Thursday, December 30, 2021

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Do you have plans? I don’t have any yet at the time of this posting. I don’t like to be out on the roads and I don’t like my kids to be, either. I want everyone to stay put! If Jack and Mason don’t have plans, I might just suggest sushi and a movie at home. We do have some movies we want to watch together before they head back to campus. I think it’s probably too late to make a reservation anywhere at this point.

Just like last year, I am not gonna mess around. I am going to eat all of the good luck foods that I can. Here I come Kroger, I am ready to prepare myself gastronomically.

Please read my post from last year for the best luck possible.

Here are some ideas:

-Make any holiday foods that you didn’t get to make on Christmas Eve or Day.

-Have a game night with just a couple of friends.

-Do a potluck/pitch in and ask each person to bring something that showcases their word for 2022.

-Have everyone pick a word for 2022 – Maybe make a vision board. How funny would it be for adult men to sit around creating a vision board? Tom would so be into that – NOT!

-Do a progressive dinner with take out from a few different places or do a few different drive thrus. Kids would think this was hilarious.

-Eat your dinner out of order with dessert first. Kids would love this.

-Have everyone write a favorite memory from the year.

What ideas do you have? What plans do you have this year?

I will be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


9 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve & Day

  1. Well, covid really puts a break on all the fun, but It doesn’t really effect my little family clan… We do as we have done the last couple of years: cabin (of course), lobster, Toast Skagen (like a prawn mix), pink bubbles and some kind of luxury dessert (store bought cheesecake?). AND fireworks of course! We usually go down to the sea and see all the fireworks lighting up the sky, beautiful!
    I’ve done my (younger) years attending all kinds of parties, and seriously, they were never particularly fun…. they can actually be quite… sad. My best new years are definitely connected to family (my own parents, in-laws, hub and kids).
    Enjoy your day! You are very inspiring with your cooking, and I know I should make that cheesecake myself, but… πŸ˜€


    1. That is kinda how we are – homebodies and don’t travel much at this stage of our lives. That sounds like a really nice night! I think Mason has a party to go to, but I don’t want him driving home late so I think he is spending the night. Fireworks over water are so beautiful. NYE was always overrated for me, too. A cheesecake is a hard thing to make! I don’t blame you!


      1. “Homebodies”; that’s a cute word! But I
        Imagine, our kids are out to parties suddenly… I’m thankful that the girls want to spend one more nye with us…!


      2. Isn’t it a great word? I have one heading to an overnight party and one staying home with me. I went to a 5:00 dinner and was home by 7:00! My kind of party!


      3. So nice to be home when the bell strikes midnight! πŸ˜€ Family is everything, so grateful!


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