a “chill” weekend – and chilly too! Love that library book display and I painted my nails too 🙂
    Glad you had a night out with your girlfriends – time like that is so important.


  3. The wine and cheese sweater is perfect. You look so pretty! I should check Walmart for the cake batter flavor. Highlight of my weekend was being lazy for most of it 😂 so nice to have the downtime


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